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11 Tips to Keep your PG Room Spick and Span

June 13, 2021 | 3:55 PM By Manaswani Saxena


Moving out from your home and into a new home in the form of a paying guest accommodation can be a bitter-sweet journey. Leaving home is never pretty, but moving into a house of possibilities is always exciting! One of the biggest changes that emerge upon switching your place of stay from your home to a PG is that a home with family is always a protected space, and in a PG, you’re on your own! Again, this can be as frightening as thrilling! Living in a Hostel, you make your own little space in your PG room – it becomes your home. Your represents you, your vibe, your state of mind, even! And, sometimes, how your room looks can also influence you, your vibe, your state of mind! So, we would highly recommend you keep your room spick and span!


Here are 11 Tips to Keep your PG Room Spick and Span:

1. Understand Your Room
2. Assess Your Space
3. Make Your Bed
4. Organise Mindfully
5. Intelligent Storage
6. Clean As You Go
7. Add Colour and Light
8. No Dump Chair
9. Put Away Food
10. Bathroom Hygiene
11. A Daily Check-List

1) Understand Your Room

Before you dive into cleaning and organising, take a moment and understand your room. Looking at Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration can be insightful, yes, but not all rooms are the same. Sometimes, what we see online might not suit our rooms if we skip the step of understanding our room. So, before you begin, understand what works best for your room, what doesn’t. If space is a constraint, chart out a plan accordingly, and if storage is a problem, then plan to keep that in mind. Obviously, if you stay in with Your-Space, space and storage will never be a problem! Your-Space offers you the best of fully furnished and spacious rooms with attached washrooms, which makes life much easier!

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2) Assess Your Space

Again, before you start putting in stuff, and implementing your decor/cleaning plan, assess your space well. Understand the kind of space you have for different things, and move-in stuff accordingly. Nothing takes away ‘tidiness’ worse than hoarding more than you can store. Take your room, your cupboard, your bathroom, your balcony into consideration before planning your room. Buying/bringing in things only that is absolutely essential – according to your space is a good idea in maintaining cleanliness in your room.

3) Make Your Bed

Once you’re done with planning your room, the first pro tip to Keep your Room Spick and Span is ‘making your bed’. As insignificant and regular it may sound, but making your bed can not only help you clean and keep your room clean but also has proven to provide a sense of achievement. So, when you get up, make your bed – fold your blankets, unwrinkle your sheets, fluff your pillows and unclutter the space. You can also try setting a target of not disturbing this set-up throughout the day!

4) Organise Mindfully

Many people, in the name of organising stuff, end up hoarding organisers! This is not only counterproductive but also not a very healthy practice. So, when organising your almirah space, or desk space, plan your stuff and get cute (and efficient) organisers! Additional Tip: Get cloth/metal-based organisers rather than plastic containers. Another great way to add mindfulness to your plan, and freshness to your room, is adding plants! If you do not have too much space in your room, you can get small desk plants that can make your space look much better! Additional tip: Book a Your-Space room with a balcony, and get as many green friends as you want!

5) Intelligent Storage

Talking about storage and containers, another tip to Keep your Room Spick and Span, is designating storage containers to things – by size! You can get a smaller container for your tiny knick-knacks like small stationery pieces on your desk. You can organise your books with inexpensive bookends/book organisers – or you can even create DIY book organisers at home! A great way to maximise utilisation of almirah space is getting those multilevel hangers that allow you to hand over 3-4 clothing items in one. So head over to your closest thrift store or your favourite online store and fix yourself up some storage solutions!

6) Clean As You Go

One rule to live by if you want to Keep your Room Spick and Span is ‘Clean As You Go’. Instead of putting away the ‘cleaning job’ for the evening, you can opt for cleaning as you go throughout the day. This essentially means, no matter what you’re doing, whenever you’re done with it, clean the space. This will help you take the load off of you at the end of the day. So, next time you change into a different t-shirt, put away the first one at that very moment – or you’ll have to fight with a heap of unattended laundry by the weekend! Even if this goes south, thank goodness for Your-Space’s housekeeping services – you will always have help!

7) Add Colour and Light

Organising things by colour always gives us a sense of satisfaction, we are sure it has the same effect on you! Whatever room style you have opted for, you can always use colours in your favour! For example, if you have a smaller room, try adding more white in your room, it will create a sense of expanded space to your room. If you have a nice big space available on your desk, or bedside, add little elements of colour to give your room a nice edge to complement your style! The next element here is light! Add more and more light to your room – as much natural as possible! If you have a balcony door or a nice window in your room, allow them to fill your room with light. You can even add mirrors to your desk space/bedsides to reflect this light and multiply its effect even more! If you do not have a window opening into your room, while adding mirrors would still help brighten up your room, we’d suggest you choose Your-Space instead – and let the sunshine on you!

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8) No Dump Chair

Promise yourself, you will not allow your chair to turn into a dump chair! So many procrastinating Hostel homies start by putting away one piece of clothing on the chair, and end up having a heap of unidentifiable materials by the end of the week! Do Not Be That Guy! Put away laundry regularly. Wash, dry, fold, store, and repeat! Do not give in to the dump chair system!

9) Put Away Food

Nothing takes away the freshness of a room worse than left-over/half-eaten food items lying around. If you open a pack of chips while you binge watch on your laptop, do not leave the leftovers around! Pack/fold snack items and store them in a dry place to keep them and your room fresh! If you have freshly-cooked food in your room, keep away the plates and cutlery, as soon as you’re finished. It sure is a blessing how we have beautiful common dining areas where you can have your food with your friends! This will definitely deepen your friendship – and also help keep your Room Spick and Span!

10) Bathroom Hygiene

Never neglect the bathroom, especially if you have one attached to your room! At Your-Space all our rooms come with spacious attached washrooms – and we recommend you keep it just as fresh as your room! As health is one of our cornerstones at Your-Space, we do not compromise on it ever. While we offer trained housekeeping services to all our residents, here is a quick DIY cleaner recipe, if you ever go on a deep-cleaning spree:

● 2 cups water
● ¼ cup baking soda
● 2 tsp. dishwashing liquid
● 3 tbsp. white vinegar
● 10 drops essential oil

11) A Daily Check-List

Last but not least is a major pro-tip to help you Keep your Room Spick and Span. Pick up your favourite notepad and create a daily checklist for yourself! Here are a few things you can add to your list:

● Make your bed
● Put away dirty clothes
● Put away clean clothes
● Organise footwear
● Manage knick-knacks
● Dust and sanitise surfaces

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