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Security Measures To Keep In Mind As A Girl Shifting To Delhi NCR

November 8, 2022 | 5:10 PM By your-space
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There is no denying that Delhi NCR offers some of the most amazing higher education and career opportunities. At the same time shifting to the capital city is no easy process more so for girls who are moving out of their homes for the very first time. There are several things to be considered when leaping and shifting to Delhi including finding a secure place to live in, navigating the city, looking for transportation and more. Amidst all these things, making sure that you are safe in all situations should be a top priority for you as a female moving to the capital city and surrounding areas. 

Now, we don’t mean to scare you in the least but safety measures followed in Delhi have to be a notch above in comparison to some other cities. To make this adjustment even easier, we have compiled a list of security measures that you should keep in mind. Read on to know more!

Research About The Neighbourhood 

Some neighbourhoods in Delhi are safer than others. This holds even more true for areas which are specifically occupied by a specific demographic such as students and working professionals. If you have decided upon the neighbourhood you want to settle in depending upon your college or office space, make sure to do extensive research about the area. You can do this virtually or try visiting the neighbourhood before finalising it. Consider features such as the availability of hospitals, police stations, chemists, markets and food joints within the area. Besides the presence of these things, you should also look into the fact that the site is not too secluded. 

Access To Transportation

Whether your college or place of work is within walking distance from your PG/hostel or not, it is always in your best interest to have access to public transport. Firstly this keeps the area from being too quiet and secluded. Secondly, this accessibility is useful if you wish to travel at night and lastly having good access to transportation in Delhi including the metro, rickshaws and autos helps you save money that you might be required to spend on expensive cab fares for long distances.

Opt For Accommodation With Top Notch Security Measures 

An accommodation optimised for safety helps you and your family sleep better at night. Besides security around the PG/hostel, it is equally integral that your belongings within the space are kept safely. Whether you wish to stay alone or share a space with someone, security within and outside the PG is important. Now, this is a department we at your-space cater to in all aspects. Our Delhi living space for students comes with technologically advanced security features such as CCTV surveillance, biometric scanners and also the presence of a round-the-clock security guard. 

Learn About The City 

Delhi NCR is vast! It is filled with numerous localities, cultural spots, cafes and corporate areas. Once you have shifted in, take some time to learn about not just the area you have selected to reside in but also the other known regions. The insights gained from this will help you make better-informed decisions such as which areas are relatively safer to hang out during the evenings, which ones have better connectivity via the metro and more.

Personal Safety Tricks 

Now that you have the safety measures for your surroundings straightened out, it is time to look into a few personal security tips that you should follow as a girl shifting to Delhi NCR. 

    #    Invest in pepper spray and a few other self-defence tools. 

    #    Try travelling in the women’s coach on the metro whenever possible. 

    #    Keep your phone charged at all times and to do so you can carry a power bank. In case you run out of battery, make sure to keep a note of the important phone numbers in your bag. 

    #    If you are travelling alone via cabs, share your tracking details with either your family, colleagues or friends. Most apps such as Ola and Uber provide you with this option as soon as your car ride starts.

    #    Learn basic self-defence. Not only can this be helpful in risky situations but it also gives you a confidence boost and you can easily get a workout in by signing up for these classes. 

Security is a top-most priority for most including us at your-space. Our single room pg in Jawahar Nagar, Khirki PG for students and paying guest in Hauz Khas Delhi including other areas of Delhi and the country come equipped with top-grade security measures. So what are you waiting for? Book your room with us today!

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