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Shopping, Eating And More: Things to do in Bangalore street markets

November 14, 2022 | 1:51 PM By your-space
bangalore market


A vibrant, ultramodern city that has evolved over the years and is now known as the “Silicon Valley of India”. Yes, we are talking about one of the largest cities in India, Bangalore, which is loved for its impeccable weather, and phenomenal gardens besides being a haven for nightlife and party enthusiasts. A beautiful juxtaposition of culture and urbanisation reflects through the glittering malls and ancient temples the city houses. The city is brimming with opulent shopping malls, lavish luxury stores and markets that perfectly reflect its culture and heritage. 

If you want to go for a shopping retreat, Bangalore is the place for you. From high-end shopping malls to street and flea markets there is a lot for you to explore. Let’s explore the best markets in Bangalore that are a shopaholic’s delight and what all you can do there.   


Explore The Antique Stores On Commercial Street

Extremely popular amongst street shoppers in Bangalore, Commercial Street is a wonderland for shoppers and is a hub of everything. From apparel to imitation jewellery, footwear to home decor and a lot more, at Commercial Street you can find everything you can ask for in one place. It’s a narrow street that is full of shops with varied price ranges and you will be left wondering where to start. The market is also well famed for its antique stores that sell beautiful artwork.

Shop For Handicrafts At The Residency Road Market

Amidst the crowded streets and huge skyscrapers lies a remarkable market where you will find iconic brassware, quintessential metal sculptures and handcrafted artefacts. If you are interested in history and traditional products then the Residency Road Market is where you should be headed. If you are a student heading back home for festivals and want a souvenir to take back home then you would find something here.

Visit The Indiranagar Market For Branded Apparel

Looking for branded apparel at affordable prices? Then Indiranagar market is the place for you. Housing hundreds of clothing shops in a 100 ft. area, this market sells items brought directly from factory outlets. You will find brands such as Wrangler, Zara, Peter England, Levi’s, Park Avenue, H&M, Lee and many more. This market is the place where you can hoard fancy outfits at not-so-fancy prices. You can buy clothes at almost 10-20% of the original price which is quite inexpensive, isn’t it?

Explore The Streets Near Jyoti Nivas College For Best Buys

Almost every other street around this girls’ college is brimming with shoe stalls, gift shops, clothing and even electronics. The best bit is that if all that shopping makes you hungry and wish to grab a bite then there are many eateries for you to explore. The market is very popular among collegegoers and tourists alike. You can get the right kind of retail therapy and find whatever you are looking for here. The best bit is that this market is pretty accessible from your- space pg in Koramangala for females. 

Get Imported Goods From Majestic Market

Majestic Market in Bangalore is popular for apparel, electronics and fragrances at cost-effective prices. If you are a student living in Bangalore, then you should explore this market as it also offers a wide range of imported goods. The National Market is nearby, so your street-shopping options just got wider.

Check Out Shivajinagar Market For Nominal Rates

From blankets to sarees, and shoes to cane goods, there is a lot to shop for at Shivajinagar Market. The best bit is that you will get all of these at stellar prices. That’s not all, you can also shop for branded and affordable apparel, home decor and imitated jewellery. So, what are you waiting for? The prices have already dropped and the markets await you to shop till you drop.

Buy Affordable Electronics On SP Road Market

SP Road is the one-stop destination for affordable electronics. From gadgets to spare parts, phone accessories to cameras, you will find everything here. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this market a haven for gadget lovers and clumsy students who tend to drop their phones now and then. You might be overwhelmed by the number of shops located in the narrow lane but you will get some amazing deals so don’t miss out.

Bangalore indeed is one of the most beautiful and modern cities in India and living here as a student has its pros and cons. Living in Bangalore can be monotonous and this is why it’s important to take breaks and stay in a place you like calling home. If you are looking for a low-cost PG in Electronic city then do check out our website and find what you are looking for. Not just that, we also have some amazing options for PG for ladies in Soladevanhalli Bangalore that you can explore.

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