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8 Travel Tips to Have the Best Time While in Bangalore

March 1, 2022 | 11:49 AM By YourSpace


Bangalore is one of the most progressive cities in India. It is also one of those cities, where all year round is a good time to travel to. No matter when you land up in Bangalore, its climate will always be welcoming. Though popular for its microbreweries, start-up culture and IT hubs, this city also has a lot of nature and culture to boast of. You will see skyscrapers, fancy malls, swanky offices, and then there this Cubbon park, the Bangalore Palace, and the National Gallery of Modern Art.

Bangalore has something to offer for everyone. No matter how old you are, you are bound to enjoy your time in this city. From the city life to the cultural exudation and Dravidian architectural marvel, everything is bound to catch your fancy. 

If you are a first-timer at Bangalore either to work or study, first and foremost you must get yourself a nice place to stay. your-space offers some of the best accommodation the city has– be it our PGs near Bannerghatta road or our Koramangala hostels, we at your-space offer premier rooms and amenities in our Bangalore luxury PGs. While you get consumed by city life, we ensure that your accommodation needs are fulfilled with utmost comfort, affordability, safety, and impeccable hygiene.

Whether you have just moved to Bangalore to work or study or are visiting as a tourist, there are a few travel tips that will ensure you have the best time here. 


This tip is for the foreign tourists visiting this city, carrying Indian Rupees (INR) is a must to transact in the city. But even if you didn’t convert before getting here, don’t panic. Bangalore has one of the highest foreign exchange service providers in the country. This is in addition to the national and multinational banks that have their own foreign exchange counters. Almost every establishment and merchant accepts e-payments and credit cards. 

2)The Climate 

Bangalore is a perennial tourist place that enjoys a tropical savanna climate. It is at an elevation of 3000 feet above sea level and has cool weather throughout the year. You are bound to experience good weather even in the summer months. While the average temperature in the summer months is around 30 degrees Celsius, in winter the temperature may drop even below 20 degrees Celsius. It receives rainfall from June to November, essentially leaving it with only two summer months. The climate here is one of the best that you will find in India. 

3)Clothing for Bangalore 

Since the nights can get a little chilly, it is always advised to keep a windcheater or light sweatshirt to throw on if needed. Apart from keeping the weather in mind, Bangalore city does not really have a dress code, everybody is quite chilled out and you will find people roaming the streets in tees, jeans, and floaters. The beer bars allow this casual dressing though if you plan to go to a posh nightclub, check if they have a dress code. If you are travelling from November to February which is the winter months, carry some woollens and shawls, as a light jacket won’t make the cut. For the rest of the year, anything will do – remember you won’t sweat a lot here because the weather is a blessing. You can always shop here as well; Bangalore offers some affordable fabrics and trendy clothing.


We advise that you carry a small bag for exploring the city and if you plan to travel in and around the city. If you check in to a hotel and leave your bags there, it is fine. However, since it is preferred to cover the city using the public mode of transportation, small luggage becomes more convenient. Everyone is well versed with the Bangalore traffic situation, so you will often find yourself walking or taking the bus. Pack your daily bags accordingly. As for your travel bag, try and keep that light too because you can find all the essentials you need in the city. Don’t panic if you forget your shaving kit or shampoo. Bangalore will offer more than enough within walking distance of wherever you are. 

5)Bangalore Cuisine

Image Credit:- Wikimedia

Before visiting any city, it is best to know what kind of food you will expect here. While one cannot guarantee amazing butter chicken and dal makhani at every restaurant, you will get some lip-smacking local delicacies here apart from the amazing global cuisine. You have all your restaurant chains, microbreweries, and bakeries that offer anything you want, needn’t be specific to the city you are in. Our suggestion to you is that your first meal should be at MTR – this cannot be given a miss if you are in this city. Bangalore has options for vegans, vegetarians, lactose intolerant, and so on. You will get every possible type of food in Bangalore, so food should not be a concern. While you are here, try and focus on the local food of Bangalore and drink lots of filter coffee – the kind you get here, you won’t find elsewhere.


Finding accommodation in Bangalore is not a concern. For tourists, there is something in every range – you will find luxury hotels, luxurious resorts, Airbnb, and lodges; whatever suits your pocket. For students and first-time office goers, you can always check out our PGs near Bannerghatta road, Koramangala, and Richmond town based on where your office or educational institute is. There is no dearth of Bangalore luxury PGs and affordable stays as well. 

7)Tipping Culture 

The tipping culture is prevalent in the city and the outskirts as well, owing to it being a popular tourist destination. While tipping is not compulsory, it is advised to tip at local restaurants, big hotels, and even to the local guide, you hire to see the attractions. Most restaurants and bars charge a discretionary service charge, which if not charged you must tip – around 10% of the bill. 

8)Commuting in the City

And last but not least, the traffic situation that bothers everyone – it is advisable to use public transport like buses rather than hiring a car or getting a cab – this may take forever to get you to your destination, especially during peak office hours. The public transportation available covers almost all the tourist attractions within Bangalore and even on its outskirts too. Use the metro to avoid busy traffic and also for a cost-effective mode of travel within the city. A/C and non- A/C bus services ply from 05:00 AM to 11:00 PM. 

Follow these tips to have a great stay in Bangalore and enjoy yourself. 

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