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Your hardwork has finally paid off! Securing a seat at one of the most prestigious institutes in India, the Delhi Technological University is definitely a great milestone. Leave the next hurdle to us - the search for the Best PG Near DTU only leads to Your-Space. Our four pillars of commitment Safety, Comfort, Health and Community ensure a welcoming homely atmosphere for you all all times!

PG near DTU

Delhi | Boys

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FAQs on PG near DTU

Which is the best PG near DTU?

There are quite a few PG options available around DTU however at Your-Space we understand the importance of the time and safety of the students hence our PG is just a 5 minute hop,skip and jump away from the Delhi Technological University.

How do I make a payment towards the hostel fees at your-space Boys PG near DTU?

You can pay the full term fee upfront or you can choose to pay on a monthly basis too. Ease and convenience are just some of the perks of being a part of the Your-Space family.

Can I cook at a PG near DTU college?

We know this question pops to your mind because not all PGs allow access to the kitchen. At your-space besides enjoying the wholesome meals designed by our in-house chef you can also use the induction hotplate or microwave to fix up a quick bite for yourself.

What is included in my fee at your-space PG?

From the basics like fully furnished rooms to the extremely important facilities like security, housekeeping, laundry, meal plans, gym and a lot more are the benefits of our Boys PG near DTU.

Can I book a single room too?

No other PG near Delhi Technological University allows you to choose a single room for yourself but Your-Space. If it matches your requirements and suits your budget it's all yours!

What measures are taken to keep fighting Covid-19 at PG near DTU?

Our PG near DTU is well taken care of by the housekeeping and is constantly scrutinized by the property manager. The cleaning and disinfecting of all the areas of our PGs is happening at all times with focus on high-frequency touchpoints. We are using Covid-19 secure disinfectants and are abiding by the rules of the official public health department guidelines.

Am I allowed to choose my own roommate at your-space PG?

We know what it's like to have your friends live with you especially when you're away from home and we do understand that with the online study sessions happening these days, you would have already made great friends by now. You can indeed let us know your roommate preference and we would be more than happy to accommodate you and your friend together.

What amenities do you have for recreation at your PG near DTU ?

There are several hostels and PGs in Delhi however most of them only offer accommodation facilities. We completely understand that there's a lot more to a student's life than just the regular studying and assignments. Enjoy the little things at Your-Space with recreational facilities like gym, break-out zones, lounge areas etc.

I want to stay at the hostel near DTU for a few weeks or months, is that possible?

Your-Space is a premium student accommodation company and is tied up with major educational institutions across the country. The only thing you have to focus on is your studies while we ensure you feel at home. It's unlikely of a student to be a part of the term for a shorter period hence we provide hostel facilities for a full educational term only.

How much does a PG near DTU cost?

The rates of Hostels and PGs vary based on the facilities, amenities and sharing type you go for. But, you can expect to be charged anywhere between 15000-25000 INR for a Hostel/PG with all amenities.

Does your-space have any PG in Rohini?

Yes, we do have a PG in Rohini for both Girls and Boys. The PG is strategically located at a walking distance from all major Delhi Technological University. The PG provides multiple amenities and facilities all at affordable prices for students

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