Why Staying Near NMIMS Mumbai Makes a Lot of Sense

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Moving to Mumbai, the city of dreams, is no easy feat. Be it a student, young professional, or a family, the shift to Mumbai comes with several hurdles and considerations. However, each of these situations has different priorities and criteria for narrowing down a location to reside in. Many variable factors impact your choice and decision.

As a city with world-class educational institutes and the expanding footprint of leading multinational companies that are eager to bring on board the pass outs of these institutes, Mumbai is fast becoming a major attraction for young adults. If you are one among this lot and planning to study at the prestigious Narsee Monjee Institute of Management and Science (NMIMS), you must be on the lookout for the perfect location for you to reside.

pg near nmims mumbai
It goes without saying that the ideal option is to look for a place close to the college. Apart from the ease of commuting, there are many advantages to looking for a PG near NMIMS Mumbai. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why living close to college would make absolute sense for you.

Proximity to college: There is no doubt that residing close to college has many benefits. It saves you time as well as money in commuting which in a place like Mumbai can be quite cumbersome. Regardless of weather conditions, the traffic in Mumbai can turn ugly within minutes. So to avoid the inconvenience and live a hassle-free life, it is best to choose a PG close to the college. College involves a variety of activities and events that would require you to stay back late or leave at odd hours. Imagine the mammoth task of heading across town after a tiring practice session?!

Connectivity: The college is located in Vile Parle, which is easily one of the most well-connected areas in Mumbai. Be it the airport or the connected highways, the location is apt for all your plans. With access to different modes of transportation, including railway, road, and airport, heading to any location of the city is achievable from Vile Parle without any difficulty. Being a college student, you are often out and about, exploring various parts of the city. To make sure you are able to enjoy your college and are not restricted due to conveyance or connectivity, taking a PG or hostel in vile parle is a wise decision.

Affordability: A prime variable in deciding your PG, the rent in this particular region is quite affordable. Given the area and the facilities surrounding Vile Parle, you get some really great options in terms of PG. Your-Space is one facility that helps you with wonderful, safe, and comfortable PGs near NMIMS. A premium and calm locality, residing in the Your-space PG will allow you to enjoy your college experience without the additional stress of managing your food, medical, fitness, etc. They offer all of these and much more at extremely affordable rates and a guarantee of safety and quality services.

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