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17 Most Affordable Places For Shopping in Delhi
Modern Delhi, also known as Lutyens Delhi, dates back over a century. It is highly contrasted with Old Delhi's architecture, building materials, and layouts. Besides its well-known tourist attractions like India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, and Parliament House, or its stunning architecture, the historic capital of India is also the most important trading centre—all appreciation for its amazing complexes, and the best places for shopping in Delhi. Shopping is always at the top of the wish list for any Delhi tourist. It is something one can never get enough of. Shopping in Delhi markets is famous for its high-end designer malls and classy boutiques and several wholesale markets, vibrant bazaars, and roadside flea markets in the city. If you are in Delhi and you type in google “shopping places near me,” it offers you various options. From accessories and fashion apparel to home decor products and imported food, with their entertaining budgets, tastes, and preferences, these shopping hubs serve everyone.

Whether you stay in a PG in Delhi or with your parents, if you’ve been looking for a wardrobe makeover or want to buy some trendy clothes without having to burn a hole in your pocket, here’s where you should head to in Delhi:

Below are the most affordable places to visit in Delhi for shopping –


Situated in Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk is one of the ancient and famous places in Delhi for shopping. Shopping in Chandni Chowk brings a flashback of Delhi’s rich cultural and historical heritage. It is the best place in Delhi for clothes, especially wedding clothes. If you are a to-be bride, you should definitely visit here.

The market has got an endless stream of bazaars namely Katra Neel, Dariba Kalan, Khari Baoli, Tilak Bazaar, Bhagirath Palace, Daryaganji, and Chatta Chowk, each one offering their own unique variety including fabrics, electronics, hardware, kitchen equipment, and used books.

Dariba Kalan is known for its pearl, gold and silver jewellery, and natural perfumes. A visit to Khari Baoli is a must for all spice-lovers. The cloth bazaar of Katra Neel offers all kinds of fabrics such as silks, satin, crepe, cotton, and muslin. Bhagirath Palace is Asia’s largest market for electrical goods and also offers medical equipment and allopathic medicines. Chatta Chowk is famous for semi-precious jewellery, embroidered bags, hand-painted wall hangings, and ‘antiques’, and Tilak Bazaar for chemicals.

Also while you’re here don’t forget to gorge on some delicious street food of Chandni Chowk.

Address: 2573, Nai Sarak, Raghu Ganj, Roshanpura, Old Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110006 Timings: 10:00 am – 08:00 pm Closed on Sundays

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Dilli Haat was an initiative by the Delhi Government about centuries ago and is now known as the mastermind of government. This is one of the cheap markets in Delhi and is considered to be the best destination for handicrafts from all over the world. If you have a question, ‘where to shop in Delhi for handicrafts?’ Delhi Haat is the answer.

A great place to also buy traditional artefacts, different beads, gems, jewellery, footwear, Madhubani paintings, Phulkari works, camel leather tote bags, and bamboo-made handicrafts.

The thatched roof and rustic appeal given to the stalls of this Delhi shopping market makes the ambience even more interesting. This market also engages you with various cultural events from time to time.

Address: Dilli Haat, Kidwai Nagar West, Kidwai Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110023 Timings: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

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Image Credit: Wikimedia

Janpath is the most favourable flea market for Delhites. This shopping place in Delhi for clothes is also famously known as the Tibetan market because of its wide Tibetan vintage stock. Very popular for its showcase of both Indian and Tibetan apparel and footwear range, this Delhi cheapest market is also connected to Lodhi road, where you come across a number of shops that will not disappoint you.

Address: Janpath Rd, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001 Timings: 10:00 am to 09:00 pm, from Mondays to Saturdays

11:00 am to 08:00 pm, on Sundays

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Image Credit – IlonaIgnatova

Greater Kailash, with a number of luxurious showrooms and retail outlets, is a go-to place for girls and women in Delhi. The market is divided into two blocks – M Block & N Block, with an endless line of stores. Taking into account the cool vibe it provides to its visitors, the place is considered one of the elite and best place for shopping in Delhi, a scout for designer wear is most likely to pull you to this beautiful place. Packed with local shopping outlets, lifestyle stores, cosmetic shops, showrooms, and street food-corners, and jammed with the crowd, this place is yet another famous affordable shopping site in Delhi.

Salwar Kameez in pastel colours, crushed dupattas, designer Kurtis and lehengas, silks, jute, and ghagras are available here at a relatively cheaper rate than expected. As one of the excellent places to buy clothes in Delhi, you can always rely on Greater Kailash.

Address: M Block & N Block, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, India Timings: 10:00 am to 09:00 pm Closed on Tuesdays

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Image Credit : Magicpin

This place has everything you might need to attend a wedding and is known to fulfil the thirst of a shopaholic. Besides designer lehengas and jewellery for women and exquisite sherwanis and Indo-Westerns for men, you can also visit the place for the most famous restaurants situated in the street. You can also grab cosmetics, books, shoes, gadgets, and electronic items from the market.

Karol Bagh has some well-known shopping places around, like Ajmal Khan Road, known for inexpensive readymade; Ghaffar, popular for imported goods; Arya Samaj Road visited for second-hand books; and Bank Street popular for gold jewellery. This is one of the best place to shop in Delhi and is most-visited.

Address: Block 1, WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110060 Timings: 10:00 am to 08:00 pm Closed on Mondays


Image credit – The Week

Khan market is one of the most heavenly, classy, famous and best shopping areas in Delhi. Here, you will find anything from branded outlets and boutiques to street vendors and Ayurvedic medical stores. It is indirectly a mix of both street and high-end markets. Apart from Ayurveda and fashion, books, cosmetics, crockery items, garments, and exotic fruits also contribute to such a great place to shop.

The market is also appreciated for its tailor stores. More than half of the population of South Delhi visits them when in need of tailored products. It is one of the best places in Delhi for shopping for high-end products and top designers in India.

Address: Humayun Road, New Delhi Timings: from early in the morning until late night Closed on Sundays

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With white, horseshoe, circular-shaped architecture, the market was the largest of its kind when it came into being. One of the busiest places in the capital city, Connaught place is situated in the heart of Delhi and is considered to be the most noteworthy shopping hubs of all. In the middle of the market, is another famous flea called Palika Bazaar, having fully air-conditioned stores of clothes, perfumes, accessories, footwear, electronics, CDs and much more range of products.

For those staying in a PG near Connaught place, a visit to its markets that are rich in fashionable clothes, stunning jewellery, Indian books, handicraft items, and electronic goods is a must. It is probably the most resourceful market and is a best places to shop in Delhi for some amazing products at undoubtedly affordable prices.

The market also houses many eating joints, with a wide variety of cuisines.

Address: Connaught Place, New Delhi Timings: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

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Image Credit: wikimedia

Also known as the Central Market, the Nagar is most visited by locals, mainly because the street connects to the metro line, and hence, is another easily approached place. The market is again the best place to buy clothes in Delhi, particularly famous among female shoppers of all age groups, offering a wide range of options, with endless rows of textile and garment stores. It is also a popular shopping site where you can get whatever you desire, other than clothing – accessories, clothes, footwear, bags. The extremely skilled Mehendi artists are spotted on every other step on the roadside. Bargaining is a must if you wish to get the best in this market.

Address: Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi Timings: 10:00 am to 09:30 pm Closed on Mondays


Image Credit: D for Delhi

Sarojini Nagar Market houses the rejected goods from across the world, and thus offers almost every product at throwaway prices. This shopping site is particularly famous among Delhi shopping places and youth and foreigners, which is probably the reason behind it being the tidiest place in the city. Music, fashionable clothes, books, kitchenware, handicrafts, are all available here at wholesale price, but very high quality. The many shoe shops in the vicinity of the market also catch the eye. Subzi Mundi offers the freshest and choicest fruits and fresh vegetables.

The place is included in the tourist attractions list of Delhi and is another favourite flea of Delhites which is also considered a cheap clothes market in delhi.

Address: Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi, 110023 Timings: 10:00 am to 09:00 pm Closed on Mondays

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Image Credit: Wikimedia

This is one of the most visited and best shopping place in Delhi. This mall combines luxury and high-street shopping, along with a number of food joints – cafes, bistros, restaurants, bars. It offers you a wide range of products to buy, items to explore, and activities to relax.

Ethos Swiss Watch Studio here endorses various mega brands of watches; Kimaya offers an indulgent ambience for brides-to-be; La Senza sells romance and allure with its Hawaiian bikinis, basic gym gear and a variety of undergarments. As the name suggests, wandering around the mall feels like taking a walk around the city.

Address: Saket, New Delhi Timings: 10:00 am to 11:30 pm

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Image Credit: whatshot.in

Paharganj Bazaar is an overcrowded, wholesale market in Delhi, specifically famous for the lined-up cafes and bars. Delhi railway station near to the place makes it a lot more crowded and chaotic.

Apart from delicious eateries, the public is also very fond of the wide variety of jewellery items that the bazaar provides. The variety includes intricate and delicate handmade necklaces, bracelets, junk jewellery, classy pendants, rings, and a lot more.

Other than this, like any other market in Delhi, Paharganj also has a good variety of clothes, leather handbags and backpacks, all at reasonable prices, and is counted among the cheap shopping places in Delhi.

Address: Paharganj, New Delhi, Delhi, 110055, India Timings: 11:00 am to 09:00 pm Closed on Mondays


Image Credit: Wikimedia

If you are a game freak and want to have a huge collection of all the games available, this cheap shopping places in Delhi must be the first on your list. Palika Bazaar has a very unique collection of all the gaming consoles, video games, a wide range of electronics including mobile phones and TV, all at very good rates.

People also cherish the collection of clothes and footwear here. It indeed has a cheap, but a fancy collection. The place is an underground, air-conditioned market situated in Connaught Place, so it must not be difficult to get here.

Address: Palika Bazar, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001 Timings: 10:00 am to 07:00 pm Closed on Mondays


Kamala Nagar market, situated in the North Campus, is one of the favorite hangout places for those staying in hostel near North campus at Delhi University.

Along with a lot of eateries across the street, Kamala Nagar market is also very particular when it comes to shopping. It aims to provide latest, trendy fashion from junk jewellery and footwear to awesome Kurtis and dresses, everyone finds something for themselves here, at very affordable prices. Whether you are searching for Delhi cloth market or accessories market, this place will fit in.

Address: Block F, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110007 Timings: 11:00 am to 08:00 pm. Closed on Mondays


Image Credit: Wikimedia

Lal Quarter is a not-so-popular shopping areas in Delhi but has an amazing range of fashion accessories anyone could wish for.

Clothes, accessories, footwear, you get all of it here at very cheap rates, and if your bargaining skills are strong, you can get the entire market in a go.

Apart from fashion, the market also provides some beautiful arts & crafts, and decor items.

While multinational fast-food chains have made their presence felt here too, the Lal Quarter Market still makes you feel more like you’re at a vibrant village fair rather than a professional, urban marketplace.

The place is a bit difficult to get to, but once you hire an auto-rickshaw from Preet Vihar metro station, it is easily approachable.

Address: Arihant Nagar, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, 110026


Image Credit: Vlogit

Sadar Bazaar is surely Delhi’s famous street shopping destination, but a little different from the others. This place is extremely famous for a very good variety of decor items that you could buy without any holes in your pocket.

Whether you are looking for curtains, small furniture, or decorative items for your home, this place has it all. You cannot refuse to buy an item out of your list once you visit the place. It is quite famous amongst those staying in a women hostel in Delhi and hostel for men.

Address: Bahadurgarh Road, Near Arpit Impex, Pahari Dhiraj, Sadar Bazaar, Delhi 11000

Timings: 11:30 am to 06:00 pm Closed on Sundays


Image Credit: Wikimedia

Gaffar Market, also known as Grey market and one of the cheapest cloth market in Delhi, has a plethora of stores that sell a variety of goods including electronics, bags, shades and other fashion accessories, mobile covers, cameras, sarees, wedding trousseau and other wares.

This place is on the top of the list for students, shopaholics and others who have a budget for shopping. The place also sells Chinese goods at low prices.

Address: Gaffar Market Kherian Mohalla Sabzi Mandi New Delhi, Delhi, 110007 Timings: 11:00 am to 07:00 pm. Closed on Mondays.


Image Credit: Wikimedia

Monastery market is another Tibetan market in Delhi and is known for its huge collection of quality products available at throwaway prices. This market functions completely differently in different phases of the year, and so, is also considered as a seasonal market in Delhi.

Visit the place in summer, and you will find an amazing stock of cool clothes, bags and shoes. However, the same place transforms itself into a completely different vibe in winters, stocking up on quality winter-wear including Jackets, cardigans, pullovers, sweaters, shawls, gloves, stoles, and more.

Address: Ladakh Buddhist Vihar, Civil Lines, Delhi Timings: 11:00 am to 08:30 pm. Closed on Mondays

These were some of the most affordable and cheap shopping places/markets of Delhi.

FAQs on Shopping in Delhi

What are the top cheapest cloth markets in Delhi for fabric Shopping?

The most famous and best shopping places in Delhi for fabric shopping are as follows: Chandni Chowk Shanti Mohalla Nehru Place Lajpat Nagar Mohan Singh, Connaught Place Shankar Market Karol Bagh

Which is the cheapest market in Delhi?

Lajpat Nagar, also known as Central Market is the cheap market in Delhi. It stocks a variety of trendy textile and garments, accessories, footwear, bags, etc, especially for female shoppers at very good prices.

Where can I get branded clothes for cheap in Delhi?

Sarojini Nagar is a well-known place for both brands as well as street shopping. Music, fashionable clothes, books, kitchenware, hookah pipes, handicrafts, are all available here at wholesale price, but very high quality. It is also easily approachable.

Which is the most famous market in Delhi?

Chandni Chowk market has got an endless stream of bazaars namely Katra Neel, Dariba Kalan, Khari Baoli, Tilak Bazaar, Bhagirath Palace, Daryaganji, and Chatta Chowk, each one offering their own unique variety including fabrics, electronics, hardware, kitchen equipment, and used books. Stay at one of the best hostels in Delhi and explore all these places for a wonderful experience.

Which is better, Sarojini Market or Janpath Market?

You can go to Janpath if you want to treat yourself with some souvenirs, Junk Jewellery, home décor, and footwear. You will find great stuff here. On the other hand, Sarojini is famous for cheap and best dresses.

Can we find Sarojini Nagar clothes online?

Sarojini Export Market is available to shop online and they’ll be delivering pan-India.

Conclusion: Delhi is not only the political capital of the country but also the shopping capital for people from all over the country. All the shopping hubs, streets and complexes based in Delhi have their own unique ambience and speciality, each showcasing a slice of its history and culture. Shopping is an enriching experience in Delhi and a must-try for all!


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