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Reasons why Ahmedabad is preferred by students for higher education

November 17, 2022 | 11:50 AM By your-space
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Ahmedabad has thrived as a vibrant city and educational hub for several years now. The largest city in the state of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is home to several prestigious universities and colleges including both the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Management. Besides these two educational institutes, the city is also home to Nirma University, St Xavier’s College, MICA University and Vishwakarma Engineering College. These splendid educational platforms lead thousands of students to go to Ahmedabad every year to pursue their higher studies. However, it is not the only reason why it is a top city to study in. 

Besides the presence of exceptional colleges, Ahmedabad also has a rich and fun culture that students find very easy to gel in. If Ahmedabad is one of the many places you are considering for your higher studies, then this blog will help you decide better. 

Presence Of Prestigious Colleges and a Variety of Courses 

The presence of major educational institutes for undergraduate and postgraduate courses makes Ahmedabad a top choice for students looking forward to pursuing their higher education. The city has a good mix of both government and private institutions that provide a wide range of courses including medical, engineering, law, media studies and more. The educational institutions here are proficient in teaching techniques that create a long-lasting impact and also provide a competitive yet healthy environment for students to grow.

Better Career Opportunities

Ahmedabad has industrially developed over the last few years and therefore has good career prospects for the students who come here for their higher education. The city’s colleges also have relatively good placement opportunities for students to explore especially in post-graduate programs. An education from the institutes of Ahmedabad can help you to be on the right path towards your career building.

Building Block of Corporate Network

While this is more of a benefit for students pursuing management courses such as PGDM and MBA in Ahmedabad, the city attracts an overall ambitious group of students. The colleges in Ahmedabad also have renowned alumni and people from distinct educational backgrounds, thus giving you tonnes of opportunities to network for future endeavours.

Safe City For Students 

Ahmedabad is one of the safest cities in India for women and the student population as a whole. The city has police patrolling every evening and famous hangout spots such as Law Garden and Manek Chowk tend to be lively even till 2 AM. The nightlife here is more about food and merriment than anything else and the people of Ahmedabad do not disappoint in this aspect.

Ample Festivities 

As a student living in Ahmedabad, you can witness various festivals including the renowned International Kite Festival, Food Festival and Navratri. The city lights up during these celebrations with people dancing the night away at large-scale events, enjoying delicious food and socialising with friends and family. The city’s joyous culture is often talked about and rightly so. As a student, you will have plenty to explore including restaurants, cafes, malls, street markets and more in Ahmedabad, so one thing you can be sure about is that your weekend plans will always remain sorted!

Relatively Inexpensive Living 

In 2021, Ahmedabad made it to the list of cheapest cities to live in the world at number 7th. As compared to other metro cities, Ahmedabad has a lower cost of living including rent and public transportation. While this may also depend upon which area you chose to live in and the usual lifestyle that you follow, as a student living in Ahmedabad you won’t have to constantly worry about high prices. One of the most efficient and affordable living options for you would be to stay at our your-space Paying guest in Ahmedabad. The monthly rent at our PGs/hostels is inclusive of all necessary amenities including home-style meals so you can forego the stress of creating stringent monthly budgets.

Great Food

The people of Ahmedabad take their food very seriously and you will be spoilt for choices if you do land up here as a student. Their street food along with experimental fusions is not only famous in the city itself but also all over the internet. Manek Chowk, Law Garden and Ahmedabad Street Food Park are just a few of the many eating spots here. From cute cafes to high-end restaurants, you will have plenty to explore in your free time.

If you have decided to study in Ahmedabad or are already living here but at a not-so-great accommodation, then our Chandkheda PG, hostel in Aamarakunj Ahmedabad, PG in Gota and PG near SG Highway are all ready to welcome you with their top-notch facilities. Just give us a call at +91 8447707093! 

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