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Proudly roaring from Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, Sharda University is a leading Educational institution. Sharda University is a venture owned by the renowned Sharda Group of Institutions (SGI). Established in 2009, the University has proven itself as a high-quality education provider with a prime focus on holistic learning and imbibing competitive abilities in students. Spread across 63 acres, Sharda University is home to acclaimed faculty members and students coming from over 85 nationalities. The name, 'Sharda' is synonymous with 'Goddess of knowledge and learning - Saraswati' - to which the institution undoubtedly lives up. Under the leadership of Chancellor, Mr Pradeep Kumar Gupta, the university is becoming one of the top-rated universities in the country. Graded B by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), the university offers 216 programs giving thousands of students the opportunity to build a solid career.

Life at Sharda University is known to be enriching and luxurious. Widely famous for its spectacular infrastructure, the teams at Sharda University work tirelessly toward a wholesome teaching and learning experience. Regular workshops, training programs, seminars, and discussions at SU make learning engaging and interactive. Other than academics, the University is known for being an incubator for sportspersons, giving ample scope for sports enthusiasts to train and groom their skills to master their game. The university is also known for its food, there are 10 different cafeterias on campus, which serve healthy and hygienic food. There is a restaurant, a grocery store, a Sharda community radio, and whatnot for the students to cherish. Truly, the world is here at Sharda University where are you? We hope you’re close by because just 8 minutes away, you will find an equally luxurious Girls PG near Sharda University by Your-Space! If you’re looking at Sharda University as your future college, or if you’re already a student and looking for a comfortable stay, choose Your-Space because the best university in Greater Noida only matches with the best Girls PG in Greater Noida!

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FAQs on PG near Sharda University

Is there any safe PG near Sharda University for girls only?

Yes, 8 minutes away from Sharda University, we offer you one of the safest girls PGs in the region. Located in Knowledge Park III, Greater Noida, the property is safe and equipped with high-quality mechanisms such as 24x7 CCTV surveillance cameras, a 24x7 security guard, and a biometric entry system.

Can I find a single occupancy room in a Girls PG near Sharda University?

Yes, located in Knowledge Park III, is a beautiful PG that offers you all sorts of occupancy options including single occupancy. In a single occupancy arrangement, a resident gets a fully furnished spacious room with an attached washroom and pre-installed air-conditioner and geyser to make life at a PG even more comfortable.

Is there Wi-Fi available at your PG?

Yes, we understand how today the entire world is connected virtually on our screens. Thus, we make sure our PGs/Hostels are equipped with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection for our residents to use.

Is there any gym near your PG?

The PG near Sharda University has an on-property gym/fitness centre for students to take care of their fitness and health. The gym is well-equipped for the students to maintain day to day fitness.

Can I find a safe parking spot for my two-wheeler/four-wheeler near your PG near Sharda University?

Yes, you can easily bring your personal vehicle and be carefree as we offer you a gated and guarded on-property parking lot. This way, your vehicles can both be safe and accessible!

Is there a power-backup system at your PG?

Yes, we maintain a power-backup system in situations when the direct electricity may face a cut - which keeps our residents’ lives uninterrupted!

Which PG should I choose if I need to focus on my studies and also have a comfortable stay?

With Your-Space, student residents get a spacious fully furnished room (available in a private single occupancy as well) including a set of a study table and a chair to focus on their studies. Apart from that, we also offer a Reading Room for the students to sit and study in peace. Besides, certain books/readings/periodicals are also available on-property for the students.

Is food available at your PGs?

Yes, we offer full course chef-designed meals on a rotating meal plan to match the students’ taste and nutrition needs. There is an on-property accessible kitchen setup where students can cook/heat at their choice. The property also has a cafe/pantry and a vending machine for the residents.

How do you ensure the safety of residents?

Safety being one of Your-Space’s four pillars of commitment, the team doesn’t compromise in any way on safety. Equipped with 24x7 CCTV surveillance, 24x7 on-property guard, and biometric entry system, the property is entirely safe for student residents.

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