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Geeta Bhawan, a one of its kind religious shrine in Indore, warmly welcomes you no matter what your religious faith or beliefs are. You will come across several PGs and hostels in this part of Indore that caters to aspiring students and working professionals from across the country. Life at Your-Space starts with a zero brokerage deal that only includes the monthly rental and security deposit and cream of cream services like housekeeping, 24×7 warden, doctor on call, WiFi etc Read More

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FAQs on PG in Geeta Bhawan, Indore

Where can I find separate hostels for boys and girls in Geet Bhawan, Indore?

You will come across several Hostels near Geeta Bhawan, Indore of which some may have separate properties altogether for male and female students/working professionals, whereas others have separate sections in the same premises with different entrances and separate common areas. We, at Your-Space, have dedicated 24×7 wardens and property managers available at our girls’ hostel near Geeta Bhawan Indore.

What amenities do you provide at your-space Girls PG in Geeta Bhawan Indore?

You usually expect quite a few things while looking for a PG. The amenities you are offered are as important as your safety. The only thing you need to get along with you here is your happy self because we have the rest of the stuff taken care of for you! Right from beautifully furnished rooms that make you feel at home to the best security solutions to a warm and friendly warden, it’s all yours for you to call this place your own!

Where can I find a PG near Allen Indore?

There are quite a few hostels and PG options you will come across in Indore that are closer to Allen. You have to surely check the Your-Space Hostel near Geeta Bhawan because it’s not only closer to Allen but also because you get to stay in a safe and secure environment that makes you feel at home! Besides that, you have access to top of the line facilities like housekeeping, laundry, chef-designed meals, WiFi and lots more.

Do hostels near South Tukoganj Indore charge brokerage fees to students or working professionals?

Usually, PGs or hostels do have brokers involved due to which you may have to pay a hefty amount as a brokerage fee for having a third party involved in the booking process. Our property relationship managers take care of all your queries until your on-boarding to ensure that the only thing you pay for at Your-Space is the monthly rent and a security deposit which is refundable at the end of your contract term.

Can I schedule a tour of your-space PG in South Tukoganj Indore before I book?

Yes, of course. In order to arrange a viewing of a property you can call us on our central no – 8383027664 and we will connect you to our property relationship manager who will arrange a property tour for you. If you are trying to view a property from another town or state, our listings include lots of high-res images and we can even arrange a virtual property tour for you!

Is there any PG near Pace Institute Indore with COVID19 safety protocols?

Our PG in Geeta Bhawan, Indore is well taken care of with regular sanitization especially in areas with high contact zones. You be rest assured of an extremely hygienic and sanitized stay at Your-Space. We have also taken care of delicious and safe meals prepared in our very own well-sanitized kitchen prepared by expert chefs and are in sync with the local government protocols.

I am a strict vegetarian, is this catered for at all PGs near Geeta Bhawan, Indore?

The majority of PGs and hostels can accommodate this if requested however no one can assure that you cannot land up living with someone who is quite the opposite with food choices. Our chef-designed meal plans are absolutely vegetarian and you could connect with your property manager to state your roommate preference too while booking.

What do PG owners do if a resident is not feeling well?

There are students that are away from home and then there are working professionals as well who come to Indore to earn a decent living. In times when things around may always not be as rosy as expected, we do understand that falling sick is a part of life and our 24×7 warden is right there to take care of you while a “Doctor on call” facility is one of the perks that you enjoy nowhere else but here!

Can I cook at your PG near Nahata CA Institute Indore?

Not all PGs or hostels allow access to their kitchen. Besides enjoying the wholesome meals designed by our in-house chef you can also use the induction hotplate or microwave to fix up a quick bite for yourself. Cooking for yourself is a great option however do remember to take some time off and share your meal with your buddies at our beautifully furnished cafeteria!

Can I go home when my college is closed for the holidays and on long weekends?

Absolutely! Some of the residents have their own arrangements to live with relatives, family friends, guardians, while some go back to their own home towns for the holidays. And then there are some who choose to stay with their new families at the hostel itself!

How much do Hostels near Geeta Bhawan, Indore cost?

Indore as such is not very expensive as compared to Tier 1 metro cities hence the rent of PGs here is not too much. You can expect to spend anywhere between 7000-15000 INR for a full-furnished room with decent amenities.



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