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Cool Ways to Beat the Delhi Heat This Summer

May 12, 2022 | 11:42 AM By Your-Space


Temperatures are soaring. If you live in Delhi, brace yourself for the blazing hot sun and the sweltering heat. The rising mercury is the perfect indicator for us to stay hydrated and beat the summer heat with some uber-cool activities. If you have moved to Delhi to stay in one of the PGs near the Qutub Institutional Area or any other residential area in the city, you may want to indulge in these cool ways to beat the heat.

Splash around in a pool –

11 best public pools NYC has for swimming this summer

Credit:- Time Out

This is the perfect season to bring out the swimming gear and splash around in one of the private or public pools in Delhi. Most of the high rises and apartment complexes in the city have wonderful swimming pools with cool blue waters. Spend a Sunday sipping a cooling mocktail by the poolside in any of the luxury hotels in the city. Swimming it off is one of the best ways to beat the heat.

Skate away the heat –

Escape the midday blaze and spend time with friends in one of the many indoor ice-skating rinks of Delhi. The ISKATE by Roseate at the Ambience Mall in Gurgaon or the Snow World at Mall of India are among the most popular places to head to this time of the year. Skate around to your heart’s content and fend off the summer heat at the same time. These are near some of the top boys’ PGs in Delhi listed on our site.

Indulge in ‘Dilli’ special treats –

The quintessential chuski and banta (goli soda) is every Dilliwala’s favourite. Indulging in these icy treats is the best way to ward off the onslaught of the summer blaze. If you live in a PG in Rohini or somewhere near Chandni Chowk, you can ask around for the most popular chuski shop or kulfi vendor in the locality. SSK Fruit Flavoured Chuski, GK Prince Paan, Shikara Lovely Chuski, Pt. Ved Parkash Lemon Wale are only among a few of the many different chuski and banta shops that pepper the city.

Explore the Mango Festival –

Delhi International Mango Festival 2022- Date, Location - Tusk Travel

Credit:- TuskTravel

The International Mango Festival held each year in Delhi is one of the top attractions of the city in the summers. Explore the festival and indulge in some of the best recipes created by the best chefs in the city. This two-day festival showcases a variety of delicious mangoes from across the country. Chill out with some amazing mango drinks and cold mango desserts this summer. 

Take a night walk –

If you have recently moved to a PG in DTU or near one of the city colleges and are raring to explore Delhi, taking an after-dark walk or a night tour is the best way to escape the heat and still enjoy the sights and sounds of this glamourous city. 

Delhi is one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the country. If you have moved to the city for education or for work, you can look up our extensive range of accommodation options and read up our blogs for more exciting activities.

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