9 Best Places To Live in Gurugram for Students and Bachelors

About Gurugram

Gurugram (formerly Gurgaon) sure sounds like a bright and busy city! If you are planning your big move of shifting to Gurugram for academics or work, you should be well aware of the city, as it is easy to get lost in a new place – that too a city as fast as the ‘Cyber City of Haryana’ – Gurugram. Gurugram, as a city, started flourishing in the early 1970s when the automobile industry ventured into the area – starting with Maruti Suzuki. Since then it has had decades of time to develop and grow. Today, it is one one the most modern cosmopolitan cities in the country. Today, the city houses countless corporate tycoons, is a destination for lavish office buildings, huge malls, magnificent infrastructure, and much more! Especially in the last decade, the city has pulled up speed and come up as a major corporate hub and one of the poshest areas of Delhi NCR.

Life in Gurugram

Naturally, life in Gurugram has become fast-paced and busy. The city is known for luxurious residential societies, huge offices, spectacular market-places and breathtaking infrastructure – all across the city. If visiting the city for the first time, we assure you, anyone would be absolutely awe-struck by the high-rise glass buildings and bright city lights of Gurugram. Gurugram is the perfect example of the ‘city life’ most described in movies. You will notice everything amazing right from the most expensive cars to splendid malls, to beautiful schools, academies, and universities in Gurugram. While it sounds blingy and most definitely expensive, Gurugram has something for everyone, and accommodates people right from a student on a budget to a family eyeing a penthouse! So, whether you are chasing an admission to one of the universities here, a corporate job, or a lavish family life, Gurugram is here for you! However, you do need to do your research before you can make this move. Don’t you worry, we have got you covered on this! Cut the guides, skip the hustle of home-hunting, just by reading through this blog! We bring to you a comprehensive complete list of the 9 Best Places to Live in Gurugram! So, read up!

Best Places to Live in Gurugram

Before we dig further in, here is the list in brief:

  1. DLF City (Phases 1 to 5)
  2. Palam Vihar
  3. MG Road
  4. Sushant Lok (1 and 2)
  5. Sohna Road
  6. Golf Course Extension
  7. Sector 82
  8. Golf Course Road (Sector 54-55)
  9. Sector 57

1.DLF City (Phases 1 to 5)

Image Source: MatchOffice

DLF Phases – ranging from 1 to 5 – is a hub of all things awesome! Whether you are a student or a professional, or a person moving in with family – this area of Gurugram city has it all for you! Moving to this city will have everything all sorted – all in your close reach too! From schools, offices, restaurants, cafes, marketplaces, and malls to convenient public transport (Rapid Metro) – this city will keep you at par with the city’s speed of life! Home to several multinational companies, this part of the city is luxurious and lively – where life never stops. Besides, with a flawless roads network and its close proximity to the highway, this city keeps you connected with everything you may need!

Key Highlights:

  • Safe Area
  • Close to Metro Station (Sikanderpur)
  • Multiple schools in vicinity
  • Multiple offices in vicinityMarketplaces and malls close by

2.Palam Vihar

Image Source: CommonFloor

Palam Vihar, another beautiful region of the Gurugram city is most sought for comfortable and affordable options for long term residence. This part of the city is slightly more affordable which makes it even more popular with people. However, Palam Vihar is not without premium benefits! You will find the luxury of splendid infrastructure, residential societies, restaurants, malls and so on here too! Easy to locate, and well connected with the rest of city, Palam Vihar is another easy pick when looking for some of the Best Places to Live in Gurugram!

Key Highlights:

  • Beautiful residential societies
  • Affordable living
  • Premium schools in vicinity (Example: Delhi Public School, Palam Vihar)
  • Great road connectivity

All basic facilities (markets, malls, hospitals) in close reach

3.MG Road

Image Source: Hindustan Time

Another top location in Gurugram, also listed among our Best Places to Live in Gurugram, known for its beautiful residential colonies, is Mahatma Gandhi Road (or, MG Road). One can easily find several lavish, safe, and gated societies to choose from to find the perfect home. Key attractions of this area are the amazing roads, sky-high buildings, and marketplaces that home some great restaurants.

Key Highlights:

  • Great residential societies
  • Numerous restaurants and cafes
  • Several schools in the area
  • Some higher studies academies and colleges in the area
  • Hospitals in close proximity (Example: Kalyani Hospital)

4.Sushant Lok (1 and 2)

Image Source: 99acres

One of the poshest areas of Gurugram today, next listed on our Best Areas to Live in Gurugram is Sushant Lok (1 and 2). People who love a lavish lifestyle, and find solace in splurging, find themselves attracted to this area of the city. Countless villas, penthouses and luxurious houses spread all across this region make it amazing for families looking for a high-class lifestyle. Although these characteristics make this place a tad bit expensive, it still isn’t all-bad for students moving in on a budget! You can find some of the most amazing and affordable PGs in Sushant Lok too! Since this area is home to several great schools and colleges, you can find many options for easy accommodation as well.

Key Highlights:

  • Safe for bachelors and families
  • Premium Schools in the vicinity (Example: Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok; Shalom Hill International School)
  • Premium Colleges/Universities in the vicinity (Example: Sushant University)
  • Close to Metro Stations (Nearest: MG Road Metro Station)
  • Hospitals and Marketplaces in close reach

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5.Sohna Road

Image Source: Leasing.net

Sohna Road (or Sector 49, Gurugram) is another one on the list. Known for its well-connectedness and some really interesting places to visit, this place is also home to many IT companies. You can find great residential options in the area, as well as, fulfil your need for some fun off-city life, with spots like Damdama Lake, Adventure Camp Sohna, Sohna Hill Fort etc!

Key Highlights:

  • Several IT companies headquarters
  • Great schools in the vicinity
  • Nice malls in the vicinity
  • Beautiful parks around
  • Convenient public transport connectivity

6.Golf Course Extension

Image Source: KDC

Home to some of the most high-end real estate projects like DLF, Ansal, Tata, this place is one of the most upcoming regions in the city. Directly connected to the Delhi-Jaipur and Delhi-Faridabad highways, this area has incredible road connectivity. Another great perk of living in this area is that it is just half an hour drive away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport – making your travel even easier! Other than some great marketplaces and malls, you can also find some decent restaurants and cafes around here.

Key Highlights:

  • High-end residential societies
  • Easy access to facilities and amenities (household and retail)
  • The commercial hub of offices and companies

7.Sector 82

Image Source: CommonFloor

This place can be home to people from all walks of life. Sector 82 Gurugram offers housing options from prices low to high. Based on the different price ranges, there are numerous great residential colonies. Like most other parts of Gurugram city, this area too has big offices and malls all available in close vicinity.

Key Highlights:

  • Safe for bachelors and families
  • Affordable living
  • Easy access to everyday needs
  • Decent schools in the area
  • Markets, banks, malls, hospitals and other utilities available in the area

8.Golf Course Road (Sector 54-55)

Image Source: The Office Pass

Located close to Sector 54-55 Rapid Metro Station, the Golf Course Road area is another posh stretch of luxury projects and life in Gurugram. Much like other locations, this area is home to some very high-end residential projects. However, because of being located near the Aravali range, this area is also sought by people for its scenic landscapes. With some great colleges and universities like IILM University, Sushant University, NMIMS University etc in the area, the Golf Course Road region is not only perfect for families, but also a great location for students. You will find several PGs near sector 54/55 which are ideal for students and bachelors.

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Key Highlights:

  • High-end residential societies
  • Great eating spots and restaurants
  • Multiple schools and universities in the area
  • Great night-life

9.Sector 57

Image Source: CommonFloor

Sector 57 Gurugram is one of those mid-range and mid-luxury areas of the city. If you are looking for comfortable, safe, affordable, and homely accommodation in Gurugram, you might like this location! For an amount ranging from 6000 to a mid-range of 17-20 thousand, you can find a decent home to rent in the area. Much like the rest of the city, this area is well connected with roads and has convenient access to public transport as well.

Key Highlights:

  • Safe for bachelors and families
  • Affordable and comfortable living
  • Well-connected to the rest of the city
  • Schools and offices in the area
  • Easy access to daily needs

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