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PG in Ahmedabad

Finding a Paying Guest or co-living space in Ahmedabad is not very difficult if you look at the right places. The land of the kite festival is a preferred destination for students as it houses quite a few sought-after colleges and management institutes. Life here is as vibrant and multicultural as the people living here. If you are looking for student hostels in Ahmedabad, your search ends here at your-space. You can find flats in Ahmedabad for Students and working professionals that are decent, cost-effective, and provide basic living options with the best facilities. Safe Student accommodation in Ahmedabad Parents… View More
Finding a Paying Guest or co-living space in Ahmedabad is not very difficult if you look at the right places. The land of the kite festival is a preferred destination for students as it houses quite a few sought-after colleges and management institutes. Life here is as vibrant and multicultural as the people living here. If you are looking for student hostels in Ahmedabad, your search ends here at your-space. You can find flats in Ahmedabad for Students and working professionals that are decent, cost-effective, and provide basic living options with the best facilities.

Safe Student accommodation in Ahmedabad
Parents always fears for their child’s safety when they are away from home. your-space takes it as a top priority and comes equipped with 24x7 CCTV cameras and security guards on the property. You don’t have to worry about your safety, it is always better to live here than in any other women's hostel in Ahmedabad that does not have any proper security.

Affordable student housing in Ahmedabad
College life is for fun and exploring our lives, but it should not affect our pockets. your-space has low-cost student hostels in Ahmedabad, including single occupancy PG in Ahmedabad that can help all students enjoy their life in this vibrant city as they have various options. They have the best hostel rooms for boys & girls in Ahmedabad as well as PG for working professionals in Ahmedabad that will suit everyone's pockets. your-space has a PG in Ahmedabad for students - a place just like your home! As one of the best PGs in Ahmedabad, we at your-space provide complete solutions for students and working professionals looking to start their new journey in Ahmedabad. Our luxury PG in Ahmedabad, including the PG near Nirma University, offers carefully chosen facilities and amenities that will make you feel right at home!

What can Ahmedabad offer?
As the largest city in Gujarat, Ahmedabad has plenty of things to explore and welcomes you with open arms. Ahmedabad is known for its vibrant festivals, which locals and tourists enjoy. The city has plenty of bustling markets, malls, restaurants, recreation centers, and fun activities that will keep you occupied. As a student living in Ahmedabad, you will have plenty to explore here. You can get ready on a weekend, go out on the streets from your single room PG in Ahmedabad and explore the beautiful city.

The city also has endless food stalls and squares dedicated especially to food joints that you can head to after completing your studies. As it has various colleges, finding co-living space in Ahmedabad is made easy with your-space. Our hostels and PGs in Ahmedabad provide students and working professionals with all required amenities such as Wi-Fi, housekeeping, TV, AC, Laundry, Gym, and more at a fixed cost.

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PG in Bopal, Ahmedabad

Bopal, located in the western part of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is a rapidly developing area that offers a range of facilities and amenities. With its increasing popularity among students and professionals, finding suitable accommodation becomes a priority. PGs (PayinGuests) in Bopal, Ahmedabad, provide a comfortable and convenient living option for individuals seeking a hassle-free stay. Here's everything you need to know about your space PG in Bopal.

Starting from 210000 (Annually)

PG in CG Road – Benefit House

Less than 5 minutes from the leading Universities of Ahmedabad, this fully furnished Benefit House PG for girls comes with attached washrooms, top-notch security systems, and other such premium facilities - all under one roof.

Starting from 15000 (Monthly)

PG near Ashram road (Mrudul Tower)

Located in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, this your-space PG is designed for Boys. Institutes like Centre of Environment Planning & Technology, Ahmedabad University, and Gujarat University are just minutes away, making it ideal for students. Choose from independent rooms, double-sharing, or triple-sharing options. Enjoy premium amenities like WiFi, fully furnished spacious rooms that come with attached washrooms, and pre-installed air conditioners. On-property common recreational area is perfect for you to unwind, relax, and chill with fellow residents. Services include home-style hot meals, daily housekeeping, sanitization, and laundry. With a 24x7 property manager and CCTV surveillance at this gated property, your safety is ensured. Conveniently located with easy access to local transport and public utilities, you get to experience maximum comfort and a hassle-free stay at this your-space PG in Navrangpura.

Starting from 14000 (Monthly)

PG in Aamrakunj

Just a few minutes far from Nirma University, Vishwakarma Engineering College and Akash Institute is this PG with ZERO BROKERAGE and luxurious amenities

Starting from 13500 (Monthly)

PG near Ashram Road, Magnizent

Moving to Ahmedabad? Here's What You Need to Know About India's First World Heritage City… If you're planning to move to Ahmedabad for work or study, you'll be happy to know that it's a highly safe city with plenty of opportunities to pursue your hobbies and interests. You have plenty of malls & shopping centers, theaters, game arenas & even access to parks, riverfront & a young community of individuals. With a high literacy rate, Ahmedabad is a prime destination for higher education, boasting a large number of reputable colleges and universities. Most of these educational institutes are located in close proximity to your-space PG in Navrangpura accommodations, making it easier for you to attend classes regularly.

Starting from 12000 (Monthly)

Your Space PG in Omkara Residency – Gota

From securing admission to the top college of Ahmedabad to finding a safe, comfortable, spacious and affordable PG in Gota, Ahmedabad, it is a process that could take days, weeks or even months. And the longer you take, the more and more good PGs are taken off the market for this year. So allow us to help…

Starting from 11500 (Monthly)

Premium Services by your space

Recreation Space

Recreation space

Chilling is as important as studying! Play all kinds of games, socialize and get some reading in from a select library of books at the several recreation areas across our hostels.


Well-equipped gym

For those who believe fitness comes first, we provide a fully stocked gym in each of our locations! No need to look out anywhere else or pay additional costs for your daily workout.

TV Lounge

TV lounge

The only rule to watching Television at our hostels – having the vision to grab the remote first! From catching the latest in sports, to bonding over a movie, here is where communities are formed.


Home-style meals

They say there is no replacement for ‘Ghar Ka Khaana’! While that might be true to some extent, our culinary team makes their best efforts to provide residents with the next best thing.

Frequently asked Questions Ahmedabad

your-space aims to provide transparent pricing to its customers. However, clarifying any potential additional charges or fees directly with the management or customer support is always a good idea. This will ensure that you have a clear understanding of the complete cost structure, including any possible ancillary charges such as maintenance fees, utility bills, or security deposits. The management or customer support will be able to provide you with detailed information regarding the pricing and any additional charges that may apply.

To contact the management or customer support of You-Space in Ahmedabad, you can use the following contact information:

Feel free to reach out to them through any of these channels, and they will be able to assist you with your queries, scheduling a visit, or providing any necessary information.

Yes, it is generally possible to visit your-space PG accommodations in Ahmedabad before making a booking. It is recommended to contact the management or customer support in advance to schedule a visit. They will provide you with the necessary information and guide you through the process of visiting the premises, allowing you to get a firsthand look at the facilities and amenities available.

The cost of single-room girls’ hostels in Ahmedabad depends entirely upon you. This city fulfils everyone’s demands as it offers various accommodation options for different budgets. your-space has different rooms for different budgets that cater to everyone’s needs.

Your-space has all types of rooms from single room pg in Ahmedabad to double and triple sharing. You can see what room fits your preference and rent it after completing the formalities.

Your-space properties are fully furnished. You can easily get a furnished PG in Ahmedabad with your-space, just pack your bags with clothes and start your journey.

PGs come with a variety of amenities inclusive of the monthly rent which is not the case with a rental flat. While PG takes care of housekeeping, cooking and laundry in a flat you are solely responsible for these activities. As a student or working professional a PG would be a much feasible option.

There are many Local PGs in Ahmedabad, but you should choose one that fits your budget and is well-equipped. Your space has amazing co-living spaces in Ahmedabad at Chandrakheda and Navrangpura.

Of course! Did we skip mentioning that you have an access to the washing machine in your shared living space too? A fully-equipped space is what you enjoy as a perk of being at Your-Space which offers the best PGs in Ahmedabad.

There are several student hostels in Ahmedabad. Here’s a quick overview of the types of rooms you can choose from:
1. A shared room that allows you to enjoy having a roommate around. It sleeps two or more in separate beds. It’s absolutely perfect if you have a college buddy you want to share the room with. The additional living space and facilities are shared with other rooms.
2. A private room or a single room PG in Ahmedabad is an option that ensures there is no need to share your space as your sleep and study space is your own. Although in case of an apartment flat you get to know your flat mates in any shared additional living spaces.

The only thing a student needs to worry about is their coursework and the assignments! Let our property manager handle the minor fixes here and there.

Some hostels have separate properties altogether for male and female students whereas others have separate sections in the same premises with different entrances and separate common areas. Regardless of the fact, you rest assured that we have dedicated 24×7 wardens and property managers available at both our PG for boys in Ahmedabad and girls PG in Ahmedabad. .

You will find several Hostels and PGs in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad . You can check Your-Space in Navrangpura,which is ideal for students from Ahmedabad University, GNLU, CEPT.

Most Ahmedabad PGs or hostels in Ahmedabad do have brokers involved due to which you may have to cough up a good brokerage fee. The only thing you pay for at Your-Space luxury PG in Ahmedabad is the monthly rent and a refundable security deposit.

Most of the hostels and PGs in Ahmedabad only offer accommodation facilities along with the optional meal. Being students ourselves in the past we are well aware that there’s a lot more in a student’s life than just the regular studying and assignments. Enjoy a good breather at our boys Paying Guest in Ahmedabad with recreational facilities like gym, break-out zones, lounge areas etc.

The colleges have already started with distant education through their online sessions and we do understand you would have already made great friends by now. You can of course let us know your roommate preference and we would be more than happy to accommodate you together in our girls hostels in Ahmedabad.

A student’s life requires a lot more than the regular check-in, check-out and room cleaning. Staying in a hostel in Ahmedabad or a hotel are two completely different experiences and cannot be directly compared. Most students opt to stay in a hostel/PG as they provide a more dynamic environment where students interact with each other, share best study practices, cook their own food if required, play games, go out and a lot more. Therefore, girls hostel in Ahmedabad and boy’s PG in Ahmedabad are highly sought after.

Most hostels or PGs in Ahmedabad may ask you to pay upfront however while booking with Your-Space you just need to only pay a minimum booking amount to reserve your seat. The security deposit can be paid while coming to the hostel and you can choose to pay the hostel fee on a monthly basis as well.

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