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What Makes “Namma Bengaluru’ Simply Amazing

December 28, 2021 | 11:57 AM By your-space


For those of you who aren’t familiar with ‘Namma Bengaluru’, it means ‘our Bangalore’ in Kannada. This phrase is not a mere string of words but an actual emotion felt by the city of this people. Bengaluru is home to many non-native residents; the IT hub known for its brilliant weather (and of course a little bit of traffic) is actually one of the most happening and lively cities in the country.

Your first few days may appear clueless here because getting to know a new city is a process in itself. This is why you should begin your journey by renting a men’s or ladies’ PG in Koramangala by your-space. The place will at least lend you a sense of familiarity while you get acclimatized to the rest of the city. Your-space Bangalore PG rents are very affordable and they offer a ‘home away from home’ vibe to help you start your life in a new place.

When one first moves to Bengaluru, they could feel lost and the traffic and long distances would only add to the woes. But soon enough, you would begin to love this city: Cubbon park, the first meal at MTR, the fresh breweries after office, the amazing weather, and the whiff of filter coffee amongst so many other likable things that Bengaluru has to offer.

Here are a few things that make ‘Namma Bengaluru’ simply amazing:

1)This city keeps you close to nature

The lungs of Bangalore, Cubbon Park (officially named Sri Chamarajendra Park) dim lights Central Park in New York. Spread across 100 acres, this green patch boasts exotic species of trees and plants. The flower show at Lalbagh showcases the country’s largest assortment of tropical plants. Another big tourist attraction spread over 25,000 acres is Bannerghatta National Park. No matter what part of Bengaluru you reside in, you will find yourself in the lap of nature.

2)The unbelievable bus service 

Any city that can sort out its public transport system is worthy of praise. The buses get huge footfalls daily and are the best way to travel in the city. Around 43 lakh passengers are believed to travel by BMTC buses daily and the Volvo is perfect for the hot summer days. For the airport shuffles, you have the Vayu Vajra which is always on schedule, ensuring you are on time for your flight.

3)The best Dosa ever

No words can describe the dosas that you eat at MTR, Vidyarthi Bhavan, or CTR. These places are a must-visit and it is truly an enjoyable experience to eat there.

4)Filter kaapi (need we say more?)

A lot of things happen over a cup of coffee – friends chilling, interviews, heartbreaks, and first dates and guess who was home to this trend – Bengaluru. Coffee Days was incepted in Bangalore which is why you will see a CCD at almost every nook and corner in this city. But what really drives us crazy is the aromatic filter kaapi. Haati Kaapi and other roadside joints give you affordable filter coffee, the taste of which cannot be matched by some of the best coffee houses in India. By2 is a popular phrase heard at these cafes!

5)IT and Start-Up Hub

Traditionally, Bengaluru has housed various IT giants and continues to do the same. While Infosys, TCS, Wipro, and the likes were launched in Bangalore, today some of the most exciting start-ups have been born here. Bengaluru can proudly boast of some of the greatest start-ups such as InMobi, Myntra, Flipkart, Smiles.ai, and more. Every corner in Bengaluru will have young and passionate people discussing new ideas, probably the reason you see so many cafés around you. Bengaluru brings ideas to life (and let’s not forget some of the biggest VCs and PE funds are also based out of here)

6)Pub-Hub of Asia

While people work hard all day, they also know how to unwind once the day is over. A beer or two at the fresh brewery or local pub is common Bengaluru culture, post work. Apparently, Bangalore has the maximum number of pubs in Asia. Be it a weekday or a weekend, the Bengaluru people sure know how to chill out and have a good time.

7)Legendary hole-in-the-wall eating joints 

You get some of the most delicious food at small quaint joints – though unassuming to look at these places serve some of the best idlis, delectable kesari bhaat, and heavenly upma. Check out Veena Stores, Brahmin’s Cafe, Janatha hotel, and the likes. After a heavy night of partying, you can get yourself some heavenly brunch at Hole in the Wall Cafe, Koramangala – waffles, shakes, bread, eggs, breakfast meat, and all that you need to start your day with.

8)The inclusivity of this city 

To realise how inclusive the city is, all you need to do is take a walk down Brigade Road. You will see young students, foreigners, natives, young professionals from other parts of India – Bengaluru is home to all and truly cosmopolitan. Since this city has people flocking from all over, you will find some of the best men and ladies PG in Koramangala, Banerghatta, Richmond Town, and more by your-space. These fully furnished housing spaces have very affordable Bangalore PG rents and offer the best amenities, making your shift to a new city an easy one.

9)The safety of this city 

Compared to other cities in India, Bengaluru is probably one of the safer ones. You will see groups of girls hanging out at night freely, going for dinners and to pubs without the constant fear that they probably have in other cities. While this should be the way of life, no matter the city, unfortunately, the lack of safety in other cities prevents it. You will also see a lot of women bus conductors, taxi drivers, and women with unconventional careers because this is the beauty of Bengaluru; it takes women’s safety and empowerment seriously.

10)Last but not least – the weather

One can go on and on about the gorgeous weather in this city. While the rest of India is busy figuring how to escape a heatwave, people in Bengaluru enjoy cool weather and light drizzles which is a constant throughout the year. Namma Bengaluru weather can definitely make the rest of the country envious.

If you haven’t already stepped out of your PGs, hostels, and homes, now is the time to get out and explore this beautiful city, we call Namma Bengaluru.

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