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7 Best Tiffin and Dabba Services in Noida
Tiffin means a light meal, a snack, or even a service where fresh home-cooked food is delivered to your doorstep. Tiffin is usually eaten during the day especially at noon or in the afternoon. In simple words, tiffin is a mid-day meal in India.

With the rise in competition among the working class, there is little to no time to prepare their tiffins. People nowadays usually order from nearby tiffin services or restaurants where they can easily order their meal via phone. It is essential to eat a healthy tiffin.

Below mentioned is the list of Best Tiffin Services in Noida

1) Homefoodi:

Homefoodi is a Tiffin delivery company that offers its tiffin services in Noida. Homefoodi offers dabba services in Noida for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Homefoodi offers excellent and high-quality home-cooked food delivery in Noida, which is fresh, safe, clean, and delicious. Depending on your order you can get South Indian tiffin, North Indian tiffin, or any other cuisine or dish that you want to eat. Every home chef who works at Homefoodi is FSSAI certified and is very qualified for the job. Homefoodi is indeed a trusted name for Tiffins in Noida, Greater Noida, Noida extension, and even Indirapuram. The best part is you can download the Homefoodi app from the play store which will show their tiffin services in Noida with prices.

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2) Krishna Tiffin Service Noida:

This Noida tiffin service offers complete full-course meals for its consumers. The food offered by this tiffin service in Noida is not hotel food but homemade food prepared by highly qualified chefs. If you are busy and have no time to prepare your tiffins, then the Krishna tiffin service in Noida is the place for you. They provide clean, healthy, safe, and delicious homemade tiffins for everyone. Just place an order on their website or give them a call so they can take your orders. Krishna tiffin services offer tiffin for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can get a full-course meal at just under Rs. 100. Krishna’s tiffin services provide vegetarian thalis to their consumers.

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3) Punyah Home food factory:

It is one of the best tiffin services near me. Punyah home food factory offers complete full-course meals for every individual be it at home or the workplace. With over 15 years of being in business Punyah, a home food factory has made a name for itself. Unlike meals you get from hotels which are quite expensive you can order high-quality homemade tiffin services in Noida from Punyah home food factory at just under Rs. 100. The prices of the tiffins vary depending on the ingredients and portion. You can also subscribe to a monthly plan where you can get your food delivered to your doorstep every day for the whole month. The monthly subscription can be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or it can be a subscription for the whole three meals for the whole month. You can compare on google the tiffin service near me with price and decide for yourself.

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4) Om organic Kitchen:

Om organic kitchen delivers healthy organic food right to your doorstep. Eating a healthy and balanced diet can be quite challenging, especially in today’s world where fast food is dominating the world of food. To curb this Om organic kitchen serves homemade food in Noida to people by using fresh, healthy, organic ingredients which are beneficial for everyone. Om organic kitchen uses a farm-to-plate model which ensures that the ingredients used are fresh and chemical-free. Om kitchen allows and assists people to make the right choices by serving healthy meals to family and friends where all the ingredients come from organic sources.

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5) Tiffin 99:

Tiffin 99 is a homemade food delivery in Noida. If you want to experience healthy and mouth-watering food in the comfort of your office, then Tiffin 99 is the right place for you. Tiffin 99 offers a full-course meal for everyone. You can place an order in the comforts of your home without having to go out. Tiffin 99 offers a variety of tiffins to suit everyone’s taste buds. However, they don’t cook Gheeya, Tinda, and Torie. While tiffin 99 is a trusted company they have suspended their activities for the time being due to the ongoing pandemic. This also proves that they care about the safety of their employees and consumers. You can subscribe to their monthly tiffin subscription where Dabbas will be delivered to your doorstep from Monday to Saturday.

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6) Mehar tiffin services:

Mehar tiffin services serve the Greater Noida area of Uttar Pradesh and are one of the best tiffin services in Noida. It is a one-of-a-kind tiffin service available. For a veg meal, they serve 4 chapatis with 1 bowl of rice, a bowl of dal or curry along with a seasonal dry dish. Along with this curd and salads are given. A noble gesture from Mehar tiffin services is that they serve covid patients and frontline workers. Mehar tiffin services are open from Monday to Saturday and are closed on Sunday.

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7) 24-seven tiffin services:

24-seven offers one of the best tiffin services in Noida and India. They have three types of meal plans; single meal, 20 days plan, and 30 days plan for both veg and non-veg customers. For the 20 days and above meal plans, there is no delivery fee. They serve the most delicious meals using the healthiest raw materials available. It is one of the best veg tiffin services near me.

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8)Tiffin treats:

If you are craving that scrumptious mouth-watering homemade meal, then tiffin treats are the right place for you. It offers tiffin services in Noida sectors 62 and 63. All the meals prepared are 100% homemade. Tiffin treats make sure that the tiffins are healthy, fresh, hygienic, and delicious. Tiffin treats will make sure you go to bed without letting you go hungry ever again.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a Cash on Delivery option?

Yes, there is a cash-on-delivery option for all the tiffin services in Noida listed in the article. You can pay for your tiffin with cash after it has been delivered to you.

Is there any option to cancel my order? Yes, you can cancel your order. However, you have to cancel your order in advance.

Can I cancel my monthly tiffin subscription?

Yes, if you feel like a particular tiffin service in Noida mentioned in the is not up to the mark, you can cancel your monthly subscription anytime.

Are there any options for vegetarians?

Yes, all the tiffin services in Noida listed here offer vegetarian options for vegetarians. You can also choose your dishes from a variety of options available.

Where will the food be delivered?

The delivery person will deliver your tiffin right to your doorstep if you are at home. Or if you are working in the office then they will deliver your tiffin at your workplace.

I am worried about my health due to the ongoing pandemic, how will they deliver the tiffins?

Because of the ongoing pandemic, some have suspended their tiffin services in Noida for the time being. However, those that are still operating are doing contactless delivery where all the social distancing SOP given by the government is followed.

Do they accept cashless payments?

Yes, because of the ongoing pandemic, cashless payment is also preferred as it is safer. You can pay for any tiffin service in Noida using a Debit card, UPI, etc.

Are the tiffin services just for lunch or do they also deliver for breakfast and dinner?

All the tiffin services in Noida provide services for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also subscribe to the monthly tiffin subscription where they will deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner 6 days a week depending on your subscription.

Is there any option of customizing my menu every month? Yes, it is possible to customize your menu as per your diet needs. However, that needs to be informed earlier.

Do I have to provide any box or will I get disposable tiffin boxes? Yes, you will get disposable tiffin boxes, so no need to provide any tiffin carrier of your own.

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