2021 – Year in review


Hello There! 

2021 has been a year of milestones and challenges for all of us at your-space and we are excited for what the new year will bring! Our thoughts and prayers with everyone who has suffered a personal loss due to covid and the hardships it has brought.

With a national level lockdown, colleges and universities shifting to online classes, a brand like ours that serves students living away from home did take a hit. But at your-space, we catch up, improvise and evolve! We came up with the best possible solutions, innovated and implemented – to stay afloat, keep serving our people – even in a crisis – especially in crisis! 

And we are excited to announce that today we are spread across 11+ cities (Hello! Jaipur and Dehradun) serving more than 6500 students! While we are excited about 2022 we would like to take a moment to reflect on what the past year was like. 

Ready? Let’s dive right in! 


Pandemic at your-space

When the pandemic hit us hard and the country was under a lockdown, colleges and universities naturally shut too. At this time, we came together and forward to serve our people nevertheless. We decided to keep many of our properties open to act as a safe space and shelter for students stuck away from home due to the lockdown. 

We also opened some of our properties to people under the threat of contracting Covid and even to those who tested positive and wanted to keep their families safe by isolating themselves. 

Some vacant and available your-space properties were converted into quarantine homes to support such people. Adequate infrastructure like medical beds, oxygen tanks/concentrators, IV treatment, ECG machines and such were installed at the selected properties. Designated medical and non-medical staff like on-call doctors, nurses, and managers were deployed to take hold of the situation on the ground. All COVID-related precautions like PPE kits, sanitization, and such were maintained for the staff and caregivers throughout.

The team did not step back, instead, it stood up, came forward, and rose amidst the chaos and served more than 100 covid patients during that time. 

Back with a Bang!

As the situation became much more manageable for the country when the second wave of the COVID pandemic declined, your-space geared up to get back to business. 

While the world was still battling the virus and the disease, your-space prepared to serve its students and bring back some sort of normalcy for them – by providing safe homes away from home. As colleges and universities started opening back up, your-space readied its properties to serve the students best – in the new normal! 

Additional services like COVID-related precautions, no-contact services, sanitization, disinfection and such were added to the infrastructure and practice approach at your-space. 

Throughout, we worked towards growth beyond survival.The your-space team not just showed signs of growth but achieved commendable milestones!

The Growth Story

An exponential increase in the number of beds & students: In the last year, we have grown to 6500 beds – coming up from 5000 in the year 2020. 

We opened up more properties in both existing markets (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Indore, Pune, Jalandhar) and new locations (Jaipru & Dehradun) – adding up to the number 6500! 

An increased number of students staying with us has proven our goodwill and the trust of our community in us.

Yourspace Presence

your-space Trending!

Other than exponential growth offline and on-ground, your-space proves to be a favourite among students online as well! We witnessed an amazing growth on social media platforms, your-space’s content engaged an increased number of social media users. 

A switch in the strategy of reaching out to audiences on social media, adding a higher personal touch and the factor ‘relatable content’ brought thousands of students to us! 

This year, we caught up with trends on social media and joined the ‘cool stuff’ gang online! We created and shared amazing content to connect with students on a more personal level and to know them better. 

your-space has built a stronger digital footprint through tremendous online growth in terms of reach and conversions. Our website has shown a 30x increase in traffic in the last 1 year. Our motto ‘Make It Yours’ reached out to students and young audiences – allowing them a deeper and more personal understanding of the concept and approach of your-space, as a brand and a service.


New Cities! 

New properties in cities like Jaipur and Dehradun were launched to reach a wider scope of students. In Jaipur, we are excited to be serving students from Manipal University. In Dehradun, we are home to students from UPES. Here is a glimpse of our brand new properties:





your-space App

We recently launched a mobile application that acts as a unique and special platform where everything relating to a student at your-space is centrally handled. Information and access to the various services is available – just a click away on this application – designed and curated especially for students at your-space!

The app gives students the convenience to register as a resident, track their stay, rent details, submit grievances, community events, in-app social platforms,career networks and much more! 

Your-space Community 

your-space is the first student-housing brand in the country to build a community-first brand which allows a more personal relationship between the students and the brand.

The ‘community’ at your-space is however, not limited to an efficient access and feedback system, it is much more fun than that! Community meet ups and socials are organized at various student hostels allowing students to mingle among themselves, make new friends, party and become a part of a larger community at your-space.

Here is a glimpse of some of these community events:

Way Forward | your-space 2022

All of us, at your-space are preparing for an even more prosperous and fun new year 2022! Irrespective of the setback caused by the pandemic and consequent lockdowns, the teams at your-space have been planning for new things for the new year! 

Year 2022 is going to be exciting in your-space! We are eager to soon officially collaborate with new partners (colleges and universities) and launch new student hostels in new locations! New hostels in various cities and locations like Kolkata and Hyderabad are underway and we hope we can step forward and serve students in these cities and a lot more! 

As the year comes to an end, while the virus and the disease have become somewhat manageable, the threat of its spread still lingers. This is us, hoping for a better year ahead, as we prepare for serving students with nothing but the best! The team is preparing the perfect homes away from your home, waiting for you to come, pick one and #MakeItYours!



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