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Why Co-Living Is Great For Professionals in Bangalore?

September 22, 2022 | 6:05 PM By your-space
co living in bangalore


India’s IT Hub is a top choice for professionals looking forward to building their careers. Home to plenty of MNCs, progressive startups and other corporate organisations, Bangalore has made its mark as India’s Silicon Valley. The city has embraced modernity in all aspects of life while maintaining its rich heritage and culture. A variety of jobs in Bangalore along with several prestigious universities and colleges see it welcoming students and working professionals from all across the country. Due to this influx, there are plenty of accommodation options available in Bangalore, however, not all of them cater to the needs of a working person and some might be even disorganized. 

As work from home in Bangalore is steadily coming to an end, the requirement for well-equipped accommodation is increasing. One such option that is becoming the preferred option for professionals in not just Bangalore but across India, is the concept of co-living. This trend is gaining popularity amongst youngsters due to a number of reasons which we will discuss in the following blog. 

Strategic Locations:

Co-living spaces including your-space PGs are located in proximity to famous business and tech parks so that your commute time is cut down, especially in a city like Bangalore where traffic is as busy as it gets. This helps you focus more on your work and increases your productivity on a daily basis.


As a rising number of students and professionals shift to Bangalore, the rent price is rising. This has working professionals looking for affordable accommodation options such as your-space co-living PGs/hostels. Not only is the overall rent budget-friendly, but it also has superior amenities as compared to unorganized PGs, hostels and rental apartments. 

Interaction with professional organizations:

When you pick us as your accommodation partner, we make sure that there are no hidden charges and brokerage fees involved in the process. Your-space is also accessible via various modes of communication. This is not the same case with unorganized PGs or rental spaces which charge hefty amounts of money without giving proper details. This is one of the top reasons why people who are moving into the city for work prefer co-living instead of other housing options. 


Co-living accommodation including ours helps you to skip through long-term leases, lock-in periods and other fees that are usually found in rental apartments. Your-space offers you flexible plans including short-term leases if you wish to change jobs and hence your accommodation location.

Enhanced Facilities:

Professionals are embracing the co-living trend in Bangalore due to the amenities it provides them with. Your-space is designed keeping in mind that these facilities will help professionals and students save time. Amenities such as home-style meals, gym, housekeeping, laundry and more are a part of the monthly rent that the tenant pays. Besides these amenities, the space is well-equipped with furniture that is required to set up a good space for working from home. These features of our co-living space allow working professionals to save up on time that they can spend connecting with other people or just enjoying their leisure time.

Socialising and Networking Opportunities:

Co-living PGs have a very specific demographic that broadens the horizon for networking and socialising. Your-space also has common recreation spaces, TV lounges and community events that allow like-minded people to interact and spend time together. This way one can find people with the same profession or interests which is great both career-wise and to make the most of your stay by enjoying free time. 

If you search for PG near the office in Bangalore, a number of search results show up, however, not all of them are tailored to suit your preferences and needs. Our PGs offer top-notch amenities at affordable prices so that you can enjoy a comfortable stay and routine as a professional in a busy city like Bangalore. For more information about our PGs, give us a call or drop us a text on WhatsApp and we will help you figure out the best accommodation option for you.

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