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Finding a PG in Powai has never been this easy! Our ready to move PG in Powai comes with all safety and hygiene amenities. It is ideal for students from SDA Bocconi, MNLU, IIT Bombay, Athena School of Management, IBS Powai etc. Read Less

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SDA Bocconni

5 mins.


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Near Powai lake

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CETTM complex, Hiranandani Gardens, Sainath Nagar, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076

FAQs on PG in Powai, Mumbai.

What are some good Co-Living or PGs near Powai, Mumbai?

There are several co-living options or PGs in Powai, Mumbai. You can check for options online on Google or Social media. You can also browse our website for a PG without brokerage or call us on +91-8383027664 to enquire about our hostels.

Which is the best PG near SDA Bocconi, Mumbai?

Your-space has a PG near SDA Bocconi, Mumbai which is suitable for both boys and girls. These PGs are equipped with facilities such as WiFi, TV, AC, common recreation area, all meant for young students to have a safe and comfortable stay.

Is it possible to find private/single sharing room PG near IIT-B, Powai under 25,000/-INR?

Yes, you can find several options under 25,000/-INR. Our PG starts at a rent range of 15,000/- INR per month with amenities such as WiFi, TV, AC, books and periodicals, common recreation area, common kitchen and lounge area.

Are there any options for a PG near MNLU, Mumbai with food facility?

There are lots of PG options available near MNLU, Your- Space has a very comfortable and luxurious PG for boys and girls in Powai, near MNLU. Your-Space provides delicious and safe meals prepared in a sanitized kitchen by expert chefs and temperature checked staff so that you never miss on quality and hygiene!

What Should I look for when renting a Hostel or PG in Powai?

When you start looking for a PG accommodation in Powai, search for options that are near your college or workplace and the one that would make you feel the most like your home.Your-Space with its safety, hygiene and community benefits provides a jovial atmosphere just like home!

What documents are required when booking a PG in Powai?

Most Hostels and PGs require your identity proof and address proof for admission. You may show documents like your Aadhar Card, Passport, Pan card or Voter ID card and book a room in a PG or Hostel.

Are PGs in Powai safe?

Most local PGs in Powai, unfortunately, cannot be called safe. But, well managed and professional PG operators such as Your-Space do take necessary steps such as CCTV surveillance, security guard, warden etc to ensure complete safety of residents.

How do I look for paying Guest accommodation in Powai?

There are various channels through which you can look for paying Guest accommodation in Powai such as –

Google Search

Social Media (FB, Instagram)


Mobile Apps (including Your-Space App)

Do you provide laundry services at your-space PG near Athena School Of Management?

Of course! You have access to the washing machine in your shared living space and laundry pick up services too that our property manager will fully explain when you book. A full-serviced stay is what you enjoy as a perk of living with us!

I am convinced! How do I go about booking your-space PG near IBS, Powai?

You can browse our website and select the property you like. You can then request a callback or chat with us on Whatsapp or call us on 8383027664 to schedule a property visit or to make a booking.



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