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Things You Can Expect While Staying in A Hostel

April 1, 2022 | 8:27 AM By your-space


So you have decided to move to a new city for work or studies? Naturally, the first thing on your mind will be where to stay. If you do not have any friends or relatives to live with, you would probably have to check into a hostel. For first-timers, the thought of living in a hostel can be quite intimidating. But, in reality, it is an altogether different experience. You will learn new things, meet different types of people, and become independent. So if you are moving into a girls’ PG in Delhi or any other type of accommodation, here are a few things to expect at a hostel.

Making new friends

A hostel is the best place to meet people and make new friends. You will come across people with diverse backgrounds and, even nationalities. If you opt for a shared room, you will get an excellent chance to make friends with a new person. Introduce yourself to the people in your room and the rest of the hostel, have lunch or dinner together and participate in any social activities that the hostel may offer. There is a chance that you may develop a lifelong friendship with some of the people at the hostel.

Sharing will become a part of your life

Hostel life is more about sharing. You may have a room all to yourself at home, but you may have to share it with another person in a hostel. Besides that, you may also have to share a bathroom, utensils, and other things. Initially, you might feel an encroachment on your privacy, but as time progresses, you will not just adjust but also start liking this new life. Sharing and adjusting are the most important things you can expect at a hostel.

A sense of responsibility 

At home, there are other people to look after you. But once you enter hostel life, all these changes. Since you will be on your own, you will be responsible for all your actions and belongings. Certain things will have to be done at specific times, like having dinner on time and following other regulations. This will not just make you more responsible but also more punctual and organized.

Studying in a group

At home, students usually study alone. But at a hostel, you will be studying together with other students. Group study is one of the things to expect when staying in a hostel. If you are stuck on a question or are finding it difficult to comprehend a lesson, your hostel friends will be there to help you. And seeing your friends studying hard will motivate you to do well in your studies. When staying at a hostel, you will realize that it is always better to study in a group, rather than alone.

There is a lot that you can expect at a hostel. Besides making you independent, punctual, and responsible, hostel life is also fun and provides you with the opportunity to meet interesting people. But ensure that you find suitable accommodation like the PG in North Campus Shakti Nagar, run by your-space. It is close to the university and comprises numerous amenities. Now that you are moving into a PG, make the most out of your time here.

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