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Reasons Why Co-Living Is Preferred By Students

September 9, 2022 | 2:53 PM By your-space
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Student accommodation options have evolved over recent years. Besides the conventional hostels and rental apartments, the concept of co-living has also made its mark as a prominent option that is being chosen by students and working professionals alike. A co-living setup includes necessary and additional amenities into the fixed monthly rental so that you just have to pack your clothes and move in. Co-living accommodation such as ours has established our services in both metropolitan and tier 2 cities. It is being steadily opted for especially by students who are looking for comfortable stays that are also affordable.

As India is home to a variety of prestigious educational institutions, it sees an influx of students every year. Students are opting to stay in PGs/Hostels instead of going to traditional hostels or renting an apartment for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons why co-living is becoming the preferred student accommodation in India.

Enhanced Safety:

Safety is a big concern for parents as their children move out and rightly so. Also, while living alone issues such as things being stolen or money going missing can happen in hostels or apartments. The safety of students is one of the topmost priorities for your-space. Besides having a security guard, our PGs in Bangalore also have CCTV surveillance to safeguard the peace of mind of both students and parents.


Hostels in educational institutes come with limited facilities that might compromise hygiene and other standards. As for rental apartments, the amenities you decide to get are decided by you depending on your lifestyle and budget, however, the upkeep of these facilities is an added responsibility that you might want to avoid as a student, especially in a busy city like Bangalore or Mumbai. Our co-living student accommodation offers top-notch facilities including a gym, home-style meals, housekeeping and more at a fixed monthly cost. Opting for co-living helps you save the time that you might spend on maintaining the flat amenities that you also have to set up and it also helps you avoid racking up monthly additional costs.


In comparison to living in a flat, the rent in a co-living is inclusive of almost all necessary amenities. This helps you as a student to budget better and save up money to spend on fun activities and travel. Co-living also gives you the flexibility of signing up for short-term, mid-term or long-term leases which are not provided by an educational hostel or a rental apartment. your-space PGs in Bangalore for male and women students are designed to provide the utmost comfort at an affordable price.

Community Feels:

Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi are progressive cities which are bustling with ideas that have over the past created some of the best startups in India. Networking as a student is especially important in a city as it helps you meet like-minded people that can help you progress in your career. your-space helps you meet new people and makes you a part of the community through its recreation spaces and events. This is especially great if you are new to the city and might be feeling alone in the city.

Comfort and convenience:

As a student living in a big city, you will have a lot of assignments and studying to complete, places to travel and things to enjoy. It is important that your accommodation adds comfort and convenience to your routine rather than adding chores to your list. Our co-living spaces are designed keeping these things in mind. The amenities in our PGs are top-notch and help you save time which can be spent on hitting the gym, catching up on movies and TV shows or any activity of your choice. Our accommodations are located in proximity to major educational institutions such as our PG in Koramangala and PG in Electronic City.

As a student living in any major Indian city, you must pick your accommodation wisely as it impacts your daily life. Your comfort, safety and budget are key factors that you should consider while choosing a student accommodation and our co-living space offers all these things in the best and most affordable way. Give us a call or drop us a text on email to pick the best accommodation option for yourself!

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