10 best places for shopping in Bangalore

September 1, 2020 | 12:26 PM By Bhavika Motwani


Bengaluru, one of the largest cosmopolitan cities of India is also known as the Silicon Valley of the country. Bengaluru has all the right reasons to be called as one of the best cities. From the cosmopolitan culture to quirky breweries, the city has it all. It is also the second fastest-growing city in the country with over 10 million population. It is home to many multinational companies like Wipro, Infosys, in fact, the Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) is also located here.

The city has bagged so many titles. Across the country, Bengaluru is named as City of lakes, City of Gardens, the first city to get electricity and the list goes on. Not only that, around the city you can find 1000 temples, 400 mosques, 100 churches and so it is also known as the Godly city.
Shopping is one thing that everybody loves to do and here are the top places you could shop from when in Bengaluru, these are all mostly affordable and one-stop for luxurious shopping.

10 best places for shopping in Bengaluru :

1. MG Road

For all the Indian ethnic clothes lovers, MG Road is the place to be. MG Road is one of the busiest commercial streets in Bengaluru especially known for the sale of silk sarees, jewellery and everything for a traditional festival or wedding.

Apart from it, the stores of Handicraft, Kids Kemp are very famous here.

Higginbothams, the oldest bookstore in India is also located here, a must-visit for every book lover.

PG for girls in Koramangla.

2. Commercial Street

Commercial Street is a very known and famous market in Bengaluru. It is one-stop for all street shopping lovers. Here there’s everything you would need, right from clothes to shoes.

The price range differs from cheap to expensive. Jewellery, handicrafts, garments, little accessories, there’s almost everything you would want.

It’s a huge market and hence you have to walk a lot. If if you’re good at bargaining, put your skills into work and have the most of this place!

PG for boys in Banerghatta

3. Chickpet

The oldest market in the history of the markets is Chickpet. It’s also one of the busiest commercial streets, this market has been prevailing in the city for the past 400 years and has always been crowded.

People swear by the market for the most authentic sarees and dress material as the price is really reasonable for its customers. Apart from that, there are beautiful bangles stores and jewellery stores that provide beautiful pieces.

Musical instruments would also be easily found and one tip for people shopping here would be to focus on Main Street stores and not the lane ones as there would be a higher risk of losing your way.

Pg for Girls in Banerghatta

4. Brigade Road

Located between two different and famous places MG Road and Residency Road, Brigade Road is where people get numerous options, if there’s one stall satisfying, there will be 3 more extra satisfying, filled with too many options of not only the shopping of clothes but also imitation jewellery, keys, wallets, chains, footwear and much more.

There are both branded and street sellers with enough choices and there is also another bookstore here, Blossom’s Book House, every reader’s go-to place. Another advantage of this road is that it will leave you spoilt for choices when it comes to food!

5. KR Market

The largest wholesale market of Bengaluru, KR market is very crowded and has once been the battlefield for the Anglo-Mysore wars.

The market has always looked colourful and beautiful because of the flower vendors, here there’s everything you could find, from vegetables, fresh products to clothes and accessories. While most people prioritise shopping for fresh produce and flowers, it gets difficult shopping haste free.

6. Avenue Road

Avenue Road is located very near to the Bengaluru Railway Station and is one stop for all the book lovers. You will find so many book vendors here as if the whole market were recognised for books.

Here, you could find all the second-hand books, textbooks related to everything. Apart from that, one could also shop raw materials, jewellery, stationery etc.

7. National Market

The grey market of Bangalore, National Market is located near the Majestic. Items of electronics are easily available at lower prices, even though there are higher chances of a defect in the product, a person who has the knowledge in the identification of gadgets can get lucky here.

It basically sells the Chinese items that also include perfumes, footwear, clothes all priced at a lower rate apart from the electronics.

8. Phoenix MarketCity

The Phoenix Marketcity located in Whitefield Road, Mahadevapura is one of the biggest malls in the city. The most attractive part of the mall is its open courtyard in the front that hosts many live shows, competitions etc.

The mall serves various luxury brands with many food courts and also serves Indian & Italian Cuisine.

9. Orion Mall

Image Source : Wikimedia

It is one of the finest and well-designed mall across the city. It is spread across 8.2 lakh square feet area.It contains everything that every shopaholic would be in search of. This mall has an entire floor for entertainment centres like movies, bowling etc.

The mall has an impressive array of over 300 global and Indian brands.

10. Mantri Square Malls

Located at 1, Sampige Rd, Malleswaram West, this mall is very huge. There are combinations of both high end and affordable brands here. it is well equipped for kids, elders and handicapped.

It is one of the best malls in Bangalore considering the variety and good food options for a quick break from shopping.

Bengaluru is an affordable place for all. Here there are options for an extremely rich and luxurious life but even, the ones with a satisfying income can live their life comfortably. The city has impeccable traffic but pleasant weather which pleases all. The city with its rich culture, gardens and lakes is surely one of the ideal cities to live in.

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