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If you are looking for a PG or a Hostel to live in any of the major Indian cities then you have come to the right place! Your-Space has PG options in all major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Indore and Noida.Read More

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FAQs on PG in India

Which is the Best PG in India?

There are several PG options available in all major Indian metros. You can figure out the best match for you based on location, budget and amenities. You can check our website for several girls PG in India and Boys PG in India. All these options are suitable for people moving to various Indian cities.

Should I opt for a PG or a flat?

Both Flats and PG have their pros and cons. A PG system is ideal for someone who wants a complete package with all amenities included. Those who want to manage everything on their own such as grocery, bills, laundry etc can rent out flats and live on their own.

How much does it cost to live in a PG in India?

Cost of PG varies significantly in all the cities of India. But, you can expect to spend anything between 5000-30000 depending on whether you are living in a small city like Indore or Mumbai.

Which is the cleanest and most hygienic PG in India for students?

A lot is going on in a student’s life than one can imagine. The assignments, the workload and the never-ending studies while fulfilling the requirement of being a good student. Our specially trained housekeeping staff and industrial quality cleaning materials ensure you only do what you are meant to do – enjoy the student life to the fullest!

Do PGs in India charge a brokerage fee?

Charging of brokerage fees depends on the involvement of a broker who may have introduced you to the PG and most PG’s do have brokers involved. So, regardless of the fact whether you’re looking for a Boys PG in India or a Girls PG in India, there are high chances of you paying a third person involved. At Your-Space, the only thing you pay for is the monthly rent depending on the property and a refundable security deposit.

How do I stay fit and healthy in a PG?

Life as a Paying Guest can be pretty tough from a health perspective especially due to lack of availability of home-cooked food. At our PG’s you don’t just have access to a fully equipped kitchen but you also have meal plans to choose from which are specially designed by our in-house chefs. Besides that most of our PGs in India also have either in the house or community gyms for you to break some sweat!

How safe are hostels for girl students as paying guests in India?

Safety in hostels varies from one Hostel to another. Not all Hostels/PGs can be considered safe. At Your-Space, the security of our residents is as much important for us as their comfort. All of the properties at Your-Space are designed with safety features such as CCTV cameras, wardens, security guards etc.

What measures are taken to keep surfaces virus-free at Your-Space Hostels in India?

We have increased the frequencies of cleaning and disinfecting all areas of our PG’s especially focusing on high-frequency touchpoints. We are using Covid-19 secure disinfectants and are in line with the official public health department guidelines.

We heard Your-Space was recently awarded?

You heard that right! At a recent award function organized by Economic Times, Your-Space was felicitated as the best startup in India in the hospitality sector. Now that’s great news for the Best PG in India to boast about!

Does Your-Space have a PG in Noida as well?

Your-Space has Hostels in Noida. Your-Space has both boys and girls hostels very close to the college campuses in Noida.

Is Your-Space present in Gurgaon?

Yes, we do have a PG in Gurgaon which is very close to 55/56 rapid metro station

Does Your-Space have a PG in Mumbai?

Yes, Your-Space has Hostels in Mumbai in all major areas in Mumbai such as Andheri, Powai, Vile Parle and Lower Parel.

Are Your-Space hostels closer to the colleges?

Everyone knows about the life of an everyday commuter in major metros – it’s hectic. At Your-Space we ensure our hostels are just a hop skip and jump away from your campus. Not just in Mumbai, all our hostels just like our hostels in Delhi are also very close to the colleges we have tied up with. You can check a conveniently located Your-Space hostel/PG near you.

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