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Important Things To Have At Hand When Shifting Into A PG/Hostel
Moving out of your home for the first time ever for studies is surely an exciting process. However, it is also a lengthy and detail-oriented task requiring you to do a lot of research regarding your college schedule, accommodation option, commuting setup and more. While major college cities in India including Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur and Pune usually have everything that you might require to get settled into your college and student housing, it is still recommended that you pack a few essentials to make your moving-in process simpler and efficient.

A few personal essentials along with things you will require for your classes will help you navigate your daily routine better especially during the first few weeks in the new city. As you will get more adjusted to your surroundings and know the city better, you can stop getting these things back from home. Till then, here are a few things to carry while shifting to a PG/hostel for college.


Bath and Self-care Essentials

One of the most important and basic sets of things to carry while shifting to a hostel/PG is toiletries. If you have certain brand preferences then you should surely make it a priority to pack these essentials first and foremost as you might not get these things right as you land in the new city and have college starting the next day. While you may find a roommate at our PGs, it is better to carry the following PG essentials instead of asking for them.

# Shower Gel/ Soap

#  Deodorant/ Perfume

#  Shaver/ Razor

#  Sunscreen 

#  Shampoo

#  Toothbrush/ Toothpaste 

#  Hairbrush or comb

#  Towels/Hand-Towels

#  Nail clippers

#  Hair Oil 

#  Sanitary Pads

First Aid Essentials

Having a first-aid kit handy is extremely crucial when you live away from home. While we at your-space, always have first aid essentials on our premises and also offer doctor-on-call support, there are a few things or certain prescription medicines that might be specific for you and you should carry them besides the below-mentioned PG essentials list.

#  Sterile cotton/gauze

#  Painkillers that you use on your doctor’s recommendation

#  Scissors

#  Band-aids

#  Antiseptics

#  Thermometer

#  Skin rash cream

#  Burn cream

#  Anti-repellant cream/ spray

Bed Essentials

Even if you are moving into a PG/hostel which is fully furnished such as your-space, having extra bed essentials is important in the long run. Make sure to pack at least each one of the following items.

#  Blankets 

#  Bedsheets/ Bed Cover

#  Pillow Case

Gadget Essentials

As a college student, you are bound to spend a lot of time on your gadgets including your laptop, smartwatch, Bluetooth speaker and mobile. Hence, be sure to pack the following essentials to keep your gadget usage smooth because these are some important things required in PG.

#  Extension cord

#  Chargers for different devices

#  Power Bank (For emergency usage)

Safety Essentials

Having all your things in one place while living in a PG or hostel is important and their safety should be crucial as well. At your-space, our tech-savvy security measures take care of these issues. However, you will need to carry the following items when packing for travel hours and if you head to travel during the weekends.

#  Keychain to keep all your important keys in one place rather than scattering them

#  Small lock for luggage and cupboards. 

Closet Essentials

Your clothes will depend largely on the city you are moving to for your studies. Cities which have extreme weather conditions will require you to pack both winter clothes and summer wear. Whereas for places with moderate climates including Mumbai and Pune, summer wear should be your ultimate packing. While clothing essentials are easier to pack, a few common shoes and accessories are essential things for hostel students.

#  Flip-Flops 

#  Sneakers 

#  College Backpack/Handbag 

#  Hangers 

#  Wallet

Miscellaneous Items 

We at your-space have all your daily essentials sorted with our top-notch services of laundry, housekeeping and home-style meals. But not all PGs/hostels have these services and if you are moving to such an accommodation then you might have to pack miscellaneous items as follows: 

#  Laundry Detergent/ Soap

#  Storage containers

#  Room freshener

#  Tissues

#  Dry Towel

Now that you have an essentials packing list in place, you can get started with your moving formalities. Also, if you haven’t yet found the perfect accommodation, make sure to reach out to us. We offer affordable Mumbai PG including a boys' pg in Kharghar and student housing in Malad. We also have several co-living spaces across the country which are both affordable and comfortable. So don’t be shy! Just drop us a text on WhatsApp and we will help you find your home away from home.


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