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The Pros And Cons Of Living On Campus Versus Off Campus In Pune

May 28, 2023 | 5:54 PM By your-space
Pg in Pune


If you’re considering pursuing higher education in Pune, you might wonder whether to live on-campus or away from it. On-campus living means having an accommodation within the boundaries of your college or university, while off-campus living in Pune involves finding accommodation outside the institution. Pune is quickly becoming the next big educational hub, and therefore, you’ll have access to various living arrangements.

Thanks to its plethora of renowned colleges and universities, Pune is an absolute haven for students nationwide. Living on campus is great for an immersive college experience, while off-campus living offers ultimate flexibility and independence. We are all about helping you make the best decision regarding PG vs Hostel while studying in Pune. We’ll be diving into the pros and cons of both options so that you can make an informed choice. 


Living off campus

Off-campus living in Pune may be more affordable than on-campus housing. You’ll have more freedom, autonomy, privacy, and space. PGs are best for studying since they are frequently calmer and have fewer distractions. 


Experience being independent

Living off-campus gives you more independence, which is one of its key benefits. PG residents have to handle important life skills such as cleaning and bill paying. This can help students gain valuable life skills and become more independent. As students are not subject to the same restrictions and regulations sometimes enforced in on-campus housing, they can enjoy a greater sense of independence and autonomy. 

Keeps your spending in check

Housing off-campus is always more economical than on-campus housing, which is another benefit. Particularly at private schools and universities, on-campus accommodations can be pricey and may not provide the same amount of value as PG living. Students who choose to live in PGs have the freedom to go about and locate accommodation that suits their needs, whether that means living in a less costly section of town, sharing a room or apartment with roommates, or finding a place that is better suited to their particular requirements. 

Unlock boundless options for food and amenities

The contemporary PGs in Pune, including your-space are known for the abundance of amenities offered. This means that facilities such as housekeeping, laundry, unlimited WiFi and recreational spaces are inclusive of the monthly rent that students pay for off-campus accommodation. Besides amenities, food is also an important differentiating factor when it comes to living on or off campus. Living in apartments and flats lets students have discretion about their eating habits. While your-space PGs offer home-style meals created by professional chefs. 

PG living also provides greater privacy and independence, enhancing attention and improving study habits. Students who require a calmer environment to concentrate and work efficiently may find PGs to be of special importance. Additionally, they also offer social and networking opportunities in the form of events where students can meet like-minded people and make new friends, especially in a new city. 


A step back from the university experience

If you live off-campus, you will receive only part of the university experience. Since everyone else spends their days on campus, living away from it might make you feel cut off from a few extracurricular events. 

Lack of proximity to campus resources

Living away from campus resources such as libraries, computer laboratories, academic advising offices, tutoring centres, and other student support services might make students fall back academically. 

Living On-Campus

Living on campus can make it easier to adjust to college life. You will have many more opportunities to participate in university activities and get to know new people. Students who opt to live on campus also gain access to a unique way of life.


Getting to Know Others

Finding a sizable group of people who share your views is uplifting. When times are tough, your roommates and neighbours instinctively band together to give you the impression that many people are looking out for you. Having a support group makes adjusting to a new situation easier.

Easy and free access to the library and gym

Most colleges in Pune welcome you to visit the gym till 10:00 p.m. if you’d like. Libraries also make it easy to plan late-night study sessions for important exams. There are calm floors where you can focus on your studies if your roommate is not on the same schedule as you.

Campus-wide accessibility

If you live on campus, the dining hall, library, and computer labs are all just a short stroll away from your dorm room. To make it to class, you do not need to get up at the crack of dawn. Additionally, walking is a fantastic form of exercise. Isn’t it?

Save your bucks

Living in a hostel is expensive, but you can save money on parking and public transportation by staying there rather than driving everywhere. You won’t need to pay for food because some dorms offer meals.


Being an open book to everyone

Most of the time, residents share hostel rooms and even the restrooms. Because of this, it can be difficult to find privacy in a dorm room.

Vibe-killing roommates

Not all roommates get along, so sharing a space with someone you just met could feel odd. First-year students share a dorm or room. Due to the limited number of rooms, you can find yourself in an unanticipated bind

Entangled in limited food and amenities

The major drawback to living on campus is the restricted selection of meals, which could not be appropriate for students with dietary needs. Students may also have trouble obtaining meals at unusual hours due to the dining halls’ or cafés’ limited operating hours. 

For students on a restricted budget, the cost of on-campus accommodation might be higher than that of off-campus alternatives. Last but not least, living close to other students might lead to noise and distractions, making it challenging to concentrate and locate a quiet area.

Finding your ideal living arrangement in Pune

It’s really up to you which option you choose regarding PG vs Hostel in Pune. It just depends on what you’re into and what you value most. Living on campus is cool because you experience college life uniquely while living off campus is great because you get more freedom and flexibility.

But no matter what, finding a cosy and safe place to live during your academic adventure is super important. Your-space is the best portal if you are looking for paying guests in Pune, including a co-living in Karve Nagar. We have fully furnished PGs with modern amenities and top-notch security measures to keep you safe. It’s the perfect place for students to enjoy a seamless and stress-free college life.

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