8 Incredible Places To Visit In Pune

February 21, 2022 | 12:33 PM By YourSpace


Pune is an amazing city to live in. Popular for its IT hubs and world-class educational institutions, Pune is a popular destination amongst techies and students. This city is in the top few that have the largest youth population and exudes a young and vibrant vibe. Known as the “The Oxford of the East”, Pune attracts some of the best minds globally and you are bound to find great hostels and PGs in Kothrud, Viman Nagar, Law college road, Shivaji Nagar, Wakad, and the likes. If you are looking for a place to stay in the educational hub of India or where young graduates kick start their professional life, we at your-space offer some of the best PGs and hostels that keep you comfortable in the new city. Our amenities, food, accommodation, and affordability will make you feel secure and comfortable when you move to Pune. If you are looking for a double room or single room hostel in Pune that offers a home away from home vibe, your-space is the solution.

Apart from the great educational institutes and Pune becoming a favourable destination for technology start-ups and entrepreneurs, it also boasts of the perfect perennial weather. And to add to the already perfect vibe, Pune has a host of amazing places to explore and you can have a great time here with your friends and family. The first things that come to peoples’ minds when they hear Pune are missal pav and bakarwadis, but trust us when we say Pune is bound to take you by surprise with all the other awesomeness it exudes.

This weekend, step out of your offices or hostels or PGs in Pune’s Kothrud, Viman Nagar, and other areas and take a look at the city you are in. A few must-visit places:

1) Vetal Tekdi 

Imagine being able to trek at a hill bang in the middle of the city! Pune’s tekdis bring this image to life. These small hills are perfect destinations to unwind, take a walk and get in touch with all that nature has to offer. The Vetal tekdi is the highest point in the city and offers the most amazing panoramic view of Pune. You will see people of all age groups strolling walking or running here. A perfect place to spend your evening and get consumed by nature’s beauty.

2) Kayani Bakery

For as long as we have known, we have asked people to bring us Shrewsbury biscuits every time they have returned from Pune. Founded in 1955, this bakery is an institution in itself and its fame has spread across the globe. Hop over to Camp Area in Pune and get your hands on some freshly baked deliciousness that Kayani offers. Apart from the famous buttery biscuits, try their khari biscuits, mawa cake, milk bread, and ginger biscuits. Prepare yourself to stand in a queue before you get your hands on these enjoyable items.

3) Osho Ashram

Image Credit:- Osho

Osho Ashram is located in the heart of the city, yet offers a perfect retreat that takes you away from the city life. It is a perfect getaway right there, a place you probably cross often if you stay in Pune and that provides an experience that is nothing like that of the city. Located in Koregaon Park, this place will ensure that you and your friends or family have a very distinct time. Ideal for relaxation, meditation, and taking some time off from the already hectic lives that we live. Don’t forget to get your hands on the Osho jute slippers being sold right outside the ashram.

4) Aga Khan Palace

A fine historical creation of India, The Aga Khan Palace is on the list of the top incredible places to visit in Pune. It was established in the year 1892 by Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III who established this in to help his underprivileged subjects in the neighbouring areas of the palace, during the famine. This palace gained popularity once again in 1942 when Sarojini Naidu, Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturba Gandhi, and Mahadev Desai (secretary of Gandhi) were imprisoned here following the Quit India movement.

5) S Shinde Chhatri

Shinde Chhatri, an old memorial is situated in Wanawadi and was established in the eighteenth century in memory of Mahadji Shinde, a great Maratha leader. This was renovated a few years ago and the Anglo-Rajasthani architectural design of this memorial makes it a famous tourist destination of the city.

6) Ivneri Fort

Image Credit:-Triphobo

A historic place located in Pune, Shivneri Fort is the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji, the great Maratha King. During the Maratha empire, this was one of the most strategic forts constructed to offer maximum protection to the king, with its strong walls and seven huge doors. This is yet another place that offers an incredible view of the nearby areas when you reach the top of the fort. With its rich culture and history, and the fact that this fort is associated with Shivaji Maharaj, the fort is a popular tourist destination.

7) Sinhagad

Image Credit:- Flickr

Located around 25 kilometres away from Pune is a 2000 years old fortress called Sinhagad. Sinhagad literally means ‘the fort of Lion’ and multiple battles including the famous battle of Sinhagad in the year 1671 has taken place here. Located at the top of the cliff, Sinhagad is the perfect place for a weekend trek. Once you get to the top, you get the most enamouring view of the beautiful Sahyadri while enjoying some khekada bhajis (onion pakoras) and fresh homemade yoghurt in clay pots. A traditional Maharashtrian meal of bhakri, pithle, vegetables, and onion pickles can be enjoyed at the fort along with seasonal fruits such as raw mangoes, berries, and tamarind. Be sure to dress comfortably the day you plan this trek.

8) Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Temple

One of the few ancient temples in India, Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati temple in Pune is a famous attraction that attracts a lot of tourists visiting Pune. Devotees from all over the country, plan their trips around this holy place. This temple is also famous for its charitable activities. The Ganesh Chaturthi festival is celebrated in a grand way here and attended by a host of disciples, celebrities, and politicians. If you want to witness the grandeur of the festival celebrations, you must visit this temple during Ganpati puja.

Apart from these gorgeous places, do not forget to visit the National Defence Academy and National War Museum to wake up the patriot inside you. These two places give us a refresher course in Indian history and make us feel like proud Indians.

There is a lot more to experience in Pune other than these top incredible places which are sure to make your experience a memorable one. What are you waiting for – now that we have your basics covered, get out and explore the city.

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