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November 7, 2020 | 4:26 PM By Dimple Motwani

About SRCC-

Shri Ram College of Commerce, established in 1920, affiliated with Delhi University, is one of the most reputed colleges in India. It has been ranked 12th among all the other colleges in India by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). It offers various courses in Commerce, Economics and Business including B.Com (Hons) and BA in Economics (Hons) at the undergraduate level. At the postgraduate level, it offers courses in M.Com, M.A in Economics and PG Diploma in Global Business Operation.

PG near Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC)

You will find many local Hostels/PGs near the north campus and SRCC. But, most are not very well managed or safe. But unlike most other Hostels, Your-space North Campus PGs are professionally managed, with a variety of amenities and are safe for both Girls and Boys.

TO BOOK – CALL ON +91 8383027664

Your-Space North Campus Hostel/PG for Boys and Girls near SRCC

About Your-Space

Your-Space is an IIM – Cambridge – Oxford alumni initiative, co-founded by former bankers, consultants, and great friends, Nidhi Kumra, Shubha Lal and Karan Kaushish who identified the gap in the organized student housing sector. They together wanted to create a unique product, the core idea of which was being able to cultivate a student-first environment that promotes overall holistic well-being. Your-Space through its four pillars of commitment – Security, Health, Community and Comfort gives you an experience of a home away from home!

Facilities at Your-Space North Campus Hostel/PG near SRCC




  1. WIFI
  8. FOOD





FAQs on Your-Space North Campus Hostels/PGs near SRCC

COVID-19 – What are the additional responsibilities taken at your-space?

We are taking sufficient measures to ensure that all our properties are safe for our students. We follow a strict protocol which includes-

. Deep cleaning and sanitization of buildings, rooms and common areas

. All commonly touched surfaces cleaned every 2-3 hours

. All common areas to be used with reduced capacity to ensure social distancing

. All common areas equipped with sanitizers

. All room configurations arranged to ensure students are at a safe distance from their roommate

. Contactless entry to buildings with temperature screening, sanitization capabilities and facial recognition technology.

. All food is cooked by your-space employed individuals (no outsourcing) to ensure safety
standards are adhered to. We are the only student housing company that does this!

. All support staff will be provided with protective gear such as masks and gloves and will be screened every day for temperature. They have also downloaded the Aarogya Setu app to ensure they are not in contact with high-risk individuals

. Further, there is a detailed SOP for all scenarios on which the your-space team has been rigorously trained over the last 3 months

I am convinced! How do I book a bed at the Your-Space North Campus hostels/PGs?

You can call us on +91-87007 10052 to book your room or click on ‘Find a PG’ on the right-hand side with your details and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How much do I need to pay for the Your-Space North Campus hostels/PGs?

Our prices start at 18,000/- INR per person. The prices vary depending on the type of sharing and amenities.

How many meals will I get in a day?

We usually provide Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks and Dinner at this hostel. Your-Space offers home-cooked meals from our specially curated menus prepared by well-experienced chefs. We have been highly rated consistently for our food!

Where are the Your-Space North Campus hostels/PGs located?

We have two hostels for SRCC students – one on Bungalow road (close to Kamla Nagar) for Girls and one in Shakti Nagar for Boys. Both are only 4 mins away from college. Both hostels are strategically located thus ensuring minimum travel for students.

Are guests allowed?

Yes, of course. Id proof is mandatory though. Overnight stay for friends and parents is allowed after permission from management and respective roommates. However, we don’t allow male guests beyond a certain time limit in the evening at female hostels and vice versa.

Do I have to pay any brokerage while booking a PG at your-Space?

No. We do not charge any brokerage from our guests. We have a fair and transparent rental structure where we charge a monthly rental fee and a fully refundable security deposit. No extra charges guaranteed!

More About SRCC-

Student Societies

Just like the other colleges in Delhi University, SRCC leaves no opportunity to encourage its students to participate in various extra-curricular activities and gain confidence. Among the many societies, the ones that engage the students widely are Computer and Maths society, Book club, D street, CLIF, and Debating Society.
Other socially active departments like the Sports committee have their own audience and growth.

Campus Life

The student body in SRCC is provided with the following facilities:
Library | Cafeteria | Sports Complex | Gym | Wi-Fi | Auditorium | Labs | Hostel | Seminar rooms | Stationery store | SBI Bank | Medical facilities


‘Crossroad’ is a 4-day extravaganza celebrated by Shri Ram College of Commerce every year in March. It conducts a series of competitions and contests and has also been staged for season’s most hyped star nights.

SRCC On-Campus Hostel

Campus hostel in Shri Ram College is safe, homely, and comfortable. It accommodates about 145 students every year in its Boys Hostel and 45 students in its Girls Hostel. The hostels are open, airy buildings with well-furnished rooms and well-organized dining hall. It has a wi-fi facility, and the common room has facilities for indoor games like carrom board, chess, and an LED TV with a home theatre, newspapers and magazines.

Admission to hostels is on a merit basis with very limited seats, many students opt for Hostels/PGs outside SRCC.

SRCC review

Establishment year – 1920
Faculty – 9/10
Academics – 9/10
Campus life – 9/10
Placements – 8.8/10
Rating Credits- CollegeDunia

FAQs on PG near SRCC

How much does a PG in Delhi cost?

Typically a PG in Delhi will cost you around 15,000 or more if you go for twin sharing rooms.

Do SRCC students stay in PG?

SRCC does provide a hostel facility for both girls and boys. But, due to the limited number of seats, many students opt for hostels/PG near SRCC.

How much does a PG near SRCC cost?

Typically a PG near SRCC will cost you anywhere between 12,000-20,000 based on the facilities, occupancy and location. Well-managed hostels/PG such as your-space are at a distance close to SRCC (4 mins). We offer all facilities including wifi, en-suite bathrooms, security and food and cost a couple of thousands.

Do PGs near SRCC charge a brokerage?

Yes, most PG near SRCC does charge a brokerage fee. But, we at Your-Space do not charge a brokerage fee. We have a fair and transparent rental structure including rental fees and a refundable security deposit.

Are PGs near SRCC safe for Girls?

Unfortunately, most local PGs near SRCC are not very safe. But, a professionally managed PG such as Your-Space offers a safe and holistic experience through its various safety measures such as CCTV surveillance, warden and security guards.

Are there any good single occupancy PG options near SRCC?

Yes, you will find many PG options which do provide single occupancy. But, if you are looking for professionally managed single sharing and nearby stay options you can go for Your-Space North Campus Hostels/PGs.

Which is the best PG near DU North Campus?

There are several Hostel/PG options available around North Campus. If you are looking for professionally managed hostel/PG options you can check out-


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