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7 Reasons Why You Should Opt For A Co-Living Space As A Student In Jaipur
Jaipur also known as the Pink City welcomes tourists from across the world. In recent times, however, the city has also emerged as an educational hub. Jaipur houses renowned institutes such as Manipal University and Pearl Academy which sees it welcoming students from across India. Its rich culture, beautiful monuments and great food are bound to keep you occupied beyond your studies. If you are a student considering moving to Jaipur, the first important thing you need to consider is accommodation.

While you may think that living in a college hostel or renting out an apartment are the only setups you can opt for, Jaipur has also opened its doors to the relatively newer concept of co-living and our pgs helps you explore this concept even more closely while making it fun and affordable. 

If you are looking for the reasons why you should opt for a co-living space as a student in Jaipur, here is the list that will make the process even easier. 

Community Feel:

Moving to another city is exciting for sure but at the same time it is also difficult to make new friends as you navigate through your studies and adjust to the new environment. Your-space helps you through this process as it introduces you to new people from different backgrounds. As one of the best pg in Jaipur, we offer you a recreation space and TV lounge where you can interact with other students and become a part of the community. Having friends around you surely helps you in adjusting to a new environment more easily and this concept is hard to come by while living in a hostel or renting an apartment.


As a student, you will be required to stay on top of your classes, keep up with your fitness and even socialise. At this stage, you would want to avoid the hassle of cleaning, cooking and maintaining your accommodation as much as you can.  Co-living accommodations including your-space add comfort to your routine by providing you with housekeeping services, cooked meals and property maintenance so that you can adjust to your new routine seamlessly and at the same time enjoy your leisure time doing the things you love.


One of the best things about a co-living accommodation is the wide array of amenities it offers, which can be especially useful for students living in a new city. Your-space amenities include housekeeping, freshly cooked meals, an in-house gym, 24 hours property manager, 24x7 WiFi, CCTV and a security guard. These kinds of amenities are seldom found in hostels and rented apartments, making a co-living set-up a much more appealing option for students.  

Enhanced Security:

Security is a top priority for both parents and students moving to a new city. Co-living offers technologically advanced security services besides having CCTV surveillance and security guards in place so that your parents can enjoy their peace of mind when you live away from them.


Unlike rental spaces, you are not expected to sign long-term leases or put down huge security deposits when opting for a co-living space. Moreover, the cost of living in a co-living space is calculated after considering and including all necessities and amenities which are add-on costs while living in an apartment. With the accommodation and amenities cost fixed you can create a better budget for yourself and can even use it for travelling and exploring places within and outside Jaipur.


Your-space accommodation including Pg in raja park Jaipur and pg in Dahmi Kalan Jaipur are strategically located in the proximity of the city’s major universities. This helps you save time and money on your commute and since these locations are easily accessible, it also allows you to uncover the fun activities near you. 

Personal Growth:

Staying in a co-living space in Jaipur helps you sort out various aspects of your daily life including meals and cleaning. This setup allows you to have more time to concentrate on personal activities such as going to the gym, travelling or learning guitar and at the same time interact and network with other students to unwind after a long day of studying. 

If you are looking for a hostel near Manipal University in Jaipur, then your-space is just the right pick for you. Our co-living accommodation offers you all the comforts and amenities listed above and makes your move to Pink City enjoyable.

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