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Tiffin Services in Ahmedabad to Save Your Time and Energy

January 25, 2022 | 1:57 PM By YourSpace


Ahmedabad offers a host of tiffin service options that have become popular with young professionals and students in the city. These people come from different cities and work long hours on their projects and occupation, giving them no time in the kitchen to cook a nutritious meal for themselves. They often resort to Maggi, roadside dhabas, or restaurant takeaways, which aren’t a daily solution.

If you have moved to Ahmedabad in pursuit of a job or for education purposes, your-space offers the best in housing accommodation – a home away from home. We at your-space take care of all your living needs- from impeccable hygiene, comfortable living, healthy eating to amenities, recreation, and chilled break-out areas. Despite our offering of nutritious and healthy food, some professionals and students want to try out tiffin services for a change.

Tiffin services in Ahmedabad are very affordable and start at Rs. 70 per meal. No matter the location of your hostel in Ahmedabad– be it a hostel near GNLU or even if you stay at your-space PG rooms in Sanand Ahmedabad, these tiffin services will be a good break from the monotony of the hostel food.

Here are a few tiffin services to save time and energy:

1)Fitbox Meal

As the name suggests, this Ahmedabad-based tiffin service offers healthy and nutritious food. Based on the diet you follow or require; they customize food options for you. Ranging from small meals to snacks, they are known to bring fitness to your doorstep in a box. Their flexible meal plans are perfect for those who have a hectic lifestyle and workout schedule with no time to cook.

2)Go Tiffins

You no longer need to be on the lookout for affordable and tasty restaurants when Go-Tiffin can provide the same food. This budget-friendly tiffin service offers delicious, clean, and properly packed meals. If they do not live up to this expectation or default in any way, you can take up the matter with their professional complaint center. This place is actually a delight for vegetarians because they have Swaminarayan and Jain options.

3)Manjuben Tiffin Wala

The name gives it away – this food will be exactly like what your neighbourhood Gujarati aunty would offer you. It is bound to include a variety of mouth-watering and authentic Gujarati dishes. This food is said to be less heavy on the masala and tastes exactly like home food would in a typical Gujarati setting. If you miss ‘maa ke haath ka khaana’, check out her tiffin services.

4)Tushar Tiffin Service

This tiffin service is known for its repeat customers and brings everyone back for more. Tushar Tiffin Service offers everything and more that you would find at any other service provider in Ahmedabad. Known for their exemplary customer service and freshly made warm food, this tiffin service will never let you down.

5)2ChefoodiesBox (Veg & Non Veg – Meals & Combos)

For the non-vegetarians, do not be disheartened because 2ChefoodiesBox has you covered with its meal boxes on demand as well as subscription options. They have monthly meal plan options to avoid repetition and also have instant ordering options in case you don’t want to get into the hassle of subscribing. They have various meal boxes to choose from – egg meal boxes, vegetarian meal boxes, and non-vegetarian meal boxes. 2ChefoodiesBox even offers special discounts to PG students and monthly subscribers.

6)Eatwell Foods

If you are looking for a typical Gujarati lunch, this most popular tiffin service will fulfil your desire. They have some great Farsan as well and for the reasonable prices that these guys offer, it is hard to find a match. For those who think Gujarati cuisine only offers ‘theplas’ and dhoklas, please change your mindset and order from these guys.

7)Shree Rohini Foods & tiffin service

Shree Rohini is an online tiffin service that attracts its clientele because of its world-famous Dal Bati Churma. They are known to give competition to cooks in Rajasthan, where this dish hails from. While we have only heard stories about this place, people who eat from here can easily overeat because of the taste it offers.

8)Radhey Tiffin Service

A typical thali or set meal lunchbox system, Radhey Tiffin Service will give you a complete and wholesome meal. This will contain rotis, sabzi, dal, rice, papad, and all this in under 100 rupees. A simple yet fulfilling meal, with no frills or fancy, Radhey knows its market and what a typical home-cooked meal should taste like.

Ahmedabad’s tiffin or Dabba services are reasonable, available, and offer a good variety and portion as well. Nutrition is an important aspect and should not be neglected. With these tiffin services, students and office-goers can actually focus on what they are here to do. They no longer need to worry about buying oily and greasy food, relying on expensive restaurant meals, or having instant noodles for dinner.

Just like finding a good tiffin service in Ahmedabad is not a task, getting a PG or hostel in Ahmedabad has been made easy and affordable by your-space. We try our best to offer a home away from home, so people can focus on other things the city has to offer and leave their accommodation woes to us. If you are looking for accommodation in Navrangpura or PG rooms in Sanand, Ahmedabad, check out our fully equipped housing options with carefully chosen amenities and facilities.

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