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Top 10 Book Stores in Mumbai (2023)
Discover the literary haven of Mumbai through our comprehensive guide to the city's top bookstores. From historical gems in Fort to bustling cultural hubs in Bandra, we'll take you on a journey through the finest destinations for book lovers. Uncover hidden treasures at Strand Book Stall, immerse yourself in regional literature at Kitab Khana, and experience the vibrant literary community at Title Waves. Whether you're seeking rare editions, cosy reading nooks, or engaging author interactions, Mumbai has it all. Join us as we explore the diverse world of Mumbai's bookstores, where each one holds a unique tale waiting to be told.


  1. Kitab Khana: Located in the historic Fort area of Mumbai, Kitab Khana is a charming bookstore that draws book lovers with its old-world charm and extensive collection. This independent bookstore is known for its selection of rare and out-of-print books. Housed in a heritage building, the bookstore offers a diverse range of books across various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, literature, and children's books. Kitab Khana also features a cosy café where visitors can enjoy a peaceful reading experience with a cup of coffee or tea. Kitab Khana is one of the bookstores in Mumbai that offers an extensive collection of books across various genres. Address: 45, Ground Floor, Flora Fountain Somaiya Bhavan, 47, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
  2. Crossword Bookstores: Crossword is one of India's leading bookstore chains, and it has multiple branches across Mumbai, making it easily accessible to book lovers in various neighbourhoods. The stores offer a vast collection of books, including bestsellers, Indian and international literature, academic books, and a dedicated section for children. Crossword Bookstores also stock an array of stationery, gift items, and board games, making it a one-stop shop for all things related to reading and learning. Crossword Bookstores is one of the bookstores in Mumbai that hosts regular author interactions and literary events.
  3. Strand Book Stall: Strand Book Stall has been catering to bibliophiles for over seven decades. Located in the bustling Colaba area, Strand Book Stall is one of the bookstores in Mumbai that is renowned for its impressive selection of rare and hard-to-find titles. Strand Book Stall's knowledgeable staff and quaint ambience make browsing a delightful experience. Besides mainstream titles, the store also boasts an impressive selection of second-hand and out-of-print books, attracting collectors and book connoisseurs from far and wide. Address: ITTS House, Ground Floor, 33 Shri Sai Baba Marg, Kalaghoda, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001
  4. Title Waves: Title Waves, situated in Bandra West, stands out as a vibrant cultural hub for book lovers. The bookstore houses an extensive collection of books, including new releases, regional literature, and international bestsellers. With its contemporary design and comfortable reading spaces, Title Waves is one of the bookstores in Mumbai that serves as a cultural hub, organizing book launches, discussions and interactive sessions. In addition to being a retail space, the store frequently hosts author signings, and literary festivals, fostering a lively literary community in the neighborhood. Address: St Paul Media Complex, Rd Number 24, opp. Duruelo Convent School, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
  5. Oxford Bookstore: Nestled in Churchgate, Oxford Bookstore is a well-established name in the city's literary landscape. The store features a serene ambience, making it an inviting spot for leisurely book browsing. It houses an eclectic collection of books, including fiction, classics, poetry, and academic publications. Oxford Bookstore regularly hosts literary events, such as book readings, discussions, and author interactions, and is one of the bookstores in Mumbai that provides a serene ambience for leisurely book browsing.
  6. Trilogy Curated Bookshop and Library: Located in Juhu, Trilogy stands out as a unique combination of a bookstore and library. The store offers a carefully curated selection of books, catering to different age groups and interests. Trilogy is one of the bookstores in Mumbai that offers a unique concept of borrowing and reading books in-store. Its cosy ambience and friendly staff make it a popular destination for readers seeking a personalized and intimate book-browsing experience. Address: 1 Carter Road, Chimbai Koliwada Behind BMC Pump House Near Joggers Park, opposite Dhaval Ganga, Bandra West, W, Maharashtra 400050
  7. Fountainhead: Fountainhead, situated in Khar, is a delightful bookstore with a well-curated collection of books. The store's friendly and knowledgeable staff add to the pleasant shopping experience. While smaller in size compared to some of the larger bookstores, Fountainhead's carefully selected titles and warm atmosphere make it a favourite among local residents and book enthusiasts. Fountainhead is one of the bookstores in Mumbai that caters to both adults and children with a diverse range of titles.
  8. Granth Bookstore: Granth Bookstore, located in Juhu, specializes in books related to spirituality, philosophy, and self-help. The store offers a comprehensive selection of books from various spiritual traditions, personal growth, and mindfulness. Whether you're seeking books on meditation, yoga, or holistic healing, Granth has something to offer. The store's tranquil setting and focus on spiritual literature make it a serene destination for individuals interested in exploring the realms of inner knowledge and well-being. Address: Plot No 30/A, H M House, Juhu Tara Rd near Maneckji Cooper School, Santacruz West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049
  9. Full Circle Books: Full Circle Books is a bookstore that specializes in books on spirituality, philosophy, and religion. It has a wide range of titles on a variety of topics, including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, New Age, Paganism, Taoism, and Wicca. The store also carries a selection of books on related topics, such as meditation, yoga, astrology, feng shui, tarot, and crystals. Full Circle Books is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about spirituality, philosophy, or religion. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and they are always happy to assist customers in finding the perfect book for their needs.
  10. Jaico Books: This bookstore specializes in books on Indian literature, history, and culture. Jaico Books is a bookstore that specializes in books on Indian literature, history, and culture. It was founded in 1946 by Jaico Publishing House, which is one of the oldest publishing houses in India. Jaico Books has a wide range of books on Indian topics, including fiction, non-fiction, children's books, and reference books. It also publishes books by Indian authors in other languages, such as English, Hindi, and Marathi. Jaico Books is a popular bookstore for both Indian and international readers. It has stores in major cities in India, as well as online stores.
  11. Dadar Book Depot: Dadar Book Depot is a well-known bookstore in Mumbai, India. It was founded in 1936 by K.S. Merchant and is now run by his son, A.P. Merchant. The store has a wide selection of books in English, Hindi, Marathi, and other Indian languages. It also sells stationery, gifts, and other items. Dadar Book Depot is a popular destination for students and other book lovers. Address: 101, Dadar TT, Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400014, India.

FAQs Q1: Where can I find books on the culinary delights of Mumbai and Indian cuisine? A1: Kitab Khana in Fort features a well-stocked section on food and culinary literature, including books that explore the diverse flavours of Mumbai and Indian cuisine.

Q2: What are the best bookstores in South Mumbai? A2: Some of the top bookstores in South Mumbai are Strand Book Stall in Colaba, Kitab Khana in Fort, and Oxford Bookstore in Churchgate.

Q3: Are there any bookstores in Bandra that have a good collection of regional literature? A3: Yes, Title Waves in Bandra West is known for its diverse collection of regional literature, including books in Marathi, Gujarati, and Hindi.

Q4: I am a student in Churchgate, Mumbai and I am looking for a women's hostel near me for my friend. Does your space have any properties nearby? A4: Indeed your friend would have quite a few your-space properties to choose from if she chooses to live at a women's hostel near you. A few of them include: 1. PG in Cuffe Parade 2. PG in Tardeo 3. PG in Ballard Estate 4. PG in Hotel Sahara


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