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11 Reasons Why Hostel Life Is Better Than Real Life

December 15, 2021 | 3:48 PM By Manaswani Saxena

Hostel Life

Leaving home and living away from your family and loved ones can be challenging. When you are chasing dreams, at a tender young age, it becomes difficult to leave the comfort of one’s home – but dreams don’t wait! Yes, leaving home is not a piece of cake, but hostel life can bring you the experiences and memories that you will not miss home because you will be at home – one away from your own. Once you move past the initial hesitation, living in a hostel can be full of fun, learning and experiences. Your years in a hostel will train you in life skills that you would not get a chance to learn otherwise! You learn how to be on your own – become more independent, responsible for your own self. You learn how to share a space with total strangers and find best friends in them. You learn how to navigate your way through life – food, water, assignments and what not! You become a part of a community and would never want to grow out of it! Hostel life changes you – takes you from going through the discomfort of leaving home – to becoming your new comfort zone! If you pick the right hostel, you can get all this and a lot more! Your-space is one place you can blindly step in – expecting better than the best!

Hostel Life with your-space

your-space– an award winning student housing brand is creating safe and lively spaces for students across 10+ cities in the country. The brand designs student-oriented strategic luxurious spaces that tend to every student’s needs and provides a nurturing student living environment. With an aim to offer the maximum comfort, health, safety, and community to the residents, your-space brings together a set of high-quality services and premium amenities. Fully furnished spacious rooms along with services like housekeeping, sanitization, laundry, on-call doctor, food and premium amenities like recreational room, reading rooms, parking lot, Wi-Fi, power backup, in-house gym, kitchen, vending machines, shuttle, books & periodicals, among other – together create a perfect home away from home where residents can lead a quality and well-balanced student life.

In a hostel like this, and especially here at your-space your hostel life can truly be better than real life! Here are a few reasons why:

11 Reasons Why Hostel Life Is Better Than Real Life


Unlike most homes, there is no surveillance at your every move at a hostel! While a certain level of discipline is always great for a balanced life, at a hostel, there is no limit to the fun! You can sleep, eat, repeat all you want – as you like it! From sleeping late to sleeping in late, watching movies, eating your favorite snack and a lot more – hostel life makes you independent – gives you the freedom to make your own decisions!

2)Hassle-Free Life:

Image Source: Base Backpackers

At a hostel, while you go through a lot of new things – learn how to be on your own – a lot of basic stuff is already taken care of! You will not have to worry about cleaning your room, or fetching food, or laundry! At a nice hostel, you can have all these things taken care of by the staff and live a hassle-free and carefree life!


Image Source: EFF

In a room to yourself, you get the privacy you need to work on yourself, read, study, play, watch movies – or whatever you really want – on your own clock! You choose your schedule, your activities, your friends, your roommates – the way you want your life to be!

4)Sharing is Caring:

Image Source: Smarticular

Living in a PG is like living with an extended family – some of which you can even choose! When you step out of your comfort zone – leaving your home – you also step into a new zone where you learn to make friends! Whether you like it or not – you learn to share too! While sharing a room with roomies is one, it is not the only thing you share! Sharing food, clothes, gossip, fun and more is an experience in its own!

5)Less Traveling:

Image Source: Thinkly

When you live in a hostel – you don’t only have the obvious advantage of those extra minutes in the morning over the day scholars – you also save money! Staying in a hostel – close to your college  allows you to sleep a little extra and exhaust much less on traveling to and from college!

6)Group Study:

Image Source: The Asian School

Living with your peers has a lot of advantages. While partying, gossiping, and chilling may be on top of our all our lists, group studying is something you will realize the importance of – in time! Unlike sitting at home alone – struggling through pages of those reading, at a hostel you have your own pack of group study buddies – ready to help you through those dreadful exam days!

7)Crazy Celebrations:

Image Source: Flora Queen

Obviously birthdays are the most fun, but the thing about living in a PG is that you get to celebrate the tiniest stupidest things of life! Whether you pass an exam you didn’t expect to, finish a semester, go on your first real date or something as little as finally reaching that early morning class on time! You don’t need a reason to celebrate in hostel life! Here, you don’t have to go to the party – it is the party! With the right friends, everyday can be as fun as a festival!

8)Harmless Pranks:

Image Source: Reader’s Digest

Part of the fun and celebration at a hostel are harmless pranks! Whether it is hiding behind a door to peekaboo or hiding someone’s phone! You get to play harmless pranks on your friends – day in day out! You can get crazy with your imagination – just let us warn you – if it turns into a prank war – there will be no end to it! But who wants it to end, right?

9)Gaming Master:

Image Source: Oprah Daily

Game nights are an unsaid tradition at any hostel! Whether they are practical games like running around in the lobby or indoor games like ludo, monopoly or scrabble – you don’t only get to play, you get to practise! That’s right! Whether you realize it or not – playing away those endless game nights – you become a master of your games! Or, if not, you will definitely have fun!

10)Jack of So Many Trades:

Image Source: Michigan Virtual

Living with peers from different academic backgrounds and courses, allows you the exchange of knowledge and ideas you will otherwise miss. This exchange of information keeps happening in the background and trains you in skills you didn’t know you needed! When your roomies come back home and tell you what they learnt in their class today – you become a passive learner! This has to be the best way of learning – learning while you have fun! So, you become a master of so many trades while you don’t even notice that you’re learning!

11)Friends that Become Family:

Image Source: Amendo

Finally, this has to be the best reason why hostel life is better than real life – you find friends that become family. We all have friends – of course – we come from a neighborhood, we go to a school, a college and whatnot. But to have friends who live with you – they become a part of your personality – a part of who you are – a part of a permanent family. These friends see you go through the good, the bad and the ugly – help you get through it – cheer you while you’re at it! This becomes the best thing you take home – when you’re done!

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