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Consistently awarded as the cleanest city in India, Indore is one of the preferred cities to move to for education or to earn a living. There are several PGs and hostels in Indore for aspiring students with versatile interests and talents. With a great list of educational institutions, Indore has been a go-to study destination for students coming from across India. Your-Space has strategically located hostels for both boys as well as for girls coming here to kick start their careers.

PG IN Indore
South Tukogunj
Geetabhawan - hostel

Indore | Girls

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  • Allen

    2 mins
  • Pace

    3 mins
  • Nahta CA

    10 mins
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FAQs on PG in Indore

What is the difference between a hostel and a hotel?

One of the most important differences between a hostel and a hotel is that a hostel is a lot more cost-effective than a hotel. Also, Hotels offer services day-wise and Hostels usually come with a monthly or yearly admission plan. Most importantly it's always a PG/Hostel that really makes you feel at home because you can stay there longer and at a much cost-effective price.

Is staying in a hostel in Indore safe?

Hostels are usually a safe bet depending on the management. However, we are not talking about just any hostel here. Your-Space is your go-to place to enjoy the amenities you desire while your security and well being is well taken care of!

What amenities can I expect at a PG in Indore?

There are several aspects to look at when you are looking for a PG. The facilities you get are as important as your safety. The only thing you need to get along with you at Your-Space hostel in Indore is your happy self because we have the rest covered for you! Right from fully furnished rooms to housekeeping to a warm and friendly warden, it's all yours!

Which is the best boys hostel in Indore?

That's not even a question! Is there any better boys hostel in Indore than Your-Space? Absolutely not! Even our girls-hostel in Indore is unbeatable. The fully furnished rooms, the food facilities, housekeeping, the tech-savvy gadgets are all that make the whole package merrier!

Is cooking allowed in a PG accommodation in Indore?

Mostly PGs rarely allow access to the kitchen. We understand the needs of a student and hence all our residents are free to use our induction plates, microwaves and fridges which are thoughtfully placed in common areas to prepare their own snacks like Maggi. Though you won't really need to cook because we have our very own Chef designed meal plans.

Do PGs in Indore provide laundry services?

Not all the PGs or hostels provide additional services beyond the regular stay. Some do offer these at an additional cost. You can be rest assured at Your-Space with not just washing machines in the common area but also add on perks of the laundry pickup and delivery.

How many PG accommodations for students does Your-Space have in Indore?

We have 2 PGs for girls and 2 boys PG in Indore that are conveniently located around most colleges such as INIFD, Prestige and NMIMS.

Is there a curfew time for students at the Indore hostels?

A student's life also requires a little something beyond the studies and who knows better than someone who's been through the phase? Have a project you're working on that requires you to be at the library or have a movie to catch up with friends? We got you covered! We do have a curfew time for your security however you only need to keep your warden informed about your delay. It's as simple as that!

What is the name of a good PG in Vijay Nagar Indore

You didn't even have to ask that question! There's no one who can make you feel at home but Your-Space. All the amenities and facilities of a hostel with the vibe of being at home are right here!

Do you have a hostel near Geeta Bhawan, Indore or South Tukoganj in Indore?

Absolutely! A beautifully set up girls hostel in Indore with all the amenities and facilities that make you feel the warmth of your home is right near Geeta Bhawan and South Tukoganj.

What happens if a resident is not feeling well?

We understand the feeling when the students are away from home especially in times when things around may always not be as rosy as expected. Falling sick is a part of life and our 24x7 warden is right there to take care of you while a "Doctor on call" facility is one the perks that come with our hostels.

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