Top 21 IT Companies in India to look out for

Top 21 IT Companies in India to look out for

The boom of Information Technology (IT) happened in India over two decades ago, more so after the New Economic Policy (1991) coming in place and the market opening to the private sector as well as paving a way for the multinationals to get a strong foothold. The industry in India is bifurcated into two major Continue reading…

13 shows to binge-watch at home (2020)

show to bing watch

It must be a difficult time for our movie-lovers out there with the shutdown of cinema halls in the country for over the past 6 months. Well, we certainly cannot do anything about the circumstances we are in or with the government guidelines, but, we can definitely come up with a list of web-series that Continue reading…

Top 12 CBSE schools in India Updated (2021)

Top 12 CBSE schools in India What comes to your mind first when you first think of education? Good Schools?Curriculum? Most of the young students today have access to lots of opportunities. Thanks to the educational institutions that provide both education and motivation. However, there are also many students worldwide who do not have access Continue reading…

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