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Best Tiffin Services in Pune to Sort Your Meal Woes

January 28, 2022 | 12:35 PM By YourSpace


Moving to a new city can be quite intimidating. More so if you do not know how to cook and crave home-cooked meals. Working from home, attending school, or college from home can also leave you with little time to cook or rustle up elaborate meals. If you are living in a PG in Pune and want to opt for a tiffin or Dabba service, here are some options you may want to consider –

Zaiko Meals –

Ziako Meals is a great service in which you can order foods from the nearest home chef. The food taste and quality are tested and packaging is validated by FSSAI registered chefs. The kitchens are super hygienic and the delivery is free. This is one of the best options for those who love home-cooked food. You can buy food credits and can debit them as and when you use them.

Go Dabbas –

Go Dabbas has very flexible meal plans that can make healthy eating possible. The meals can be completely customised and you can add or subtract items according to your appetite and need on any day. The meal size too is customisable. Go Dabbas connects home bakers and chefs with food lovers. It is a fabulous service that can get you hot food from a nearby home cook.

Mummy Meals –

If you live in a PG in Viman Nagar Pune, Mummy Meals is a tiffin service you must try. Freshly prepared and delivered at your doorstep, Mummy Meals offers two choices of cuisines for you to choose from every meal. With no fixed menu, you can choose from available options. Mummy Meals also offers a trial subscription before you sign on for a longer time.

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Accio Meals –

Meals curated and cooked by a multicuisine chef with over 25 years of experience, a variety of dishes, hygienic and tasty food, delivered to your home/office – Accio Meals is everything you can want in your tiffin service in Pune. If you are living in one of the hostels in Pune and are looking for a reliable delivery service, this is it.

Breaking Basmati –

Breaking Basmati by Chef Abhimanyu Sen is one of the best-loved tiffin services in Pune. Breaking Basmati offers authentic Bengali food cooked by highly trained chefs in highly standardised kitchens. Breaking Basmati is much loved but during the Durga Puja season, this cloud kitchen offers a variety of delectable delicacies.

Zakas Foods –

If you are looking for a varied menu each day and have a great love of biryani, Zakas Foods is the tiffin service for you. They do not repeat the curries throughout the month. Zakas is known both for its tiffin services and party catering services, so expect a lot of special meals.

If you are moving to Pune, your-space is the perfect place to pick out accommodation options such as Girls/Boys/Unisex PG in Pune. Sign up for one of these tiffin services and make your stay in this beautiful city a comfortable one.

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