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Struggling to find a place to stay in Jalandhar? If yes, then you are in the right place! The below-listed PG for Boys in Jalandhar comes with all safety and hygiene amenities. It is ideal for students from Lovely Professional University. Read More

PG IN Jalandhar
Jalandhar - LPU Hostel

Jalandhar | Boys

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FAQs on PG in Jalandhar

Are there any boys hostels or PG in Jalandhar?

There are several Hostel and PG options in the city of Jalandhar. Your- Space has a very comfortable and luxurious PG for boys in Jalandhar. This PG is equipped with facilities such as Wifi, TV, AC, books and periodicals, common recreation area, common kitchen and also a gym, making it suitable for students and working professionals.

Which is the best hostel in Jalandhar?

Your- Space has a comfortable PG suitable for boys in Jalandhar. It has world-class amenities and hygienic, sanitized rooms and temperature checked staff, who make your stay enjoyable and safe.

Can I live outside the campus of LPU?

Yes, you can live outside the campus of Lovely Professional University LPU as there are many options for accommodations near or around, within 2-3km radius. We at Your-Space have a PG near LPU campus which comes equipped with world-class amenities and hygienic, sanitized rooms, courteous staff, warden, security etc who make your stay safe and enjoyable.

Are there any hostels in Jalandhar with food facilities?

Your-Space PG in Jalandhar provides delicious and safe meals prepared in a sanitized kitchen and by temperature checked staff so that you never miss your home-cooked meals and focus more on studies rather than worrying about your next meal.

Are there any residential facilities available in Jalandhar without brokerage?

Most Hostels or PGs in Jalandhar do charge a brokerage fee. We, at Your-Space, do not charge any kind of brokerage fee. We only charge a monthly rental amount along with a one-time security deposit which is refundable at the end of your stay.

How can I book a single sharing room or Hostel in Jalandhar?

You can check several options online on Google or Social media. You can also browse our website for a PG without brokerage or call us on +91- 8383027664 to book your room. You can also request a call and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How much does a PG in Jalandhar cost?

You can expect the Hostels in Jalandhar to cost you anywhere from 7000-15000/- INR based on the type of sharing and amenities you go for.

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