Come build the future with us!

We are a rapidly growing student housing provider and we are always looking for ways to innovate our services and make your space grow sustainably. If our mission and growth-oriented mindset resonate with you, we can’t wait to discuss this further, over coffee.

Be a part of an ecosystem that nurtures and accelerates the talent of bright employees.


At Your-Space, we believe that satisfying results are only achievable when every team member feels like they belong! Our mission while hiring is to understand the potential of every team member. We are looking for individuals who take ownership, are ready to step out of their comfort zone, and create a jovial atmosphere for all.

Growth & Ownership

Ownership as a value, belief or practice ensures professional and intellectual growth of our employees.

Workplace Equality

Equality in a workplace is a must. We ensure that no employee of ours feels like an outsider looking on the inside.

Work-Life Balance

Work hard, play hard- these are the words we live by! A healthy work-life balance is our promise!

Food Available Always

We understand that one simply can’t function without food for where there is good food, there is great productivity!

your-space is lovingly nurtured by these awesome folks

Come build the future with us!

Come build the future with us!

Come build the future with us!

Come build the future with us!

Employee @Your-Space

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