• Prior to check-in, we require the resident to pay the first month’s fee and their entire security deposit. We only charge 1-2 months’ of security deposit however, this is subjective to property. Please contact our onsite team via Whatsapp or call us at +91-8383027664 for more information.
  • At certain locations, where the payment for 3, 6 or 12 months needs to be made in advance we require that entire advance to be paid before check-in. A delay in payment beyond the 10th of each month will lead to INR 100 per day as a penalty that will be added to the following month’s fee.
  • As part of the promotional offer, you can start your reservation process by paying only INR.1000 and complete your booking upon a total payment of INR. 10000, non-refundable. Our team will be in touch to assist you throughout.
  • Please ensure that the room booked online is in the name of the occupant as the rental agreement will be made in the same name and cannot be altered.
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