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8 best restaurants in Delhi to satisfy your taste buds!

September 8, 2020 | 9:49 AM By Dimple Motwani


Delhi, with its history, architecture, culture, art, and talent, also caters some very amazingly delicious eateries. ‘Delhi is all about butter chicken’ is a misconception because the city has so much more to offer. Delhi is proud to have some of the most unique and best restaurants within its lap. With lockdown restrictions lifted in Delhi, restaurants have started operating again. Picking one best restaurant that would satisfy your taste buds is impossible so here’s our list of 8 best restaurants that Delhi has to offer-

1. Fig & Maple

Radhika Khandelwal’s Fig and Maple is a great place for brunch popular among Delhi’s diverse group of twenty to thirty-year-olds as well as ladies in pashminas and men in suits. While the nominal plate of salad, the Fig and Maple is the masterpiece of the menu, it’s the ‘Dolores Park’ French toast that delights us the most.

Besides the unique cuisine and taste it serves, the dine out ambience with some romantic, disco lights is something that will pull you towards it.

Address: M-27, E Block Rd, Block M, Greater Kailash II

Phone: +91 9971174576

2. Yeti, The Himalayan Kitchen

This Himalayan Kitchen has introduced Delhites to Tibetan, Nepalese and Himalayan cuisines, and they love it. The newly opened Himalayan kitchen will consistently be known for beginning the total transformation in Hauz Khaz Village in terms of the already available food joints and cuisines. Yeti kitchen made the transformation possible through its meat-filled momos, heart-warming soups and meal-for-one thalis.

Yeti has promised its visitors an undertaking trail with meat, not by vowing but just offering its taste budding Cheley (singed buff offals) and Dopa Khalsa (twice-cooked goat throats). When it comes to Vegetarians, they will always be partial for the steaming hot-thukpa it offers.

Address: 20, M Market, near Sabka Bazar, Block M, Greater Kailash II

Phone: 011 41657868

3. Artusi Ristorante

For those craving the harsh, velvety hit of tiramisu, the smokiness of salmon or the perfection of the chicken liver plate, travelling from any corner of Delhi to Greater Kailash is all worth it. Since Italians own the place, there’s no doubt that this restaurant in Greater Kailash serves the best northern Italian food in all its authentic glory. Though its customers fall for the Italian food each time they visit, with a kitchen as uncompromising as this, you can be sure that everything on the menu is bound to impress.

Its ambience is another feature that would impress you. This blend of its appearance and the taste that it provides has contributed to an award-winning restaurant in Delhi.

Address: M-24, Block M, Greater Kailash II, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

Phone: 088002 09695

4. Moti Mahal Delux

Moti Mahal is one of the many North Indian restaurants in Delhi, yet the most preferred because of not just its taste, but the hospitality it prioritises to offer. This is where the misconception of the popularity of best butter chicken in Delhi becomes false.

It gives a simple yet charming seating space that is perfect for enjoying some time with family, friends, or a loved one and allows food to be the centre of your visit.

Address: M 30, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi

Phone: +91 11 2923 0480

5. Cafe Dori

Cafe Dori reminds of freshly-baked bread, flaky croissants and delightful eggs–ideal for a brisk supper after a long evening spent through their customized bags, grasps and sleeves. Regardless of whether you decide to flip through their well-curated Pan European menu, or approach their well-prepared staff for suggestions, this distribution centre arrangement always satisfies your taste sense.

The fact that the bistro is dog-friendly is another perk for dog-lovers!

Address: 100 Feet Rd, Pocket D, Dr Ambedkar Colony, Chhattarpur

Phone: 011 26302488

6. Indian Accent

Having won many accolades including a feature in World’s 100 Best Restaurants of 2019, Indian accent is owned by Manish Mehrotra and is known as it is because of his very typical Indian accent. This fine-dining restaurant is a fusion of rich flavours, formulated recipes, and wine pairings.

It is India’s most prized restaurants. Chef Manish Mehrotra expertly cooks Indian dishes so that they retain their original charm but also have an essence of modernity. Known for its butter chicken kulchas, melt-in-your-mouth naans, delicious dals and exquisitely plated, inventive desserts.

Moreover, its ambience is so comforting and peaceful that you would never want to leave the place once you are in.

Address: The Lodhi, Lodhi Rd, CGO Complex, Pragati Vihar

Phone: +91 9871117968

7. Bukhara

Bukhara is another consistently best-rated restaurant in Delhi. Just like Manish Mehrotra, it also tried to blend the traditional dishes into modernity.

Bringing the romance of the rugged North West Frontier alive, executive chefs Manisha Bhasin and JP Singh work with an extremely well-trained team to give diners a truly unique dining experience. Ask for the giant naan with their world-famous Dal Bukhara and you will never get disappointed.

Address: ITC Maurya, Sardar Patel Marg, Akhaura Block, Diplomatic Enclave

Phone: 011 46215124

8. Spezia Bistro

There is always an adda every college or school group has, where they can go to and just chill and expect some hospitality and attention. Spezia Bistro is one such adda for students of Delhi University.

The bistro has not just gained the popularity through its varied western as well as Indian cuisine but has also made its way through ups and downs just to ensure that the ambience and hospitality that it provides comfort its customers.

Address: 2525, First Floor, Hudson Ln, near Metro Station, GTB Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110009

Phone: 099101 14148

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