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Malad East

Mumbai |Girls and Boys

Spacious rooms with storage bed, A/C, personal wardrobe and drawers.

Our rooms are cleaned daily by our housekeeping team. Here is another view of our double room. Single and triple sharing are also available.

There is ample storage including personal full sized wardrobe, box bed, bedside drawers, bookshelves and more.

Spacious wardrobes for hassel-free storage.

All rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before new students arrive.

Plug points are provided in convenient spots all over the room. All rooms are wifi enabled.

Drawers for knick-knacks.

Full sized mirror, hanging rods for clothes, etc., are present in all rooms.

A/Cs are installed for enhanced student comfort.

Airconditioned double occupancy room.

Bathrooms come equipped with a geyser for hot water.

Bathrooms are cleaned 2 times a day to maintain proper hygiene.

We have installed high quality, durable hardware in our bathrooms.

Our bathrooms are well-ventilated, have geysers and are cleaned twice daily.

Your Space hostels take care not only of students' physical safety, but also their emotional safety.

Our common room has a smart TV, sofas and multi-use dining table.

Here we hosts viewing parties including GoT, IPL, latest movies and Netflix premiers.

Homestyle food and snacks are cooked fresh daily. Veg and non-veg options are available.

Students are free to eat in the common room or take meals to the rooms. Packed lunch is available to carry to college.

On site washing-machine allows students to do laundry at will.

An additional pantry is available to students for cooking snacks. Common induction cooker for snacks.

Common microwave available in the pantry.

Common refridgerator for students.

CCTV cameras protect our entry and exit points.

Elevators connect all floors.

Our fully equipped gym has treadmill, weights, cross trainer and much more.

At Your Space, student health is prioritized through both food and exercise.

We involve our students in several hostel decisions such as choosing the food menu based on fresh produce availability.

All gym equipment is available to students free of charge.

Table tennis in the sports lounge.

Snooker in the sports lounge.

Carrom in the sports lounge.

Character-building, internship opportunities and career counselling are all offered through the strong networks of our co-founders.

Our sports lounge is a place for students to bond and get to know each other.

Swimming pool at the hostel.

Large outdoor area for students.

Swimming pool at the hostel.

Our building from outside.

Institutions Nearby

22 Min

Whistling Woods International School

20 Min

Universal Academy

Facilities Nearby

17 Min

Vedant Hospital

5 Min


5 Min


6 Min

Convenience Store


SOS Button on Resident App

Biometric Attendance

24 X 7 Warden

Professional Security Guards

CCTV Camera

Home-Cooked Food

Laundry + Ironing

High-speed WiFi

Common Printer + Fax Machines


Student Discount on
- OYO rooms
- Paytm
- Make My Trip

Viewing Parties
- Movie Nights
- GoT

Internship Tie-Ups

Career Counselling

2x/day Bathroom Cleaning

Daily Housekeeping

On-Call Doctor and Therapist

Gym + Yoga

Nutritious Food


2100 students.

4200 parents.

Make us India's most trusted hostel.

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Triple Occupancy


Double Occupancy


Single Occupancy