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8 Best Places to Party Like an Animal in Bangalore

January 20, 2022 | 11:51 AM By YourSpace


Bangalore is one of the liveliest and fun cities to live in. Be it student life, kick starting your career, or entrepreneurial dreams, Bangalore is the city at the heart of it all. Since there are a lot of people who move in from other cities to study or work, your-space offers some of the best PGs in Bangalore for females and males. If you want an ideal Bangalore PG – rent should be affordable with home away from home vibe and great amenities. Your-space is here to address your housing needs. A city of migrants, no matter where you live, you can get a good and affordable PG in Banerghatta, PG in Koramangala, and PG in Whitefield; Bangalore is a place that takes care of all your needs.

The place is amazing, the weather indescribable and the whiff of filter coffee just takes over the streets. For those who are fond of nightlife, like to unwind and let their hair down on the weekends – there is no shortage of clubs, pubs, breweries, or bars in Bangalore. Since Bangalore PG rents are quite affordable as compared to cities like Mumbai and Delhi, a little splurging once in a while is always a good idea, and where better to go crazy than at these clubs and breweries.

1) NoLimmits Lounge and Club

NoLimmits Lounge is known for its class apart DJ Nights. If you are ever missing out on Bollywood music, this is the place to hit up with your gang. You can dance the night away on commercial hip-hop and Bollywood music being spun by some of the best DJs in town. Their comfortable leather sofas are the perfect seats for tired party-goers to relax when they feel like taking a break. This place offers some great cocktails and an array of cuisines to choose from – North Indian, Continental, or Chinese. So, head over to NoLimmits for limitless fun

Image Credit:- NoLimmits Lounge

2)Toit, Indiranagar

Not only Bangalore but all the beer drinkers all over the country are acquainted with this popular microbrewery in Indiranagar. The refreshing craft beer you get here is perfect to kick start the night or wind down after a hard day at work. Check out varieties of beer such as New England IPA (India Pale Ale) which has a tropical flavour and goes well with their famous Okra Podi Chips and Chicken Wings.

3)The Sugar Factory – Le Meridien

Sugar Factory is one of the greatest nightclubs in this city and is popular for its quirky and vibrant ambience. You feel like you have entered a fantasy world and this feel is lent by the soft lighting, round tables, and long benches of the place. Their signature cocktail, Candy Lolly is in sync with a candy-like fantasy vibe and you must try it out.


While Loveshack was made popular due to its LIT Karaoke nights, this nightclub will offer an unparalleled party experience. It has a laidback Goan vibe, the rooftop bar pours your favourite cocktails through the night, the crowd is super enthusiastic and the foot-tapping music and beautiful ambience make it a place you want to keep going back to. It seems like an ideal place for couples to go on dates, but anyone can have a good time here.

Image Credit:- Loveshack

5)Arbor Brewing Company, Brigade Road

For those of you at MG Road, ABC or Arbor Brewing Company is a quaint and cosy microbrewery to chill at, after a hectic day or week at work! The chilled and warm vibes are radiated by the warm yellow lighting and informal wooden seating. People rave about the IPA and the honey-lavender-infused Smooth Criminal brew are amongst other interesting flavours. You will get your typical bar snacks here such as loaded nachos, french fries, baked mac and cheese, and nothing about this place will disappoint you.

6)Happy Brew

Happy brew takes the mantra ‘Thank God It’s Friday!’ to the next level with its ever-so-famous Bollywood night. This Friday, when the clock strikes 7, head over to this place and dance the night away to some of your favourite Bollywood tunes. Chug some beer, grab some snacks, and party on.

7)Jungle themed Pebbles

Partying at Pebbles is like partying the night away in an isolated jungle. Very out of the ordinary, this club makes it happen right here at Sadashiv Nagar and is a favourite place for party animals. This jungle-themed nightclub is known for trippy music like dubstep, psychedelic trance, and EDM that are meant to transport you to a parallel universe.


Bangalore’s ritziest mall, UB City offers the best rooftop ambience at its Skyye lounge. It is one of the most popular nightclubs in Bangalore and getting the panoramic view of the city from here makes it a coveted bar to be at. It has a gorgeous underlit dance floor, amazing views, and a circular bar counter that serves amazing cocktails. Going here is a breath-taking experience and a must-do on everyone’s list.

With this list of the most happening places in Bangalore, you are bound to have a great time with your gang of friends.

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