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If you are trying to figure out where to live in Gurgaon then you must check out the sector 55/56 locality in Gurgaon which is one of the best places to be in Gurgaon due to its proximity to the rapid metro station, school, hospitals, colleges etc. A good PG in sector 55 Gurgaon such as Your-Space comes with all amenities such as AC, en-suite bathrooms, fully furnished rooms, common recreation area, gym etc. for a comfortable, safe and sanitized stay! Read More

Institutions Nearby

Ansal Universtiy

5 mins.


4 mins.

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Near huda shopping centre

5 mins.

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211, Sector 55, Near Ansal University’s Back Gate,Ansal University Nr Ansal University, Sector 55, Gurugram, Haryana 122011

FAQs on PG in sector 55 Gurgaon

What are some good hostel options in Gurgaon?

Gurgaon is the new hub for everything. There are several hostel/PG options available here. You asked for good options for some but here’s the link to the best

Any suggestions on affordable PG near Ansal University Gurgaon?

There are several accommodation options in Gurgaon. We have a very upbeat and fully furnished PG just a few minutes away from Ansal University. This PG is a premium standalone building which is equipped with facilities such as Wifi, TV, AC and you can also access common facilities such as gym, kitchen, lounge area etc in the building.

Where can I find a PG in Gurgaon sector 54 55 56 with a single room option?

PGs in Gurgaon come with different layouts, services and amenities. Our hostel in sector 55 has different sharing options to choose from that are equipped with various amenities and facilities to suit your requirements as a student or a working professional. We also offer single-room options to those who ask for it.

I want to bring my own furniture in my room, can I do so in PG in sector 55 Gurgaon?

Most PGs don’t allow that. If you are living in a flat you can do so. In our well furnished Your-Space rooms we only require you to move in with your belongings and a big smile! Everyone wants to feel at home and we all do itsy bitsy things to make our space feel like home. Although we are sure enough you would be happy with the space we designed for you with love, you can gladly bring in a little colour of your own as long as there is no structural change or damage.

What is included in my monthly hostel fee at Your-Space?

From the simplicities like fully furnished rooms to the most important benefits like security, housekeeping, laundry, meal plans, gym and a lot more are the perks of being a part of the Your-Space family.

Do PGs in sector 55 Gurgaon have a kitchen so that I can cook my own meal?

Some PGs allow and some don’t. At Your-Space all our residents are free to use our fully equipped common kitchen to prepare their own evening snacks, tea or Maggi. A refrigerator, induction cooktop, microwave and all the basics you need are provided at no additional charge. For daily meals, we provide customised meal options curated by our in-house chefs.

Is the bed linen provided by the PG?

A very cozy mattress and a pillow is what you can call your own however the linen needs to be arranged by the residents themselves. We also provide a welcome kit including linen in case it’s requested at additional charges.

Is there any PG near IILM Gurgaon with COVID19 safety protocols?

Our PG near sector 55 56 Gurgaon is well taken care of with regular sanitization especially in high touch zones. You be rest assured of a hygienic stay at Your-Space. We have also taken care of delicious and safe meals prepared in our very own centralized well sanitized kitchen.

Do PGs in Gurgaon sector 54 55 56 charge a brokerage fee?

Brokerage fees are often charged in the real estate industry as there is usually a broker involved who may have introduced you to the PG and most PGs or hostels do have brokers involved. Hence there are often chances of you paying a third person involved. At Your-Space, the only thing you pay for is the monthly rent depending on the property and a refundable security deposit.

How much do PGs in sector 55 Gurgaon charge?

All Hostels and PGs come with a variety of amenities and sharing options hence charge differently. To give an estimate most Hostels/PG in sector 55 Gurgaon charge between 12000-20000 based on the amenities and sharing options.

Where can I find a PG near Soil University Gurgaon?

You will find several options close to Soil University. The Your-Space PG in sector 55 Gurgaon is just 15 mins away from Soil University and comes with a variety of amenities specially meant for students.



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