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Steps To Find A Reasonable Co-Living Space As A Student In Mumbai

August 24, 2022 | 3:29 PM By your-space


Mumbai, home to major Indian Educational institutions, welcomes thousands of students annually. Besides the hostels at these colleges, several accommodation options are available for students to explore. One such up-and-coming concept is a coliving space, a setup that is slightly different from your average hostel and pg experience. A co-living Space in Mumbai is characterized by having common areas in your accommodation where you can easily network with other residents, a private room, and necessary amenities taken care of by the co-living staff. 

We at your-space understand the pressure of moving to a different city. To make the process easier, we have compiled these steps that will make your process of finding a reasonable co-living space in Mumbai simple. 

What is co-living?

First and foremost, it is essential to understand what co-living means. The concept of coliving usually involves having a personal room, a common area to be shared with other residents, everyday necessities, and amenities available at a fixed monthly price. This setup is an excellent alternative to renting an apartment or living in a hostel as it provides you with accommodation and a sense of community. Since our pgs are located in key areas of Mumbai, including major educational institutions, it allows you to meet up with other college students easily. 

Look for the right location.

As a student in Mumbai, you will have a lot on your plate to juggle. It is, therefore, essential to find a safe location within the vicinity of your educational institution. This saves you money, time, and energy you can spend doing other things, such as going to the gym or exploring the city with your friends. your-space has several pg options near major colleges in Mumbai, including a co-Living Space in Sion and pg in Chunabhatti Mumbai. Our strategic locations make it easier for students to commute and rest well. 

Amenities and other benefits

Renting an apartment is a tedious job wherein you must hunt for the flat, look for roommates, maintain it and cook your food, among other chores. Living in a hostel can also lead to a compromise in quality boarding and good food. Here is where a co-living arrangement makes student life much easier. Your-space accommodation options in Mumbai come with an array of amenities, including 24 x7 WiFi, AC, CCTV camera for added security, a common recreation area, hot and healthy meals, and housekeeping. Not only is security and hygiene a top priority for us, but we also aim to make your stay in Mumbai as comfortable and affordable as possible. Some other benefits of a co-living setup include-

          # Community Activities: One of the most exciting features of co-living accommodation is that it allows you to meet up with like-minded people and make new friends without compromising your personal space. We have community activities to help you seamlessly blend into this setup, besides having a common recreational space where you can unwind and network with other students regularly. 

          # Minimal Responsibilities: Since most of your daily chores such as making food, cleaning, bill and maintenance are taken care of, you can spend your time taking up other things you love. You can hit the gym to keep up with your health or pursue a hobby that you might have set aside. 

          # Enhanced Flexibility: Unlike apartment rentals, coliving spaces do not bind you with long-term leases and provide you with flexibility around the duration of your stay. 

          # Affordability: Renting a flat in Mumbai has never been easier or inexpensive. We aim to provide affordable accommodation options with the best facilities in the city’s most secure and posh areas. 

Why is co-living the best accommodation option for students in Mumbai?

A co-living space trumps renting out an apartment or living in a college hostel any day. From amenities to location, your-space covers all bases for providing an affordable and enhanced living experience in Mumbai, especially for students like you who might be moving out of their homes for the first time.

Now that you have all the steps for finding a suitable space for yourself, it’s time you give us a call or drop us a message on WhatsApp so that we can help you find your first co-living accommodation.

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