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List Of Top 13 Gyms In Pune
Whether you seek strength training, cardio workouts, or alternative fitness options, our handpicked selection of the top 13 gyms in Pune has something for everyone. Join us as we unveil the finest gyms in Pune, providing you with an unbeatable fitness experience.

Let's explore and embrace a healthier lifestyle together.

  1. Gold's Gym
  2. Spartan Fitness Studio
  3. Power World Gym
  4. Fitness First
  5. Gryt.fit
  6. F2 Fitness
  7. The Life Fitness
  8. Anytime Fitness
  9. Cultfit
  10. Body Evolution Fitness Studio
  11. FITholic Personal Fitness Studio
  12. Pehellwaan Gym Camp
  13. Iron Sanctuary Gym


Gold's Gym

Gold's Gym - Wikipedia

Gold's Gym is a well-known global fitness chain with multiple gyms in Pune. They offer a wide range of fitness equipment, group classes, and personal training services.

Gold's Gym has branches in Aundh, Moshi, NIBM Rd, PCMC, Pimple Saudagar, Ravet, Shaniwar Peth, Sinhagad Road, Hinjawadi, Baner.

You can reach them on +919029002870. 

Spartan Fitness Studio

Spartan Fitness Studio is a gym in Pune that offers a variety of fitness programs, including HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), circuit training, and functional workouts. They focus on providing intense and effective workout sessions. 

Spartan Fitness Studio is situated at Sr. No. 209/5 , Capital Plaza , Mango One SoC, DP Rd, Malwadi, Hadapsar, Pune and is functional from 6 am to 10 pm. 

Power World Gym

Spartans Gym and Fitness

Power World Gym is a renowned fitness center in Pune known for its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced trainers. They offer personalized training programs, group fitness classes, and advanced equipment.

Power World Gym is situated at 2nd Floor, Survey.No.10, Hissa No. 5/2, Next to D Mart, Above ICICI Bank, Wakad,Road, Taluka Mulshi, Hinjewadi, Pune - 411057 and is functional from 5 am to 10 pm.

Fitness First

Fitness First is a global fitness brand that has a few gyms in Pune as well. They provide high-quality fitness equipment, group exercises, and personalized training programs to cater to different fitness goals.

Fitness First is situated at No. 272, Dhanori-Lohegaon Rd, Laxmi Nagar, Dhanori, Pune, Maharashtra 411015 and Kharadi South Main Road, Thite Nagar, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014. 


Gryt.Fit - Gym in Camp

Gryt.fit provides a variety of workout options, including strength training, cardio exercises, and group classes. Gryt.fit is situated at Level 2, Hermes Palazzo, opposite St Anne's School, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001 and is open to clients from 6 am to 10 pm. 

F2 Fitness

F2 Fitness is a well-regarded gym in Pune that focuses on functional training, cross-training, and circuit workouts. They have certified trainers who provide guidance and customized workout plans.

F2 Fitness is located at 45M BRT Road near Nashik, Fhata flyover back side Khushboo Exotica, Kashid Park, Pimple Gurav, Pune, Maharashtra 411061 and you can contact them on +917887838899. 

The Life Fitness

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The Life Fitness is a popular fitness center in Pune that offers modern equipment, dedicated personal trainers, and group exercise classes. They emphasize a holistic approach to fitness and overall well-being.

The Life Fitness club is located on the 6th Floor in PANDHARINATH COMPLEX BLOCK-C, NDA Rd, Samarth Puram, Dangat Patil Nagar, Shivane, Pune, Maharashtra 411023. 

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a 24-hour gym chain with multiple branches in Pune. They offer flexible workout options, including personal training, group fitness classes, and access to their facilities round the clock.

10 Biz Park, New Airport Road Viman Nagar, Mhada Colony Pune Maharashtra 411014. You can contact them on +919022385408. 


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Cultfit is a prominent gym in Pune that offers a range of fitness activities, including strength training, cardio workouts, and functional training. They also provide nutritional guidance and group classes.

  • Cult Aundh

1st Floor, Plexus, Above CCD Lounge, ITI Rd, Ward No. 8, Aundh

Pune, Maharashtra 411007

  • Cult Wakad

3rd Floor, Vantagio, Next to Flechazo, Wakad Road, Shankar Kalat Nagar, Wakad

Pune, Maharashtra 411057

  • Cult Magarpatta City

1st & 2nd Floor, Above Jeep Showroom, Magarpatta Rd, Keshav Nagar, Hadapsar

Pune, Maharashtra 411028

  • Cult Kalyani Nagar

3rd Floor, Fortaleza Complex, Kalyani Nagar, Pune

Pune, Maharashtra 411006

Body Evolution Fitness Studio

Body Evolution Fitness Studio is a fitness center in Pune that offers a holistic approach to fitness. They provide personal training, group classes, and nutritional guidance to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Body Evolution Fitness Studio is situated at 9, LSBI Badminton Arena, 10, SoC, behind NYATI MEADOWS, Digambar Nagar, Wadgaon Sheri, Pune, Maharashtra 411014 and is open to clients from 6 am to 10 pm. 

FITholic Personal Fitness Studio

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The FITholic Personal Fitness Studio is  well-known among the gyms in Pune.  They offer a variety of fitness activities, including Zumba, dance workouts, and strength training.

The FITholic Personal Fitness Studio is at Walchand House, 3rd floor, Happy Colony, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411029. You can contact them at +91 93560 92761. 

Pehellwaan Gym Camp Pune

Pehellwaan Gym Camp is a boutique gym in Pune that offers personalized training programs, functional training, and group classes. They have a team of experienced trainers who cater to individual fitness goals.

Pehellwaan Gym Camp is located on the 3rd Floor at Taboot Street saifi lane Opp oyo town house Oswal building, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001. It is open to clients between 6 am and 12 pm and 4 pm and 11 pm. 

Iron Sanctuary Gym 

Gallery | Iron Sanctuary Gym

Iron Sanctuary Gym is a well-equipped gym in Pune that specializes in strength and conditioning training. They have a dedicated team of trainers who focus on weightlifting, powerlifting, and functional fitness.

It is situated at Shankar Bhawan, 2nd Floor Shri, Paud Rd, Rambaug Colony, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038 and it is open to visitors between 6 am and 10 pm. 


Q: What are some gym alternatives available in Pune apart from traditional gyms in Pune?

A: There are various alternatives to traditional gyms in Pune for those seeking alternative fitness options. Here are a few alternatives you can consider:

Outdoor fitness parks: Pune has several outdoor fitness parks equipped with fitness equipment like pull-up bars, parallel bars, and outdoor gym stations. These parks provide a refreshing outdoor workout experience as opposed to the typical indoor gyms in Pune.

Yoga and Pilates studios: Pune has a thriving yoga and Pilates community. Joining a yoga or Pilates studio allows you to improve flexibility, strength, and mental well-being through specialized classes led by experienced instructors. Most gyms in Pune offer Pilates and Yoga classes.

Martial arts studios: Martial arts studios in Pune offer training in disciplines like karate, kickboxing, or judo. These workouts combine physical fitness with self-defense skills and are a great way to improve overall fitness and discipline.

Dance studios: If you enjoy dancing, consider joining a dance studio. Pune has a wide range of dance classes available, including Zumba, Bollywood, contemporary, and classical dance forms. Most gyms in Pune offer group Dance aerobics sessions.

Outdoor activities: Take advantage of Pune's natural surroundings and engage in outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, or running instead of restricting yourself to the indoor gyms in Pune. Pune offers beautiful trails, parks, and hills that are perfect for outdoor workouts and exploration.

Fitness apps and online workouts: Many fitness apps and websites offer workout routines, guided exercises, and fitness challenges that you can follow from the comfort of your home. These platforms provide flexibility and convenience in choosing your workout schedule.

Remember to choose an alternative that aligns with your fitness goals, preferences, and interests. Consider consulting with fitness professionals or instructors to help you find the right option that suits your needs.

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