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Quarantine Hotels in Mumbai with isolation facility | Your-Space

April 22, 2021 | 2:18 PM By Manaswani Saxena


The world is fighting the fight against a deadly virus. Almost every country is dealing with bubbling cases and drying out resources, medical infrastructure and vaccination. India, standing in the top three countries, constantly for months now, is one of the worst hit countries. The sub-continent with one of the highest populations in the world, people are piling over each other in queues in hospitals to find medical assistance for their loved ones. Maharashtra, home to the most populated slum in the world, at the heart of it – Mumbai – has been hit the worst. On the top of every graph and record for COVID-19, this city is dealing with the harshest of this tragedy. While the administration is doing its best to manage the disease, with an increase in cases and the scarcity of hospital ICU beds, supportive medicine, and vaccine doses, the health system is crashing – all at once and fastest around the city of dreams, Mumbai. Teams at Your-Space have decided to stand up and join this fight against this pandemic by contributing their bit to its management. We are opening up our otherwise student homes to COVID-19 patients and/or people under threat/possible contact so they can peacefully isolate and manage their health.

About COVID-19

COVID-19 is a rapidly transmitting infectious disease caused by a coronavirus. Based on research and studies so far, the known mediums of the spread of COVID-19 are through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The virus enters the body via a person’s nose, mouth, and/or eyes. Some recent studies even suggest that the virus may even be airborne and can spread through fine infected droplets that remain suspended in the air in closed air-conditioned environments of spaces like workplaces, cars, cabs, buses, shopping malls, and theatres due to the absence of cross-ventilation, even if people are not in direct contact with an infected person.

COVID-19 Transmission Prevention

So far, the factors that are known to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 amongst people may include:

● Staying at home: It is suggested to stay at home, especially for people below the age of 5 years or above the age of 60 years, and people who suffer from comorbidities/chronic ailments. However, in today’s time, it is highly recommended that anybody and everybody should stay indoors except for unavoidable situations.
● Avoid visitors/visiting people.
● Hand & Face Hygiene: Washing your hands and face at regular intervals with soap and water is said to wash off any germs/droplets you may be carrying.
● Face Cover: Wearing an effective face mask/cover at all times to prevent any contact.
● Social distancing: To keep a distance of a minimum of 6 feet.
● Home Hygiene: Cleaning the frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant regularly.
● Health & Diet: Ensuring proper nutrition through a balanced diet, maintaining hydration, consuming fresh fruits and juices for boosting immunity, intaking supplements that are proven to support one’s health.
● Physical Activity: Daily exercise and meditation are recommended to keep one’s body active and calm.

COVID-19 Symptoms:

Most commonly known symptoms of COVID-19 include:

● Dry cough/sore throat
● Cold/congestion/runny nose
● Fever or chills
● Fatigue/tiredness
● Muscle/body aches or headache
● Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
● Loss of appetite/taste/smell

When to Seek Medical Assistance:

While isolating with mild symptoms should do the trick unless you’re tested positive. However, you should closely monitor your symptoms regularly and observe if you feel anything suspicious about your health. Apart from mild symptoms, if you additionally notice any of the below mentioned things, you should seek emergency medical care immediately:

● Worsening shortness of breath
● Oxygen saturation below 95%
● Bluish lips or face
● A persistent temperature of more than 101F for 3 days or more
● Persistent pain/pressure in the chest
● Inability to wake or stay awake

Maintaining Healthy Diet

Energy-Rich foods: These include cereals (wheat, rice, maize, etc), fats/oils, sugars.
● Bodybuilding foods: These include pulses (all dals, beans, legumes), animal foods (eggs, meat, poultry, fish), milk and milk products.
● Protective foods: These include seasonal fruits and vegetables (dark green leafy, yellow and orange colored, citrus, and other fruits).
● Supplements/Immunity Boosters: Vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, selenium are known to influence the immune responses. Besides off-the-counter boosters, you can even try natural and herbal products.

Mumbai and COVID-19

As of 21st April 2021, Mumbai has had a total of 5,94,059 cases with approximately 83,937 active cases. While the different parts of the country are carrying out their vaccine drives, Mumbai’s vaccination drive has come to a halt. Earlier in April 2021, several small and private COVID-19 vaccination centers in Mumbai were shut because of the unavailability of the Covid-19 vaccine, which includes Covishield and Covaxin, according to the details shared by the BMC spokesperson.

The city is not only facing a shortage of vaccines, but also oxygen tanks, ICU beds, and other health-related support systems – same as the country. The GOvernment of Maharashtra has imposed statewide Section 144 along with other restrictions till the date 1st May in the wake of the situation. The city is likely to face a strict lockdown for 15 days as the cases increase at an unmanageable rate.

COVID-19 and Your-Space

Rising to the need of the hour, Your-Space has offered to convert its student accommodation homes to Isolation Homes for people looking to safely quarantine in Mumbai. With the increase in COVID testing and subsequent rate of transmission and infection, the shortage of beds in the city’s hospitals and care facilities is not only expected but also justified. Joining the league and following the lead of Quarantine hotels in Mumbai, Your-Space has stepped up in today’s testing times.

Our services have been converted into a system of catering to people who have been infected or are under the threat/scare of being in contact with an infected person and are actively looking to quarantine/isolate in the city – away from home, family and friends. Our otherwise luxuriously beautiful student accommodation homes have been prepared and re-equipped based on the needs of a person hit by the threat/infection of the virus.

FAQs on Your-Space COVID-19 quarantine hotels in Mumbai

For whom is your Isolation Facility recommended?

People who haven’t tested positive and are looking to quarantine/isolate to prevent any future contact with an infected person can stay with us. Besides, people who have tested positive with only mild manageable symptoms – only through oral medication, and are looking to get away from their friends/family to prevent infecting others can also contact us for booking their premium isolation room with us.

What all is needed to apply for a room in your Isolation Facility in Mumbai?

The following are the conditions based on which we are taking people in:

● Should not be over the age of 70
● Should be carrying a government identity proof (Example Aadhar Card)
● Should be carrying the latest COVID-19 test report
● The last recorded Oxygen Saturation of the applicant shouldn’t be less than 90%
● The symptoms of the applicant should only be none to mild
● The applicant shouldn’t require any physical assistance (For Example walking, eating)

Is your Isolation facility safe for Quarantine in Mumbai?

Yes, our homes have been re-equipped and revamped to suit all the needs of a person looking to quarantine in Mumbai. Our facility is absolutely safe for you or your loved ones. We make sure to provide high-quality comfort, safety, and health services & amenities at our homes.

How many people are you accommodating in one room?

Since it is an isolation service, we recommend only one person per room to maximize the benefit of quarantining.

What is the total capacity of your Quarantine Hotel in Mumbai?

Our homes, otherwise for student PGs, can accommodate approximately 30-40 persons, on average.

What are the infrastructural facilities provided at the Your-Space Isolation facility?

Rooms of our Isolation Homes are of premium quality and come fully furnished. We provide all essential furniture so that people can just easily move in without much hassle. The rooms also come with a clean attached washroom. All basic necessities like an air-conditioner and a geyser are pre-installed too. Factors like inlet for natural light and enough ventilation are also taken care of.

Do you provide food? How would that be administered?

Yes, we are offering top-quality & nutritious 3-time veg/non-veg full course meals and an evening snack/tea/coffee to all our residents. This food shall be delivered at the doorstep ensuring minimum contact and/or physical interaction. The resident can have their meals peacefully in their rooms without the threat of any transmission.

Is there a facility for COVID testing or an emergency ambulance?

If any resident feels the need to get tested or tested again for the virus to get to know the latest status of their health, we can provide consultation for testing at the property. Besides, in cases of sudden medical emergencies, we can provide an emergency ambulance service.

What additional services do you provide?

Other than infrastructural and food needs, Your-Space offers additional services including pick-up and drop, Unlimited Wi-Fi, Disposable Bedsheets, and Pillow Covers.

Is there a caregiver at your facility?

To maximize isolation, we do not place any permanent caregivers at the property with the residents. However, a daily health check-up shall be performed by a doctor, remotely. While an on-call nurse can be made available in cases of any concerns.

Are housekeeping and sanitization taken care of?

Yes, but of course. All the rooms will be regularly sanitized by a professional service to maintain maximum safety of residents.

What is not included in your package?

We do not offer certain personal items for safety and hygiene reasons such as toiletries, towels, blankets, etc. Any additional medicinal costs that may occur shall be taken care of by the resident. No cashless insurance option is available to make payments at our facility.

What are your charges per person?

Your-Space has started this service at a minimal cost starting from just 2500 INR per day per person which includes fully furnished rooms, health consultation, food, and other such services. While charges may vary depending upon your choice of room type & availability. A complete advance payment of a minimum stay of 7 days is required.

How do I book the stay at the your-space quarantine hotel?

You can call us on +91-8383027664 to book your stay.

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