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If you are looking to find accommodation at the educational hub of the country- Pune then this is the place to be! Your-Space has specially designed, comfortable Hostels and PGs in Pune for young students and working professionals. At you-space, you get everything in one place! Hassle-free living in your budget! Read More

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Viman Nagar
Viman Nagar

Pune | Boys

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  • Symbiosis University

    5 mins.
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FAQs on PG in Pune

What is a paying guest facility?

Paying Guest in Pune is a trend where people live together in a flat/room/hostel etc instead of living alone in a flat. In a paying guest facility, people can co-live with their friends, classmates etc and split all expenses between each other OR they can opt for organised Pgs like Your-Space where they get all the facilities and amenities at a single price.

Is PG better or Flat?

PG facilities usually come with all amenities under one roof including your daily meals. In a flat, you have to organise everything from gas, electricity to the grocery. So, if you want to have an easy life go for a PG like most students and working professionals do.

Is it good to study at home or Hostel?

Students usually prefer studying in a hostel as the atmosphere in a hostel is different from home. At home, you may get distracted, but in a hostel, you have opportunities to study in groups with your classmates, clear your doubts and study without any unnecessary distractions.

What is the cost of a PG in Pune?

Prices for Hostels and PG in Pune vary greatly as per the location. You can find a PG in one of the less developed areas at less than 10,000/- INR and expect to pay a minimum of 12,000 at one of the well-developed locations such as Viman Nagar

Is there any good PG for girls in Pune?

Yes, there are plenty of girls and working women hostel in Pune which are in different localities. Your-Space has a premium PG for girls in Pune with all safety and security amenities in place.

Are there any good boys hostel in Pune?

Yes, there are plenty of PGs for boys in Pune which are in different localities. Your-Space PG for Boys is well -equipped with all amenities and facilities such as Gym, common lounge, 24 x7 water, Wifi etc.

Which are the best hostels in Pune for girl students?

You will find several hostels in Pune for students. You can check Your-Space which has hostels near all the prime colleges such as MIT-WPU, DY Patil, Symbiosis etc. for girl students. Your-Space facilities are all designed keeping in mind the needs of young students.

Can you name any good student housing options in Pune?

Student Housing in Pune is provided either by colleges or private players in the market. Colleges usually have a limited capacity for students in their hostels which is why many students prefer opting for options outside of the campus. Your-Space has been providing student housing Pune option to young students for more than 4 years through its best-in-industry standards of hospitality

Do hostels in Pune charge a brokerage?

Some do and some don't. It depends on the hostel you choose. We, at Your-Space charge zero brokerage. You only pay a rental fee and a security deposit which is refundable. Our rental structure is fair and transparent.

Are there any good localities for finding a PG/Hostel in Pune?

Yes, there are certain localities that are quite popular for PG and Hostels in Pune. Some of the suggested localities would be Viman Nagar, Wakad, Shivaji Nagar and Kothrud. Finding a PG in Viman Nagar and other localities is not much difficult.

How do I find a single occupancy ladies hostel in Pune

There are several ways to find a hostel in Pune-

  • Broker
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Google Search
  • Referrals (Ask your friends)
  • Websites such as Your-Space
  • Android and IOS apps

What are the amenities I can expect from a PG in Pune?

Hostels in Pune provide several amenities in Pune such as -

  • Wifi
  • AC
  • TV
  • Meals
  • 24x7 security
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
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