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Places To Celebrate The Month of Love in Mumbai

February 24, 2022 | 11:11 AM By YourSpace


A city that has always supported lovers in Mumbai. There are certain pockets in Bombay that are dedicated to young couples; at these places, you will often find couples lurking in the shadows, standing under the trees, or just hanging in and around their cars. This show of affection has been accepted by all and given the nod due to the space constraint issue that Bombay faces. While every city has its ‘lovers’ lane’ Mumbai has many more places to offer to lovers.

Amidst the chaos and the traffic of city life, every couple needs a place to spend some quality time with their partner in peace. This beautiful city has some great places where you can go with your boyfriend or girlfriend and just be. And since it is the month of love, February, why not take your loved one out to some place other than a pretty restaurant for a clichéd candlelight dinner. Sure, that has its own charm, but I am sure most of you have been there done that, so this month try out these hotspots.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is a long stretch in South Mumbai that runs along the Arabian Sea. Made popular by Bollywood movies, this spot is frequented by locals all the time. It overlooks the ocean and is the ideal place to take a walk and get mesmerized by the panoramic view of this city during sunset. Grab your cups of coffee and take a walk, or just sit and catch up while the city passes you by.

Bandra Fort

This place is yet another gem, right in the middle of the city at Bandra. This too like Marine drive has been made popular by Bollywood movies and you are bound to catch a vanity van or two right outside. The perfect time to visit Castella de Aguada or the Bandra Fort is right before sunset. Go with your plus one and watch the Bandra Worli sea link light up when the sun sets. Since you are at Bandra, after sunset, head over to one of the many fancy restaurants for a nice dinner or even grab some rolls and walk at Bandstand or Carter road.

Bandra Bandstand

Image Credit:- Flicker

Bandra Bandstand can get crowded in the evenings and even during the wee hours of the night – but that is Mumbai for you, the city that never sleeps. Another great place where you can enjoy waves crashing against the rocks while holding the hand of your partner is the Bandstand. Take a walk along the water or just sit there and gaze at nature – either way, you are bound to get consumed by the site. If you are lucky get a foot massage while you are at it.

Versova Rock Beach

Unlike the above waterfronts, Versova Rock Beach is less crowded. Located at Andheri, this beach is an extension of Juhu beach with relatively cleaner waters. It is open to the public from the early hours of the morning till late at night. You will often find couples spending some quality time amid the solitude and tranquility that this beach offers. The road across the beach has a lineup of cute cafes and restaurants so you can always head over to grab a bite or a drink before or after enjoying the scenic beauty.

Tanjore Tiffin Room

Image Credit:- architecturaldigest

Step out of your Andheri PG and walk right to this restaurant for some lip-smacking coastal food. They give you a tasting platter of all the curries they offer and then advice what protein or vegetable tastes well with which curry. We recommend having the chicken 65, the prawn railway curry, and the stew along with some fresh appams. They also have a range of amazing cocktails and a very cute ambience lit up with small tea light candles.

Colaba Causeway

An unconventional date place, but your girlfriend will love you for taking her there. Say goodbye to any attention that you were intending to get because the handicrafts, clothes and little trinkets being sold at Colaba Causeway will have grabbed all the attention. But don’t worry, after a little shopping, this strip has some nice places to catch up and grab a beer. We suggest heading over to the café Mondegar or Leopold Café and getting some chilled beer and a bite. Around sunset, you can walk over to the gateway of India or even get a glimpse of it from this strip. This is the perfect way to spend a day with your loved one.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Image Credit:- Wikimedia

Another unique way to spend quality time is by heading over to this national park situated in Borivali. You can rent some cycles early morning and admire nature’s beauty together. Post that you can set up a little picnic spot for yourselv es and have a gala time. This place also has a safari that you can go for if you both are nature lovers.

Prithvi Theatre

Image Credit :- Wikipedia

Prithvi theatre and its adjoining café have a charm like none other. One of the most highly regarded theatres in the city, this theatre hosts a variety of plays. Right outside the theatre is their Prithvi café which serves some amazing Irish coffee and good food making the entire combination perfect for a date. You often find theatre artists hanging around here sipping tea and grabbing a smoke.

Juhu Chowpatty

This is definitely the opposite of a date place but is an experience in itself. Overlooking the Juhu beach, this place has a bunch of restaurants serving the famous Mumbai chaat, kulfi, and pav bhaji. We guarantee that it will be crowded, no matter what time of the day you pick to go there, but, it is something you must do with your partner. A perfect outing that will tantalize your taste buds and give you a real taste of Mumbai Street Food.

Boat Ride from Gateway of India

The gateway of India in itself is a sight to visit and enjoy. To add to that, they offer a boat ride from there into the middle of the ocean, from where the sunset can be enjoyed. February is actually the perfect month to rent a yacht or a speed boat for your partner and take this little ride. The company organizes flowers, champagne, decorates the ship, and also has a menu to pre-order from. This idea is bound to win anyone’s heart – just you and your loved one in the middle of the ocean. Something you only saw in the movies can now be experienced in real life.

Mumbai has a lot to offer and the best thing is they have something for everyone – from the exorbitant outings to affordable options, everyone here can have a great time. While recreational places are many, getting a place to stay can be a struggle. Often bachelors, single girls, budding actors and actresses, people with a budget find it tough to find the ideal place to stay. Even if one is able to find a place, either the rent is too high or the place is below average. With your-space, these issues are taken care of. We offer PGs and hostel accommodations with the best amenities, hygiene, comfort, and affordable PG rent in Mumbai. Check out our Kalina, Khargar, Powai, Kurla, and Andheri PGs, amongst other PGs that are strategically chosen to be close to the top educational institutes and business centres in Mumbai. While we take care of your home away from home, you step out and celebrate the month of love.

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