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11 Best Schools in Pune
Welcome to our blog on the 11 Best Schools in Pune! Pune, known as the “Oxford of the East,” is a vibrant city with a rich educational heritage. Home to esteemed educational institutions, Pune offers a plethora of schooling options for students. In this blog, we will explore the top 11 schools in Pune, known for their exceptional academic standards, state-of-the-art facilities, and holistic development programs. Whether you’re a parent searching for good schools in Pune or simply curious about the educational landscape in Pune, join us on this exciting journey as we delve into the world of education in this dynamic city.

Get ready to discover the gems that make Pune a hub of educational excellence!

  1. The Bishop's School
  2. D.A.V. Public School
  3. Symbiosis International School
  4. St. Mary's School
  5. Vidya Valley School
  6. Sanskriti School
  7. Hutchings High School
  8. The Lexicon International School
  9. DPS Pune
  10. Vikhe Patil Memorial School
  11. Mahindra International School

Here are 11 of the best schools in Pune, along with brief factual descriptions based on publicly available information:

The Bishop's School:

Founded in 1864, it is a prestigious institution known for its academic excellence, co-curricular activities, and holistic development of students. The Bishop's School is one of the most distinguished schools in Pune. Fun Fact: The Bishop's School has a unique tradition of conducting the "Bishop's Marathon" every year, where students, teachers, and alumni come together to participate in a spirited run that promotes fitness and camaraderie.

Address: 5-A, General Bhagat Marg, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra.

Website: www.thebishopsschool.org

Contact: +91 20 2864 1864

D.A.V. Public School:

Affiliated with CBSE, it focuses on providing quality education, fostering a nurturing environment, and promoting overall growth and character building, making it one of the most holistic CBSE schools in Pune.

Fun Fact: D.A.V. Public School in Pune has a dedicated "Green Brigade" comprising students who actively participate in eco-friendly initiatives, tree plantation drives, and awareness campaigns to promote environmental sustainability.

Address: S.No.157, Plot No.31, D.P. Road Aundh, Pune - 411007.

E-mail: davaundh@gmail.com

Website: www.davaundhpune.org

Contact: +91 20 25890081/25893377

Symbiosis International School:

A part of the renowned Symbiosis Group, it offers a blend of academic rigor, cultural diversity, and innovative teaching methodologies compared to other good schools in Pune, to prepare students for a globalized world.

Fun Fact: Symbiosis International School has a vibrant cultural festival called “Symfluence” where students showcase their talents in various artistic disciplines such as dance, music, drama, and creative arts, fostering a multicultural and creative environment.

Address: Gate No. 3, Symbiosis Viman Nagar Campus Off New Airport Road, Viman Nagar Rd, Viman Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014.

Website: www.symbischools.ac.in

Contact: +91-20-26557300

St. Mary's School:

Established in 1866, it is one of the oldest and best schools in Pune, known for its strong emphasis on academic achievement, discipline, and character development.

Fun Fact: St. Mary's School organizes an annual event called "St. Mary's Fiesta" that celebrates the diverse cultures of India through lively performances, traditional dances, music, and food, providing students with a rich cultural experience.

Address: 5B, General Bhagat Marg, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra.

Website: www.smspune.com

Contact: +91 8956196711 Email: info@smspune.com

Vidya Valley School:

Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, it is an IB World School committed to nurturing curious minds, fostering creativity, and promoting social responsibility.

Fun Fact: Vidya Valley School has a unique program called "EcoWarriors" where students actively participate in environmental conservation activities, nature trails, and projects aimed at creating awareness about sustainable practices and environmental protection.

Address: 94/1, Sus Village, Taluka Mulshi, Pune - 411021.

Website: www.vidyavalley.com

Contact: +91 2035006525 / 26

Sanskriti School:

Recognized for its progressive approach, it focuses on experiential learning, individual attention, and a balanced curriculum to facilitate holistic development.

Fun Fact: Sanskriti School celebrates "Heritage Week" each year, during which students explore and learn about different aspects of Indian heritage, traditions, and cultural practices through interactive workshops, exhibitions, and performances.

Address: Undri-NIBM Link Road, /Survey Number 12, 13 Undri Near Kumar Princetown, Pune.

Phone : 7719048003, 9272223413, 9272220505

Website: www.sanskritischoolpune.org

Hutchings High School:

With a rich legacy dating back to 1879, this Pune school offers a blend of academic rigour, sports, and co-curricular activities to foster all-around development.

Fun Fact: Hutchings High School organizes a special event called "Hutchings Carnival" that brings together students, parents, and staff for a day of fun-filled activities, games, food stalls, and entertainment, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

Address: 7, Phayre Road, Pune - 411040.

Telephone : 020 - 26363892

Website: www.hutchingschoolpune.in

Admission Enquiry:admissions@hutchings.in

The Lexicon International School:

An international school offering CBSE and IGCSE curricula, it emphasizes academic excellence, critical thinking, and character development through innovative teaching methods.

Fun Fact: The Lexicon International School hosts an annual event called "LexiFest" that showcases the artistic talents of students through various competitions, including music, dance, drama, and fine arts, encouraging their creative expression.

Address: S. no 212/1, Central Avenue 59, next to Big Bazaar, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411006.

Website: www.lexiconedu.in

Contact: +91-20-26655812

DPS Pune:

Part of the esteemed Delhi Public School chain, it provides a comprehensive educational experience, fostering intellectual, emotional, and social growth.

Fun Fact: DPS Pune regularly organizes "Spardha," a sports extravaganza where students compete in a wide range of athletic disciplines, promoting a spirit of healthy competition, teamwork, and physical fitness.

Address: Nyati County, Vill. Mohammadwadi, Pune - 411 060. Phone:+91 9175952118, +91 9175953118

Email: info@dpspune.com

Website: www.dpspune.com

Vikhe Patil Memorial School:

Affiliated with CBSE, this Pune school focuses on a holistic approach to education, incorporating academics, sports, arts, and character development.

Fun Fact: Vikhe Patil Memorial School holds an annual science exhibition called "Vikhe Patil Vigyan Mela" that provides students with a platform to showcase their scientific aptitude and innovative ideas through projects, experiments, and demonstrations.

Address: Vikhe Patil Memorial School, Patrakar Nagar, Off. S.B. Road, Pune, MH - 411016.

Contact No: 020-2565 8170, 020-2566 7190

Email: contact@vpmspune.org

Mahindra International School:

Following the IB curriculum provides a global learning experience with a strong focus on academic rigour, innovation, and intercultural understanding.

Fun Fact: Mahindra International School conducts an engaging leadership program called "Catalyst," where students participate in workshops, outdoor activities, and community service initiatives to develop their leadership skills and social responsibility.

Address: P-26 MIDC Phase 1, Rajeev Gandhi Infotech Park, Hinjawadi, Pune – 411057.

Phone: +91 – 20 42954444

Email: admissions@misp.org



What factors should be taken into consideration when selecting a school in Pune?

Consider factors such as the curriculum offered, language of instruction, reputation, faculty qualifications, infrastructure and facilities, student-teacher ratio, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, fees and affordability, location and transportation, as well as the school’s values and philosophy.

Research and understand the curriculum options available, (there are some great CBSE schools in Pune) and choose the one that aligns with your academic goals. Check the school’s reputation, accreditation, and rankings, and gather feedback from current or past students and parents.

Assess the qualifications and experience of the teaching staff, and look for well-equipped infrastructure and facilities that can provide a conducive learning environment. Consider the student-teacher ratio (which is typically low in the best schools in Pune), co-curricular and extracurricular activities, fees and affordability, location, and transportation options.

Finally, evaluate the school’s values and philosophy to ensure they align with your expectations. Thorough research, visits, and discussions with school officials and current students can help you make an informed decision.

What are the different boards with which the best schools in Pune are affiliated?

Pune schools can be classified into two categories: “municipal schools” operated by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and private schools in Pune managed by trusts or individuals, some of which may receive government funding. These schools are affiliated with various boards, including:

  • Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE)
  • Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)
  • National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)
  • Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Government-aided public schools in Pune primarily offer the state board curriculum, which includes the study of the local language and Hindi. These schools typically have an average class size of around 50 students and may have organized classrooms but fewer facilities compared to private schools in Pune.

On the other hand, private schools, including some of Pune’s top schools, follow a modern education model and provide excellent facilities. The teacher-to-child ratio in the elementary division is usually 2:20 or higher. These schools offer a variety of curricula, including SSC, ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, and IB, catering to the diverse academic needs of students.

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What are some staying options one could consider if one will be spending time in Pune?

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Do Pune's top schools provide transportation facilities?

Yes, many top schools in Pune offer transportation facilities to ensure students' safe and convenient commutes. You can inquire about bus routes and fees during the admission process.

Do Pune's best schools offer scholarships or financial aid?

Some of Pune's top schools offer scholarships or financial assistance to deserving students based on criteria like academic merit, sports achievements, or financial need. Check with the schools for information on available scholarship programs.

Can I visit Pune's best schools before making a decision?

Most schools in Pune welcome prospective parents and students to visit their campuses. Scheduling a visit can help you get a sense of the school's atmosphere, meet the faculty, and address any specific questions you may have.

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