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7 Side Hustles To Check Out As A Student
Being a student and maintaining a healthy budget can be hard. This is especially true for students living in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore where the overall cost of living has gone up considerably over the past few years. As enjoyable as living in these cities is, the cost of transport and basic utilities can eat up a fair amount of your student budget and you might have to give up on a few exciting activities or indulge in shopping because of it. While almost all students over the past have gone through the same troubles, being a college student in this day and age comes with its own share of perks which were not readily available to the generation before.

Access to the internet and the availability of mobile phones can help you start a side hustle easily so that you can upskill and at the same time earn a few extra bucks besides your pocket money. Some of these part-time jobs can also be done for a few hours over the weekend or during your summer break so that your studies remain unaffected while you can indulge in a fun vacation or buy your favourite pair of sneakers with the money you earn. Here is a list of 7 side hustles that you should check out!


One of the simplest and most flexible ways to earn money is by tutoring. If you are particularly good in any school-level subject such as Maths, English or Science you can teach the kids in your area offline or you can hop on the web and search for online tutoring sites. The best part about this side hustle is that it requires zero investment, you get to pick your own hours and you can always increase the scope of the subjects you would like to teach further.


Organisations these days look forward to hiring freelancers from across the globe, especially in creative streams such as video editing, content writing, social media marketing and more. Being a freelancer does not require you to have any specific background education either and you can be hired solely for your skills. You can easily find various freelance jobs on websites such as Fiverr, LinkedIn and Upwork. 

Blogging/ Youtube:

If you spend a large amount of time on Instagram and YouTube then you will surely be aware of the scope of blogging. From being an Insta blogger to putting out full fledge videos on YouTube, you can select a niche of your choice be it fashion, lifestyle, travel or fitness and then go ahead from there. The journey starting out might not get you enough cash inflow but once you reach a certain following, you are bound to get good opportunities. Make sure to stay consistent with this one!

Sell your own products:

If you enjoy making art, baking or creating clothes, then one of the best ways to earn money is by converting your hobby into a small business. This might require you to work a little extra during your day off from college but then again you have total control over the amount of time you spend. You can easily market your products on Instagram and Facebook.

Photography/ Videography:

The need for good photographers and videographers is at an all-time high with almost all businesses being present online. If you think that this can only be pursued by someone with a professional camera, think again, cause even mobile photography is used professionally these days and you only require to master it. You can make your portfolio and put it online to find freelance gigs that you can take up during your free time.

Volunteer at an NGO:

While volunteering at charitable organizations might not pay you a lot but the learning there can be plenty. From animal shelters to orphanages you can easily find volunteering opportunities. If you feel that you cannot dedicate much time to the groundwork at NGOs, you can intern with them and help them out with their website and social media. 

Affiliate Marketing:

One of the most common part-time work that you can pursue with just your mobile phone is affiliate marketing. The concept of affiliate marketing is that you get leads for an organization and in turn, they pay you a small commission from the total sale. You can simply promote these products/services on your social media and when people buy them using your link, you earn a small profit. This is something that you can easily pick up even after college hours.

With a little effort and creativity, you can surely pick the correct side hustle for yourself. However, before you dive into it make sure to settle yourself into college life and a new city. We at your-space are here to help you with our comfortable student hostels in Greater Kailash, and cheap Pg in North Campus Delhi. We also offer girls’ PG in Delhi besides having various co-living spaces across the country. Just give us a call to know more!

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