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We are sure you will enjoy your stay at your-space, filled with love, laughter and lots of fun. Apart from top-notch amenities, we also provide a range of offers and services such as career counselling sessions, doctor on call, movie nights etc just for you so that you have the best time while you stay with us! Read Less

What is it like to live in sector 21 in Chandigarh?

Sector 21 and 22 are amongst the best sectors of this city. Here are some of the benefits of living in these sectors.

  • Walking distance to Sec 17, the heart of Chandigarh.
  • The Eating House, by Aroma, that runs for 24 hours is in Sector 21.
  • Sector 21 has one of the biggest chicken and motor markets of the city.

Every place in the city is about 15 minutes away from these sectors. Shastri Market, one of the biggest and famous street markets is in Sector 21, Chandigarh. There are many options for street food available here. The bus stand is at a walking distance and the mobile market in Sector 21 is one of the positives as well. All these benefits make Sector 21, the most livable and in-demand location in Chandigarh.

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9 mins.


13 mins.

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Near City Mall

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338, Ward Number IV, Sector 21A, Sector 21, Chandigarh, 160022

FAQs on PG in sector 21 Chandigarh

Which is the best PG near ALLEN, Chandigarh?

You will find many PG options near ALLEN, Chandigarh. Your-Space has a very comfortable and luxurious PG in sector 21, Chandigarh for boys in Chandigarh for ALLEN Institute students. With best-in-class amenities, sanitized rooms and caring staff, our Hostel will make you feel at home!

Which is the best PG in Chandigarh Sector 21 with meals facility?

Your-Space’s PG in sector 21, Chandigarh provides delicious and safe meals prepared in a sanitized kitchen, by temperature checked staff. Our menus are designed by expert chefs keeping your nutritional needs in check. At the your-space PG, you have an option to go for various meal plans and meal options which help you stay stress-free.

How is the your-space PG near Sri Chaitanya Institute, Chandigarh?

Your- Space has a safe and comfortable Boys PG in Sector 21, Chandigarh which is Ideal for Chaitanya Institute students. It is equipped with amenities such as WiFi, TV, laundry, AC, common kitchen,hygienic-sanitized rooms and caring staff which make this one of the best and most desirable PG in the area.

What is the cost of living for a single room PG in Sector 21 Chandigarh?

PG in Sector 21, Chandigarh comes with a different pricing range based on services and amenities. Our prices start from 10,000/- INR per month. We provide different sharing options like single as well as double sharing rooms. Your-Space Hostel in Chandigarh is equipped with multiple amenities and facilities to suit your needs as a student.

How does your-space hostel ensure safety and hygiene in its Sector 21 Chandigarh PG owing to the current pandemic situation?

All food is cooked by your-space employed individuals to ensure safety standards are adhered to. We are the only student housing company that does this as we do not outsource our food preparations. All support staff is provided with protective gear such as masks and gloves and are screened every day for temperature. Also, the Aarogya Setu app is downloaded in their phones to ensure that they are not in contact with high-risk individuals. The rooms are sanitized every day and are equipped with sanitizers at all times to ensure maximum safety.

How Safe is the Paying Guests (PGs) in terms of security in Sector 21, Chandigarh area?

Most local PGs in Sector 21, Chandigarh may not be as safe as you would want. But with a multi-tier technology security system, which includes biometric, contact-less entry, CCTV cameras, and a station with a 24X7 security guard, Your-Space PG in Sector 21, Chandigarh is as safe and comfortable as your home.

Can I schedule a tour of the Your-Space Boys PG in Sector 21, Chandigarh before I book?

Yes, indeed! In order to arrange a viewing of a property you can call us on our central no – 8383027664 and we will connect you to our property relationship manager who will arrange a property tour for you. Our Boys hostel in Sector 21 is definitely a treat for the eyes and if you are trying to view a property from another town or state, our listings include lots of high-res images and we can even arrange a virtual property tour for you!

What amenities can I expect at Hostels in Sector 21, Chandigarh?

There’s a lot going on in a person’s mind while looking for a PG or Hostel. The area, space, the amenities are all important. The facilities you are offered are as imperative as your safety. The only thing you need to get along with you at the your-space PG is your happy self because we have the rest of the stuff taken care of for you! Right from beautifully furnished rooms that make you feel at home to the best security solutions to a warm and friendly warden, it’s all yours for you to call this place your own!



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