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your-space Greater Noida

Hostel PG in Greater Noida

At your-space PG in Greater Noida for Boys you will encounter no hidden costs or brokerage ever, just a pleasant experience through and through, it is the best hostel PG in Greater Noida.

Moving out involves dozens of hidden costs, you never know when an unplanned cost will jump out to scare you. Usually, PGs in Greater Noida aren't furnished or maintained in a timely manner, causing you to spend money. Even when you hire help for cleaning, cooking or laundry, if they aren't reliable you might have to make expensive last-minute decisions. What if someone arranged it all for you? Saving you time and money. At your-space we provide everything a student needs for a comfortable, convenient and happy stay.

Book a site visit to learn more. Property specific prices like onboarding charges, annual maintenance etc will be over and above the price quoted here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

your-space offers a number of accommodations options such as PG for girls, for students, hostel for boys, fully furnished and equipped with single, double, and triple beds.

Just give us a call at +91 8383027664 or fill in your details in this form. We will get back to you shortly right after.

We offer wonderful amenities at your-space that keep you both safe and entertained. You can find amenities such as a property manager and warden, 24*7 wifi, a common recreation area, hot meals, housekeeping, a security guard, and a lot more!

Absolutely! With amenities related to security including CCTV surveillance and security guards, your-space is one of the safest accommodations you’ll find in India.

your-space offers so much more than other rentals, such as all-time security, delicious food, guest permit, recreational spaces, co-living, safe for girls, available at a lot of places, and a multitude of amenities to suit every personality!

The usual lock-in period is 10-11 months. The period varies for individual properties. In some cases, we offer short term stays.

Easy. Just call on +91 83830 27664 or fill this form with your details and we will get back to you.

You can leave that to us. We have a dedicated housekeeping and maintenance staff in all of our hostels who ensure a spick and span space at all times. We ensure there is daily housekeeping so that you don’t worry about hygiene.

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Tell us your contact number and we’ll reach out to you soon.




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