PG v/s Hostels: What Works Better?

May 4, 2023 | 10:36 AM By your-space
PG Vs Hostel


Leaving home to move to another city to study is a major life event for many students. It can be an exciting and nerve-wracking experience all at once. The transition can be overwhelming, as you adjust to a new environment, new people, and new routines. However, this experience can also be one of the most rewarding and transformative times in your life. One of the first things that happen when you leave home to study is that you have to adjust to a new living situation. While the everlasting confusion of choice between PG v/s Hostel goes on, regardless of what you choose, you will have to get used to a new set of living arrangements.

Your-space is an award-winning brand that specializes in just that – creating comfortable and inviting homes away from home for students and young professionals like you to move to. Moving to a new place is challenging anyway, what you can do to minimize the inconvenience and maximize comfort is choosing the right place to move to! Your-space PGs in over 10 major cities are designed strategically to ensure comfort, health, safety, and community for all its residents. From exclusive properties for girls and boys to world-class amenities and top-notch security systems, at our PG, you will experience nothing but bliss! Choose from our range of PG accommodation options offering up to triple occupancy in all major cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Dehradun, among others – and start your journey of living away from home with complete confidence!

Deciding between living in a PG v/s hostel is a personal choice that depends on individual preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately, what is “better” will vary from person to person. PGs or paying guest accommodations provide students with a more homely and independent living experience. They typically offer a single or shared room with attached bathrooms, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and meal options. They also offer more flexibility in terms of food, as students can choose to cook their meals or order from outside. Moreover, PGs are typically located closer to colleges and universities, making travel to and from class more convenient. However, PGs can be expensive, and not all offer the same level of amenities or comfort. It is also important to research and choose a reliable and trustworthy PG provider.

Hostels, on the other hand, are budget-friendly accommodations that offer a more social and communal living experience. Students share rooms, bathrooms, and common areas such as kitchens and lounges. Hostels often organize social events and activities, which can be an excellent opportunity for students to meet new people and make friends. Hostels also offer more security, with staff available 24/7 to ensure the safety of residents. However, living in a hostel can also have its drawbacks, such as lack of privacy, noise, and limited personal space.

As experts in the field of creating homely spaces for young people, your space has curated a list of factors that you must compare between choosing the type of accommodation you would like to finalise when looking at the PG v/s Hostel debate! Here are a few factors listed for you to consider:

  1. Cost
  2. Location
  3. Amenities
  4. Room Configuration
  5. Social Life
  6. Safety and Security

By comparing these factors, students can make an informed decision on which accommodation type is best suited to their needs and preferences – when tackling the conflict of PG v/s Hostel. Let’s dive into each of these factors to understand them better:


One of the most significant factors is the cost. Hostels are typically less expensive than PGs. However, PGs can provide more amenities and a higher level of comfort, which may justify the higher price tag. So when choosing between PG v/s Hostel, you must consider your budget as the first factor. If it suits your budget and other priorities, an accommodation with more amenities becomes the obvious choice.


The location of the accommodation is also crucial. PGs are typically located closer to colleges and universities, making travel to and from class more convenient. For instance, your-space PGs are strategically located close to all major institutions across cities. Hostels, on the other hand, may be located in more touristy areas or city centres. However, understanding how crucial the factor of location is for you might help. Some individuals who come with their personal vehicles may choose a farther accommodation option if it suits their other preferences better. So, PG v/s Hostel – you choose!


The amenities offered by the accommodation can vary significantly. PGs typically offer more amenities, such as Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and meal options. Hostels usually have shared facilities, such as kitchens and lounges, but may not offer as many amenities as PGs. So, when choosing between PG v/s Hostel, think about this: if you are a more independent and ‘need my space’ kind of person, you might prefer a place that offers more privacy. However, if you like to make friends, mingle, and share spaces, you might like the hostel setup better.

Room Configuration:

The configuration of the rooms can also be a factor to consider. PGs usually offer single or shared rooms with attached bathrooms. Hostels typically offer dorm-style accommodation, with shared rooms and bathrooms. Again, ask yourself, are you a one-roomie-for-life kind of person, or a bunk-bed kind of a person? Then decide between PG v/s Hostel!

Social life:

The social life aspect can be important for some students. Hostels often organize social events and activities, which can be an excellent opportunity for students to meet new people and make friends. PGs typically offer more privacy and independence, which may be better suited for students who prefer a quieter living environment.

Safety and security:

Safety and security are critical factors to consider when choosing accommodation. Hostels typically have staff available 24/7 to ensure the safety of residents. PGs may have fewer staff members but may offer more secure facilities, such as CCTV cameras and secure entry systems.

FAQs about PG v/s Hostel

What is a PG?

A PG is a paying guest accommodation, where tenants pay for a room or bed and amenities like meals, Wi-Fi, and laundry. People usually stay in PGs for the long term. Check out your space PGs in Jaipur, for instance.

What is a hostel?

A hostel is a budget-friendly accommodation where travellers or students can rent a bed in a shared room or a private room, usually with shared facilities like bathrooms, kitchens, and lounges. Hostels may also be rented for a day’s or week’s stay.

Which is cheaper, a PG v/s hostel?

Hostels are usually cheaper than PGs, but this can vary depending on location, amenities, and room configurations. The concept of expensive and cheap may also depend on how much you are looking to invest in these accommodations.

Which is more comfortable, a PG v/s hostel?

PGs typically offer more comfort and privacy, as tenants have their own rooms and attached bathrooms. Hostels are more communal and offer less privacy but can be more fun and social.

Safety-wise, PG or hostel which is better?

Both PGs and hostels have safety protocols in place, but hostels typically have more security measures like lockers, CCTV cameras, and staff available 24/7. For instance, your-space properties have top-notch safety systems installed across cities, which allows residents to feel secure at all times.

When thinking of convenience, is PG better than a hostel?

Around convenience between PG v/s Hostel, PGs are usually located closer to colleges and universities, making travel to and from class more convenient. Hostels may be located in touristy areas or city centres, making them more convenient for exploring the city.

Can I cook my own meals in a PG v/s hostel?

PGs usually offer the option to cook meals in a shared or private kitchen. Hostels also have communal kitchens where guests can cook their meals. This will however differ between different types of premises. At your space, you get to enjoy home-style meals cooked by professional chefs, and cook your own munchies in our all-equipped kitchens!

Can I have visitors in a PG or hostel?

Most PGs and hostels have visitor policies, so it’s best to check with management before inviting guests over. For instance, if it is an all-girls PG or an all-boys PG, special permissions may be required before inviting an opposite-gender guest, even when it’s family.

Which is better in terms of ‘curfew’ – PG v/s Hostel?

In terms of curfew in PG v/s Hostel, some PGs and hostels have curfews, while others do not. It’s important to check with management to understand the policies in place. PGs generally are more liberal in their curfew policies, however, it may depend on the brand/owner.

Can I stay long-term in a PG or hostel?

Most PGs and hostels allow long-term stays, but the terms and conditions may vary. People typically choose PGs when they are looking for a long-term stay, for example, 3 years of a degree. Hostels are open for a day’s or week’s stay too, for example, if you’re travelling and looking for an easy and affordable place to stay!

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